5 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Andrew Wolff not so long ago

  1. Norman,

    Thanks again for another wonderful write up.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks Sir n for the lovely feature! Special mention pa ako hehehe Hope John would somehow be able to read this post Si he will be inspired to his best even more. The key to win this pageant is to really excel in these crucial activities, just like Ms world.

    One note though, can’t help but admire Andrew’s transformation here. From tabloid magnet in the past to Pageant hero is really inspiring.

  3. Thank-you Norman for remindinding us all of Andrew’s remarkable feat & achievement in Mr WORLD . Andy put the country back on the map in male pageantry and both John Spainhour & Sam Adjani are also expected to continue to do so!

    Btw Norms, do you know who is rooming with John??? It would really be nice if you could interview John’s roommate for an exclusive scoop!

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