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  1. Hi everyone,
    I accidentally found this blog’s topic about Maeya, Miss Thailand World 2014. I found that it sounds strange that she intentionally said that because as far as I see, she is self-confident, but quite humble. This blog made me go back to check on her interview with that TV program. So this is what she really means and said, “ Firstly, I intend to compete with Miss Philippines. As we all know, Philippines is quite prominent (famous) in Beauty Pageant, while Thailand has been sent the beauty pageants that did not quite catch the Miss World committees’ eyes. Then, she continued saying that I have dark skin and that represent true Thai and I might be able to compete with Miss Philippines.

    So I don’t think she really meant to challenge Miss Philippines in a bad way. Philipino should be proud that you have set such a good standard by sending the right women to compete in Miss Universe and Miss World stages each year. You guys always send beautiful women with a nice tan, healthy looking skin, which meet the Miss World’s criteria. Maeya just think that she might have a chance to win Miss World because she has similar criteria like your beauty pageant.

  2. Norms, kaka aliw ang mga comments ng mga regular tambay mong mga inaanak sa post mong ito. Tawa ako ng tawa! I really am enjoying reading your blog – it’s starting to feel like tambayan to me too – and even think of a lot of the peeps here as friends. Mrs. Spainhour, Sheena, Miss Tissa, Aj, and Closer2Fame are all awesome! You guys are great

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  4. Best of luck to both countries. Makes miss world more interesting.

  5. Her beauty is not Worldly but more of Universal. It’s a showdown of PhilThai sarimanok sabong!

  6. Pang Miss Universe dapat ito. Goodluck anyway. While second placer ang PH (as per wikipedia…ofcourse we are behind Venezuela) in terms of world pageants…PH is being watched out in Asia. Pero if you will look at the rankings….Thailand also has 2 Miss Universe….isang panalo lang nila sila na magiging pinaka madaming Asian Miss U…same with Japan…Anyway..since pang Miss World sya..goodluck.


    I actually like her! But she is more suited for Miss Universe.
    Wala pa tayong Miss World Philippines pero hinahamon na niya tayo. Ibig sabihin inaabangan nila kung sino magiging representative naten.

    I can see Maeya advancing to the semifinals but I do not see her winning the crown.

  8. I like her guts, too, & I don’t find anything wrong in her statement referring to her motivation for eyeing the Miss World crown.

    At the end of the day, regardless of her intention, her words will be her accountability & none of other people’s business. Its value & significance to them will be measured by their reactions to her statement.

    Having said that, i wish Ms Thailand & the next MWP the best of luck! Pareho kayong malapit sa puso q.

    Aww! Namiss q bigla si papa Utt & Papa Piolo!

  9. here @ 10:40 she mentioned Philippines. i don’t speak thai nor understand it, but i think it is this convo

    • Wow! She really can sing. I’m beginning to really like her. Beauty, check! Talent, check! Personality, check! Bwp, ? Drive, check! Hmm.. what else?

      • ang galing ng pronounciation.. hahaha secaind, momeint, preteind, hopeleisnes..
        kala ko ba fluent sya sa english…

    • Òo nga special mention ang Pinas…
      Jumajanicel Lubina ang peg nya dito na me halong Ariela Arida… as in idol nya ata talaga si Ara mula buhok hangang yellow gown nung prelims… hahaha At pasweet naman pala ang boses nya…. Matalino ang pumili sa kanya manalo dahil pag si Val na tisay ang nanalo sa atin e lutang ang ganda nitong kalaban dahil malayo ang itsura nila sa isat isa…

  10. That body and attitude are fit for MU, not MW. She is aware of her still uncrowned competitor. Which is quite amusing. Philippines has turned into a distinguished country in pageantry, that a mere mention elicits reaction. Lovely. 🙂

  11. Norman said she’s a golfer–not sure if she plays competitively or just as a hobby–so maybe, just maybe, the Thai girl undergoes a decent amount of physical fitness training.

