7 comments on “My Favorite Fadil Berisha Glamshots for Miss USA 2014

  1. I love Miss California. I think she has it all. Beautiful, tall, engaging, and warm personality.

  2. These ladies need a haircut. Ang bibigat ng buhok lahat naka tingala.

  3. As much as the photos are lovely, the delegates posing in lingerie is starting to becoming stale. And holding musical instruments or wearing beads is not making it unique. if they probably wore Mardi gras costumes instead of lingerie I think this would make an amazing glamshot.

    And I’m sure they will do this as well with Miss Universe (if they also probably did like in 2011 – the samba glamshot it might have worked too)

  4. The traditional person in me says that he’s bothered by the photos as the poses are too far from being a queen.

    I guess the definition of BEAUTY QUEEN truly has advanced and evolved to something…

    • For me the poses are Ok, it’s what they are wearing that is bothering me. if they proably wore gowns or Mardi Gras costumes the photos might look more amazing and glamorous. It seems overtly-sexy photos are now the way to go in Miss USA and Miss Universe

  5. Although, they all are undeniably beautiful, looking at the pictures, I feel a little crick in my neck just from watching how most their necks are either overextended or bent at an awkward angle.

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