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    • Thanks for d link.. When i read comments praising her Q&A performance to d high heavens, i was excited to know how it actually went. But to be honest, i wasn’t impressed.

      I dunno, but it was short of my expectation. The syntax was haywire wuth too many “in that” phrases; the concept wasn’t effectively concretized; & d whole answer crumbled into a pageant patty answer towards d end. & that was already d best answer of d night?? Heaven help me, I cant imagine what d runners-up blurted out.

      • I agree! The question she had was all the candidates are preparing to answer. Her answer was plain and simple. I heard CEU carries same slogan (?). If its a fair judging, candidate #18 has a balance of brain, beauty, elegance & personality. I’m surprised more people are rooting for candidates #9, #7. What’s so special about them? Because they have joined binibini and they are the only ones who have the “k” to win? Just saying…..

  1. The crown was hers after the Q&A. The other 4 were nervous and choked.

  2. It’s ok JA..
    Never be afraid to fail!
    As long as u pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and be proud of your past because it is part of who u are!


  3. I’m Glad KC redeemed herself from her Binibining Days. As for Jaja, don’t let this runner-up postion kill your spirits, it only means that this certain crown wasn’t meant for you. Your crown is waiting with Madam Stella. Go back to Binibining Pilipinas 2015 and claim that MUP Crown!

  4. Kalokahhh ang mga crown nila…parang ‘popcorn inspired design’ ….with caramel syrup hah…para magdikit-dikit 🙂 choosss

    Thumb’s down pls ! 😉

  5. Wow!! Ano na masasabi ng mga nangmamata sa kanya during Binibini days?
    Congrats, KC!! 😀

  6. sana ganito din sa binibini. where candidates can wear their own gowns. 😦

  7. Congrats KC!

    To JA, never mind. Congrats pa rin. Charge your 5th place finish to experience. I’m sure it will be of help to u in your next pageants. There must be something bigger in store for u babe.

  8. Congrats to all. My sentimental fave is JA. And a job well done to KC. By the way, all runners up are from KF and KC from AnQ right?

    • Jonas Gaffud just informed me that both Krischelle Halili and 1st RU Princess Abella are with Aces & Queens. 😉

      • Hmmm….I thought Princess Abella is from KF? Mr. Flores posted it in his IG account.

  9. I warched the pageant last night! kudaera talaga si Halili nilamon silang lahat sa Q and A!

      • I wasn’t able to watch, but the question Krischelle got was something like if it’s more Fun in the Philippines is the country’s tag line, what will be for Manila?

      • “Manila, Where Life Happens!” because of the schools, businesses and Malacanang, the seat of power. – KC

      • Julian Aurine Flores – What would Rizal say to the youth if he were still alive today? She stuttered, then mentioned serving others, serve their fellowmen.

        Angelia Gabrena Ong – What is the biggest problem of women today? Believing that they are beautiful. No need to wait for others to tell them how beautiful they are. Just believe.

        Princess Angela Abella – If you would win, what would you do during your reign? She’d do her best to serve with passion.

        Kayesha Chua – What is your personal view of man and marriage? They should go together. Marry the right man and share your love story.

        Krischelle Halili – Tourist slogan for Manila? “Manila, Where Life Happens!” because of the schools, businesses and Malacanang, the seat of power.

    • The final Q&A was partially rigged based on the top 15 interview scores averaged with the overall marketability and pageant performance f the candidate. Kc was more than lucky enough to get the question that has been leaked out since the begining of the competition. The large envelopes are consecutively matched to the order of contestants. The contestants can only pick the envelop on top f the fishbowl to favor the candidate that the judges are rooting for. But still, that is only around 70% advantage and the remaining 30% will be up to the charm and wit of the contestant. Thus Kc won almost unanimously.

    • How can you say that? The question she got was the very first question all the candidates are preparing to answer! Napaka big deal yang sagot na yan. Looks like ang mga ngjudge/mga nanood ang mahina pang intindi. Pinagpyestahan agad ang simple answer na for sure other candidates have prepared a better answer too. Next time, dapat judging criteria should be 50% q&a+educational attainment, 25% beauty & personality, 25% elegance. It’s not her fault though, the judges! And please, don’t call it a beauty pageant anymore, but a quiz bee contest!

  10. Congrats to KC and all the runners-up.

    Btw, I can’t help but notice the gown of #8’s (she’s seen behind KC) resemblance to Pia Wurtzbachs’s gown in BbP. Same designer? Anyone knows?

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