  12. feisty! i like that.
    nasa watchlist pala ang Pilipinas.
    nakaabang, pinaghahandaan na ng mga neighboring countries natin ang MWP 2014.
    mas excited pa yata sila. haha
    this sure promises to be one exciting MW 2014.

  13. Lol. Well at Miss Universe 2013 Ari made a comment about Latinas not being able to English. Ari finished 4th behind Venezuela, Spain and Ecuador. Go figure?
    Words have a way of coming back to bite you! LOL

  14. Palaban ha? Well, let’s see, kung kakayanin mo ang power ni mama Jonas o ni mama Rodge!
    Good Luck iha!

  15. I like her winning attitude… pang Mr. World! LOL

    Bagay pala ilaban dito e si Trixie Maristela or any of the finalists of Super Sireyna…

    Pag ganyan ba naman ang representative natin sa Miss U, plus trainning and our Sash factor tapos samahan mo pa ng hindi Bazzurang gown e sure winner na talaga!… buti hindi nya kalaban si MJ sa Miss U… baka maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan… hahaha 😀

  16. Hays il hope mid of august makoronahan na ang mwp 2014 para namn makapaghanda na tayo, paano nalang kung mag move sa november o october ang mw2014,

  17. Yan Ba ang beauty with a purpose kung saka sakali? Baka beauty with A VERY CRUEL purpose? Di pa nakaka rating ng London, naghahahamon na agad? She could have said it in a more diplomatic way.

  18. Palaban. She may be a vavavoom beauty but remember the type of girls Julia wants to crown. Usually they are the angelic, virginal looking na Di Makabasag pinggan.
    Mahinhin. Demure. Which is the complete opposite of her.

    Top3 at best but never the crown.

    This palaban strategy of hers would have found favor in Miss Universe instead.

  19. I love her. Dapat ganyan ang mga kandidata na you can see on them the hunger of winning para motivated talaga nang husto. At doon naman sa aking mga kababayan, don’t take what she said negatively. We have to appreciate her guts and thank her that she consider Philippines as a strong country in beauty pageants. With her credentials, I see her winning. Good luck Miss Thailand.
    I will be one of your avid supporters.

    • But she could’ve worded her thoughts better. Challenge is you want your opponent to lose to fail and she wants that to happen to us

      • But we don’t even know how she exactly worded it so as far as her delivery, let’s set comments aside for now.

      • Ok, I checked with my Bangkok mole about how Maeya conducted herself during the interview. And this is what he said:
        “She really said that on the show! My mouth was open with shock. But I like it that she’s gutsy! Miss World wouldn’t be exciting if there was only one strong Asian contender. I hope they put the interview on YouTube. Oh, she also said her fight is for all the dark-skinned girls of the world. She was always made inferior about her dark skin since she was young…it’s her 2nd time for Miss Thailand World. She said there’s only one chance for Miss World so it’s do-or-die for her! It may seem too proud for her to challenge the Filipinos, but I admire her guts.”

    • That is very true. The situation should be looked as the cup is half fun, not half empty. Its unbelievable that years before 2010, Philippines was just a clapper. No one would have thought that the Philippines would relive its glory days. Now we are in year 2014 and the Philippines is a threat to many countries, hungry for a crown. 😀

  20. She has the guts, you gotta give her that. Pero wala pa man tayong representative, I have this gut feeling she will fail her “goal”. I don’t think Mama Julia will like her. Top 20 for her at most.

  21. Challenge our rep? strong words! She may have the goods to some extent but we definitely have the know how. I used to like her but now I want her to lose…so bad haha she thinks she can beat us well I’m pretty sure she’s biting off more than she chew lol good luck to her!

  22. Wow… i don’t know what to feel…but on a positive note, im glad that other countries
    are threatened even MWP has just started kicking off. IMO, I think Miss Thailand answer is uncalled for. She could’ve nailed it with a substantial and advocacy related
    subject. Honestly, I’m quite stirred para kasing “provoking.” But then again it adds excitement and spice to MW14. Sige na nga I welcome that challenge anyways may K
    nman since she’s even better to their Mu rep.

