7 comments on “Throwback Thursday: The stage that collapsed during Miss Universe 1979

  1. And Venezuela’s domination started!!! The woman will do just about anything to win- and she is so endearing that even with that kind of attitude you cannot hate her

    That winning reaction was one of the best ever for a MU winner!

    Anyway… our Ms Philippines that year is also incredibly beautiful– Dang is still considered as one of the prettiest MUP… But gosh, she has NO DISCIPLINE! There was even a point the BPCI had to call her during the pageant just to tell her she looks FAT in her pictures because she cannot stop eating… and it became evident even after a few days… her co-candidates would pass to her their food,specially dessert because she loves sweets hehehehe

  2. follow her on twitter @sayaleroMissU79. She’s married to Raul, the best mexican tennis player and she lives in mexico with her 3 children.

  3. Back when everything was made out of plywood and coco lumber or material were made in china. LOL. This must be very controversial over than the won made by Venezuela.

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