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  1. Buti naman si Ja born in the City of Manila! Halos lahat hindi taga Manila! Ano ba itong nabalitaan ko may taga Cebu pa at kung saan saang lupalop! Bat pa nilagay sa requirements yang “born in Manila” kung hindi naman tinutupad!

  2. Sheena were u?!…

    Ano chismis sa Ms. Manila?
    Baka me alam ka… share naman dyan…

  3. The best in the bunch! I hope to see Julian represent the Philippines one day in an alpha pageant.

  4. There’s another girl in d bottom photo (extreme top left) who looks familiar. Is that Halili who also competed in bb pilipinas2014?

    • I understand she studies medicine at UST, so she must have some residence close to if not in Manila. Nueva Ecija may just be her native province. Just like Joy Diaz, who represented Pangasinan

    • Qualifications

      1.Naturally born female
      2.Filipino Citizen
      3.18-25 years old
      4.At least 5′ 4″ inches tall
      5.Single, never been married or pregnant
      6.At least college level
      7.Possess good moral character
      8.Pleasing personality
      9.Proficient in Filipino and English
      10.Exhibit good knowledge of the history and culture of the City of Manila; and
      11.Applicant must meet at least one (1) of the following:
      a.Born in the City of Manila;
      b.Resident of the City of Manila;
      c.Either present born in the City of Manila;
      d.Either present residing in the City of Manila; or
      e.Student of a school in the City of Manila for at least two (2) years.

  5. She is so much better off competing in this credible and reputable contest than that unknown, questionable & insignificant ´pageant´ in Italy!

    Her candidacy for Miss MANILA 2014 has certainly given the contest an extra buzz and added publicity, taking into account her semi-final achievement in BbP on March 31st.

    Lots of success, Julian, in this beauty quest and I´m anticipating a TOP-3 finish!

    Norman, will you be attending the final and will there also be a review of the contestants???

    • I heard VIVA ang production ng Ms. Manila this year so I guess me budget…

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, ito rin ang pageant na sinalihan ni Isabel Preysler, the former wife of Julio Iglesias and mother of Enrique Iglesias?

  7. She is a quality, my star and a diamond! She should focus on representing Phillipines abroad, my view is BbP or MWP 2014! GoodLuck Julian!

  8. Good thing, she is born and raised in Manila. I heard that her family has been residing in Sampaloc ,Manila for more than 5 generations… Nagtataka ako bakit karamihan sa contestants ng Ms. Manila ni hindi manlang registered voter ng Manila?

    In fairness to Julian, sya lang ang kilala kong naging mahirap pero hindi mukhang mahirap…
    Even though her family became poor, her parents struggled as a government employee and a beautician to give Julian and her siblings a better life. She is lucky that she was brought up well which enabled her to graduate college and be street smart at the same time. She worked very hard to provide for herself and her family. I believe she could become an inspiration to the people of Manila and so she trully deserves the title! 😀


  9. As of now, there is no word on that. All I know is that the winner will be like a spokesperson for the city.

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