    Philippines vs. Thailand in MW14. A healthy competition in the offing.

  23. Wow, those are fighting words! Haha! Though I do not mind sharing the wealth of winning pageants. She is very gorgeous and very fierce. Surprisingly, she looks more polished (compared to the current Miss Universe Thailand) to represent Thailand in Miss Universe.

    Hopefully, Madam Cory learned her lesson of grooming our representatives at the last minute. The potential candidates for MWP looks very promising and I would like to see them fight to achieve a back-to-back. Actually, I am praying that Katrina Dimaranen plans on joining MWP 2015. She doesn’t fit the “Megan Young” prototype, but I do want to see a true Filipina compete in Miss World.

    • I agree, Katrina Dimaranan may not fit our MWP prototype but her life story does.. hehehe

      Where is she anyway?… last time I heard of her, she’s finishing her studies in the US…

  24. “She intends to change that with Miss World.”
    It really doesn’t sound like a friendly competition.
    Nako. Uma-Ara Arida to. Saying wrong things before she even know it herself.

    • Ironic, she also kinda look like Ara Arida with a hint of Mocha and Aubrey Miles…

  25. Naghahanap ba sya ng away?! Joke! LOL 😀

    Ano-ano ba ang mga lenguaheng alam ni Valerie Weigman at Loraine Kendrickson?! Pwede ding pa-awaan nalang… gugustuhin pa ba nya manalo pag kalaban nya si Janicel Lubina?!

    Mahirap pantayan si Megan Young pero dahil naghahamon ang clone ni Mae Liezel Ramos.. Kailangan ang manalo sa Miss World -Philippines e kayang ilampaso kahit sinong kalaban… Total package dapat as in Beauty, Talent & Brains!

    Sheena, Mrs. Spainhour, Aj, at kayong lahat…
    Kelan kayo magsusubmit ng application?!

    SALI NA!!!!!

      • True naghahamon sya kaya hindi ito dapat palampasin!… yes, ganito ako ka addict sa pageants.. personalan na ito!

        Inuna pa ang lakad?! LOL

        Reputasyon ng kagandahan ng ating lahi ang nakasalalay dito! Hahaha 😀

        Kailangan sya maturuan ng leksion! Joke! 😀

    • Sinimulan ko na pagtungga ng cherifer and B complex, para sa next lifetime pwede na ako magsubmit ng application #chozlovakia 😛

      • Tagal naman!?.. Next lifetime pa?!
        Hindi ba pwedeng agahan kahit konti?….
        Siguro mga… next week?..

        Kaya na idaan yan sa ganda… ng mata mo!

        and 12 inch platform heels… 😀 LOL

      • Sister, pwede mga 3wks time para ma-maximise ang effect ng cherifer kung tatalab man nyahahaha!

        Be right back, hahagilapin ko muna sina Ara at Megan kung paano kumuda wearing 10-12 inch elevator shoes 😛 #echoserangfroglet

    • Buti naman sumali ka..
      Ayan sure win na tayo! 😀

      … oh wait!

      Dba, pregers ka?… naku baka madiqualify ka…
      Kaya mo ba mag stomach in till December?

  26. Oops I will not say anything. I will simply not spare time to give
    A comment for you to make you happy.

  27. Matapang sya, wag lang sana mayabang, maybe top 7 for her 50-50 sa top 3, she can win talent i think, marami ding palaban sa mw ngayon, val should win mwp or lorraine but i like to win is valerie, she can top modeling challenge, beauty with a purpose may talent din sya, any updates aa mwp auditions tito norms? Specially kay val and lorraine

      • Tito norms do u think ariana manibog varela will join mwp? Pwede din sya ha, kahit sa MU pwedeng pwede din

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