11 comments on “Status update: Mr. World Philippines 2014

  1. Compaired to athletes Neil Ethridge and Phil Younghusband, I guess Charlie Sutcliffe or Daniel Marsh are the better choices aside from having UK VISAs. Both of the latter are at the peak of their social media, TV and commercial exposure. Both also has ramp and pageant experiences to boot. And based on personality, they could become better ambassadors for the Mr. WORLD brand.

    • Daniel marsh or charlie cliffe both haf british ! Hoping they have dual citizenship, no contract conflicts and most important they are interested!

  2. I know Cory quirino will pull this off at the very last minute! I’m pretty sure she still has some stash in her bag of tricks! let’s wait and see

  3. Last 2 min,saka pipili? Ayyy then fly agad no more preparation !! Yung mga may british visa apply na for casting ching!

  4. Ano nangyare? Biglaan ba ang schedule ng Mister World?

    Mas maganda sigurong gawin na lang lahat ng mga national pageants tuwing December.
    Mas mahabang training at preparasyon, mas mabuti.

    • The schedule of Mr World has been in place for many months now. As far as whoever is directly in-charge of Mr World Philippines, that would be an entirely different story.

      • Thanks tito Norms.
        I thought there will be a local pageant for Mr World Philippines?
        Matagal na nga natin pinag-uusapan kung sino sino ang mga possible candidates.
        May problema ba ang campo ni madam Cory Quirino?

  5. Send Phil Younghusband or Neil Etheridge pronto! They have dual citizenships and they are into sports and modeling. The briefing should be on the advocacy of Mr. World. The only problem is contractual obligations for their respective ball clubs.

  6. Jusko po. I hope Ms. Cory pulls all strings together and choose a representative. Whoever it may be, good luck!

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