24 comments on “Myanmar’s May Myat Noe wins Miss Asia-Pacific World 2014

  1. Norms, any idea when May Myat Noe will be visiting the country?

    Also, will Pawee and his team send Pinays to compete in BbP, MWP, MPE and other national pageants from now on?

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  3. Top 7 being all from Asian countries, wish I can guess what others non-Asian has to say. Congrats to Myanmar & Philippines, both are truly deserving.

  4. Hindi maganda ang presentation nila. Mas maganda pa ang presentation ng Mutya ng Baranggay namin! Nakakadistract yung girl na naka-black na lakad ng lakad na parang natataranta!
    Obviuos na pinoboran ang kanilang kandidata (Korea).
    Myanmar is deserving but not Korea.
    Philippines should have been the 1st runner up.

  5. My opinion on this pageant:

    1. Myanmar deserves the win – though I wanted Philippines to win too. but a 3rd place finish for Philippines is too low, she should’ve been first runner up instead of Korea.

    2. An all Asian top 7. The pageant should change the title to exclude the word “World”. And out of 4 winners, 3 are from Asia (if you still include Korea as the original winner – then 4)

    3. This pageant still has a long way to go, and after the 2011 scandal it may take longer for this pageant to recover

    4. The crown is weird – why put a ribbon the crown to hold it, it’s like in Miss International – only in Miss International it works well. They should’ve used pins to hold the crown in the head.

    • Four out of the seven finalists are from South East Asia being Myanmar, Philippines, SIngapore and Thailand.
      Bakit nga pala MISS ASIA-PACIFIC WORLD ang pageant?
      Anong nangyari sa dating MISS ASIA PACIFIC contest?

      • That’s a totally different group called MAPQ or Miss Asia-Pacific Quest. It hasn’t really been active anymore.

  6. Tito Norms, I just read in Misso that there are a lot of Filipinos mad with Pawee for training Beauty Queens of other countries instead of Filipina Queens. They said that training them will backfire us in the future. I guess its erupted after Myanmar won Miss Asia Pacifric World who was trained here in PH by Pawee’s team. Whats your take on this?

    • It all depends on where someone is coming from. It’s either some Filipinos will be flattered that other countries trust the way we train our beauty queens or the rest would go the opposite by saying that we are giving away our trade secrets. Personally, it’s like any profitable business. If the passion can be translated into a successful venture, I don’t see anything wrong with that. After all, will the people even holler negatively if Miss Myanmar lost big time? I don’t think so. As far as the backfiring is concerned, I think it is being blown out of proportion prematurely. No two trainees are the same, so the results will not always work well for those from other countries. Now, if the ones being coached are Filipinas abroad who will spend some time locally for training, then there might be some gray areas because of the natural ease by which they will adapt to our pageant practices. A good example would be Fil-Canuck Kesiah Papasin who placed 1st Runner-Up in Miss Universe Canada 2014 and who was polished by KF before. If she ends up joining again in 2015 and finally nails the top crown, will we praise her former pageant mentors or criticize them for developing someone who will end up representing another country or exercise double standard thinking since the girl is still qualified to be called a Filipina because of her parents’ origins? 😉

      • Thanks Tito Norms! I agree with all your points. I hope this shall motivates our queen to train harder and do better for and in the competition.

  7. Congrats Ms Myanmar & Hillarie. Both have one thing in common – Philippine-trained. Pinoys indeed are world-class 🙂

  8. Asian domination, I wish Philippines gets 1st runner up or win the crown but 3rd runner up is not bad either. Congrats Myanmar!

  9. Hillarie presented Philippines very well winning best national custom wnd placing 3rd is already a big accomplishments! Congratulations to Myanmar the new Ms.Asia Pacific world 2014

  10. Myanmar’s training here in the Philippines really paid off. Hats off to May Myat Noe. She was the clear winner during the Finals.

    Hats off to Hillarie for representing us well. I believe she is meant for bigger and better things. BBP or Miss World PH awaits you, Hillarie 😉 I want her to try her luck next year.

  11. Congrats Hillarie! Mapaglaro talaga ang kasalanan. She was hyped as Shamcey’s dead ringer and Got the same placement Shamcey had when she competed in miss Universe years ago.
    Really happy for her and our country. Pero Sir n, pansin ko Lang,
    Forever na tayo talaga nakapako sa 3rd
    Runner up placement? Mapa MU, Grand Intl,
    Intercontinental and this one… What’s with our country and
    The 3rd runner up position nowadays? Hahahah


  13. She’s truly deserving. And all my fave girls are in the top 5! Congratulations to all!

  14. It is good for Myanmar to win. She is pretty and she deserves it. Congratulations!

    However, I dont think that Myanmar, in pageantry, is already on a roll. The two wins (MAPW and Mr Global) are both “very” minor pageants (MAPW has only 38 delegates and is on their 4th year, Mr Global has only 16 delegates and is on their first year). I would love to see Myanmar (and other Asian and African countries) do well at Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International. Only then, we can claim that a country is on a roll.

    • U r right but Myanmar is the first competition in such pageants after 50 years because military government.Myanmar well do the best at first.We also expect to win more international pageants.We’ll try the best.Now we being so proud of Miss ASPW and Mr.Global2014.Btw I’m fron Myanmar.

  15. miss myanmar deserves to win. she was the hottest pick among all the girls, was a heavy favorite to win the title. she really wowed the South Koreans. extremely pretty face (a la Jessica Alba?), towering height , nice bod, winsome smile, sunny disposition and good communication skills. congrats to her Filipino mentors

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