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  1. I’m sorry to say this but am I the only one here to say that our bet DOES NOT LOOK FILIPINO AT ALL?

    • Bom, which cave have u been hiding? The last time i checked philippines already had mestizos & mestizas since the 1600s. Dude, welcome to the 21st century!

    • Not sure if a Filipino look can be easily defined. Typical pinoys are usually racially mixed and I think that what makes us beautiful and interesting. John has the look of Latin, Asian, Caucasian mix and the sum total equals to being handsome and hot!

  2. Hi Norman, sorry if I’ll be too forward in this comment, but I thought your mentioning his “obvious grammatical error” in your post is uncalled for. Maybe it’s just me, but I even felt insulted for John when you said “if only I can edit, I would”. You were never this “frank” with Ara Arida’s or any other candidate’s “waterloo”. You always chooses the right words. Again, sorry, I just have to verbalize what I have in mind. Peace tayo ha! 🙂

    • No problem. I was probably dazed while writing earlier (I was in between two tasks that required me to study two proposals made by my subordinates). 😉

      I already edited it.

  3. What is important is that we understand what he is trying to say. Kung pakikinggan mo lang ang magbabasa ng naisulat nya, walang problema. Tayong mga Pilipino masyadong napapansin ang maling grammar. Sa ibang bansa di yan importante.

  4. John is doing his very best no matter what in order to represent us and makes us proud of him. I love his flaws and will support his Mr. World journey till the very end.

  5. i love u markish. tama at baka di na kasi nagpu proof read pa tsaka wag na natin sensationalize ang mga maliliit na bagay para di maka apekto sa kanya. baka ganun lang talaga epekto ng SMS texting or baka masyado lang perfectionist ang iba na talagang super galing sa English, like me aminin ko mahina ako sa rading comprehension yong di gaya ni Kris Aquino na isang book kaya nya basahin ng ilang oras lang eh ako juskoh po baka need ko pa interpreter para maintindihan ng todo todo. i love u john, go go go for the gold

    • Remember when Megan Young’s mom was asked during the Miss World pageant what her advice to Megan will be and the mom replied “remember always to be kind” or something to that effect? It”s so awesome to read how many of you guys are that- kind. It’s nice to read and realize there are still good and nice people out there – guys who never forgotten their GMRC – good manners and right conduct. Often times – what you read on online forums are negativity and demands, insults and arguments. Some even writes stuff that are just so off putting, below the belt insults and just plain garbage. So, thank you guys. Reading your kind comments made my morning!

  6. I’m pretty sure the grammatical error was due to predictive texting of phones today and honestly it’s ok if someone’s grammar isn’t perfect. What’s important is you got the message across and the sincerity of it.

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