13 comments on “Patrizia Lucia Bosco screens for Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014 instead

  1. Anuveh, ang styling, wrong mistake. Ganda at seksi ni ate Pat pero nagmukhang super sireyna. Ilugay at gawing ala-marimar dapat ang hairlaloo para lumiit ang fez. Latina packaging para may shock factor sa ms tourism. Wala silang choice kundi iputong ang koronang b2b2b.

  2. Okay na siguro runner up lang tayo sa MTI naka 2 peat namn tayo, give to others namn, pero kung ph pa rin magstand out, why not to crown her.

  3. Seriously? This girl for Miss Tourism International? Oh come on, she’s for the Big Four pageants.

    Do they think that MTI would let the Philippines have a 3-peat? I don’t think so even if we send a beautiful girl like Bosco. Even if our candidate is deserving, she’s not likely to win because that would be too much.

  4. Beautiful girl !

    On the other hand, ‘di ko ma-gets ang reason ni JDV. I have a couple of assumptions in my mind but I guess it’s better to keep it there. 😉

    Btw, out of topic thought.

    Though it’s not a big deal but there’s still this guy (maybe guys) who is visiting your blog just to give thumbs down to the posters. It’s just small thing but I sometimes can’t help wondering if I have said something offensive. 😦

  5. I like to join ja flores in mutya, shes full filipina, beauty and brain, hope she join tito norms

  6. Tito norms looks like mutya ng pilipinas naghahangad na rin magkaroon ng half breed reps sa MTI ,

  7. I like this girl, and JDV made the right choice by making her dodge MWP this year (knowing the existence of camp bias there).

    If memory serves me right, the only remaining international title that Mutya ng Pilipinas gave give to its top winner is Miss Tourism International, which has been won b2b by Filipinas. I just can’t imagine the pressure to be passed on to the next winner.

  8. Any idea kng san pageant ipapadala ang main winner ng mutya maliban s miss tourism international ngaung nsa bpci n ang franchise ng miss intercontinental?

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