27 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Desirables from Asia in Mr. World 2014

  1. Modesty aside, I have to give it to Mr. Philippines John Spainhour with his debonair, dashing James Bond look. Having modeled for a while and with his military training, it’s safe to say that he will be one of the top contenders for the title :-). With that I rest my case ♥♥♥

  2. Hindi ko gets bat nyo type si Lebanon e mukha syang goons?!…

    Anyare din kay Japan?!

    • if you look at him closely, doesn’t look that bad. I think that goon looking aura makes him manly. To be fair. that white suit is pretty hard to pull off, and I think he carries it well. Still, PH is my #1.

  3. Who are we to judge this contestants? We just have to hope for the best for Mr. Philippines, inspite of lack of proper training as well as preparations. Win or lose, Filipinos are proud of you, John Spainhour!

  4. Saranghaeo Korea! Mahal kita Philippines! I love you Canada! Oohh, any of you will do… faint…

  5. Personal opinion: representatives from japan, china and korea are good, but not for this competition. For a plain print ad and runway competition, it’s a maybe…….for the Mr. World criteria, sorry but these countries could have sent more worthy contestants/competitors.

  6. I like KOREA, PHILIPPINES and SRI LANKA among Asians. I think John is reserving his energy, maaaring may game plan sya di nya lang muna inilalatag ang anumang barahang natitira pa.

  7. Desirable should be wholistic, Mrs. Spainhour. But whatever is your liking, then go with it. 🙂

  8. Japan should send a more mature contestant! He looks just about 18 or so. Tito Norms when will you make a poll on the Mr World results? Like Top 10 and eventual winner? My picks in this competition are in random order – Philippines, Wales, Argentina ( read in the forums he has a 3 yr old kid?), Spain, Lebanon, Netherlands 😊😻!, Austria! and Moldova (already won a seminal place thru fast track

      • Tito Norms di po nag wowork un audio ng interview? Sana naman binigyan ng 3 minutes each candidates to present themselves, parang di masyado makita personality pag ganun. Will look forward to that poll!

      • youre so good at that “a quick one” but i’ll never pull out bud, come hell high water 😉

    • It’s Like japan wasn’t even trying. so many good looking actors around

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