6 comments on “Sunday Specials: Searching for an International Mission

  1. Sir norms, after all the promotions hindi pa pala sure kung merong MTQI 2014? I say get rid of the Tourism title altogether. Stop wasting girls! Sayang sana Universe, International and Supranational na lang. Have others re-join. Sayang kasi.

  2. Parul Shah was my bet for Miss Universe Ph this year and i cried buckets (seriously, that’s how big of a fan i am) when she won the title no one wants or cares about (come on let us be honest, after Dimaranan’s wasted reign y’all are thinking the same thing). Not that i am hoping Lastimosa does a Marilen Espino, but i do am hoping Shah gets a shot at MU crown. (Or any international title for that matter). This girl has it, it is just a matter of giving her the chance to prove herself.

  3. I think MSA should send Parul to other pageant kung hindi mag materialize si MTQI, kasi mukhang kabuti si MTQI dba, biglang susulpot biglang mawawala. hehe

    i want laura and hannah to join again next year. with the training na nakuha nila now. mas okay if hindi na sila mapadala sa intl pageant. 🙂

  4. If Parul Shah will not compete this year I guess she deserved to give her a chance to compete Miss Universe 2015.I think Miss International is another beauty pageant that is in danger to lost its luster. After her winning last year we never heard about the projects of Miss International.

  5. I want Laura and Ruth to re-join, they are of Miss Universe caliber.
    I saw them in person during the Grand Santacruzan, and I must say that their beauties are breathtaking, as in muntik na kong mag-agaw buhay nang Makita ko sila.
    Ruth is so fresh, fresh as a pechay, and Laura is so regal, regal as a regal film.

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