27 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Mafae Yunon, Miss World 2003 Top 5 Finalist

  1. Why not we organize people who are rich enough to donate some money to buy an expensive gown
    for our candidates i mean at least for miss universe pageant. I bet our kababayans who are in the united states or whatever continent will be willing to spare their extra money.. Im just thinking about it,
    we always complain that the gown is so pandit. Why not we unite and help to buy a gown. What do you think norman>>>???? Just wishing. Of course i will donate, promise.

    • Michael Cinco has been offering to lend his gowns for free since who knows when but its BPCI who preffers to buy gowns by Barraza. I think they are tied up with a contract aside from SMA being friends with the designer since her Ms. International days…

  2. I love Mafae. Except for her Aussie accent.

    Tito Norms, a little bird told me that Barazza’s contract will end in 2015.
    I don’t know if this is true, but I hope it is!!!!

  3. Hi Norman,

    I was able to validate it from Mafae herself at a party a few years ago, that the red gown is simply a Versace inspired Barraza gown.

  4. like 2005, this is i think was a wrong move. she should have been sent to miss u.

  5. she is like Riyo Mori… i saw her when she was the chairman of the board of judges in one of the edtion of Bb. Pilipinas and she’s really a knock out…

    …and her picture with Jackie Chan was CLASSIC…

  6. II love Mafae

    But once and for all…. can we settle this issue about the Versace gown?

    Norman, what is the source of that info? As far as I know, this is a Barazza gown too

    I have seen this Mafae gown worn by so many Bb Pilipinas winners… in fact, even Maricar Balagtas wore this gown and had a picture taken with Barazza himself while she was in Bogota for a training… with matching shoes pa……….. What we all know is that fact that Barazza would sometimes get inspiration from more famous designers like Versace

    Anyway—- as for me………. I really doubt if thats a Versace gown… when I first saw it, I thought it came from Versace collection but then after seeing the same dress worn by Maricar and other Bb Pilipinas winners— I just changed my mind thinking it must have a copy of a Versace…. after all- it is very very very rare for Versace to use red in a collection

    • Back in 2003, the buzz has always been that it is indeed a Versace specifically picked up by Mafae’s family members for her to wear on finals night. The story got all so knotted through the years. In my mind, I still believe it is a Versace (or an imitation), unless Mafae personally clarifies the whole thing. If it is confirmed to be a Barraza, then it definitely is something that the Colombian designer won’t usually give to our queens.

      • I think it is Barazza Norms

        I am 100% sure that the same gown was worn by Maricar Balagtas while she was in Colombia for a training…. In one of the rare occassions that BPCI sent a Bb Pilipinas International– Margaret Anne Bayot to Colombia, she also wore this gown in a pictorial (you can still google the pics in internet now and its available)

        Even Carlene Aguilar wore this dress in one of her official photos- which were also taken in the Bogota. The last time as saw this dress worn was by Lia Ramos- for her MU stint

        Now— if this is a gown by Versace which was kept by Barazza in his fashion house—I doubt it.(maybe he copied it). It is true that there were dresses that were old that was presented to Mafae and that her family thought that a new gown is more appropriate…but they did not buy a gown for Mafae…FYI– Mafae reigned during the time that BPCI is already very very strict with queens wearing a dress by Barazza…. the trend of Barraza gowns already started when Mafae competed

    • Mafae’s actual MW gown hasn’t been worn by anyone else since. A similar style gown but solid colors only was worn by Maricar and if i’m not mistaken Carlene Aguilar but the gowns they wore wasn’t as impeccable as the red and fuschia gown of Mafae.

  7. next to ruffa and carlene aguilar she is my favorite miss world rep. thank god for her tita desiree or else she would’ve worn a recycled gown by barazza (despite the dress is a barazza as well). reports she would’ve worn the gown of carla balingit or zora ruth andam.

  8. Kamag anak nya ba si desiree verdadero? Miss universe phil noon 1984?

  9. I love this girl! She is smart as well as a sharp dresser.. hehehe She is one of my favorites aside from Mirriam, Precious Lara, Venus, Shamcey, Janine, Ara and Megan… hehehe …Our current representatives would learn a lot of tricks of the trade from her.. hehehe

  10. The gowns of Miss World reps during the BPCI era were always better than the gowns of our Miss Universe reps.

    I can still remember the almost see through gown of Karla Bautista in the finals, that was the most beautiful EG I saw worn by a Philippine Representative

    Miriam Quiambao wore an authentic Halston for the finals in MU, ah those wore the days

  11. Tito Norms, was it really an original Versace gown or a knock off by Barraza? ( according to Sash factor article) 🙂

  12. Sir Norman, I was wonderin if the red gown she wore during the finals night was chosen by BPCI or she personally brought it? As we all know, EG’s are the downfall of our reps abroad. Buti na lang meron iba na kaya talaga dalhin kahit ano ipasuot sa kanila.

    • reports have she was suppose to wear the gown of Carla Balinggit (the blue gown) or Zora ruth Andam’s gown (the white gown). But her tita desiree interfered and insisted she wears a new gown and it as to be red as red is a lucky color in china. if her tita isn’t a former beauty queen for sure she will wear a recycled barazza gown.

      btw – it is a barazza gown mafae worn

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