8 comments on “Molly in Machala: Is she clueing us on something?

  1. If ecuador can host Ms . universe! Why not the Philippines! The economy of the Philippines is booming one of the best in asia! If not this year maybe by 2015.Manila bay resort will going to open by 2015 , I think it is the best time to showcase this new build city in front of Manila bay! Woot!Woot!

  2. Grabe nakakatakot naman yang float na yan. Parang pag may humps yung kalsada siguradong hulog ka.

  3. If ecuador will be the venue year, I really dont mind.
    Remember, just like us, history is on Ecuador’s side too. They hosted the pageant 10 years ago.

    Well if they weren’t able to succeed in Manila for not breaking the 20 year rule-chain, then go to somewhere else they have gone before. And Ecuador might just be the place to be.

    MUO official visit. Check
    Telemundo-friendly nation. Check.
    Same time zone with US Primetime block. Check
    Their delegate placing in Top 5 last year. Check na check.

    Oh so much for my concocted theories. Just like u, Sir N, I am thinking way too much and reading between the lines to a certain fault.

    Basta MJ will win Regardless of the venue.

    • I agree, and as I remember… the president of Ecuador himself also visited the Miss U org in Russia a few days before the coronation night…

  4. Uh-oh!
    I am still for LA or Vegas.
    This might be a possibility. Remember, MUO announced Moscow as their venue for 2013 exactly at this time a year ago. So who knows if it’s gonna be Ecuador.

    This is just my theory: if by end of August, they still haven’t announced their venue, most likely it will be in the US. Given the time constraint, I doubt if any country could prepare within short notice—not unless they plan to hold it next year.

    Shades of 2012 all over again!! I think it was only Nogember when they announced it would be in Las Vegas.

    Who cares about the venue anyway? MJ will win the title whether it’s gonna be held in Timbuktu or Bermuda Triangle.

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