4 comments on “The Gala Night and My Choices for Miss Teen Earth and Little Miss Earth Philippines 2014

  1. Hi Norman,

    Is this pageant related to MPE and ME? If yes, how? If no- its seems to me that they are infringing the brand and goodwill of MPE and ME.

    Anyway, they have nice set of girls 🙂 and that teens are particularly interesting

    • There is no relation actually. The pageant owns the trademark for Miss Teen Earth Philippines and Little Miss Earth Philippines, something which Carousel should have thought of buying ahead of time. In fairness, the people behind this is a very systematic group of dedicated individuals who go all out in insuring the success of their inaugural edition. And might I add, a generous one as well. Their candidates in both categories are an impressive group. They managed to convince aspirants from families who normally do not allow their kids to take part in pageants. 🙂

      • oh no 😦

        This is still a violation of MPE and ME rights …. Im sorry to say, but it is clearly creating a confusion to the public and is in fact, automatically associating their group together

        I dont know how else to explain this but even if you try to register Miss Jollibee, you will never get a registration because the mark Jollibee will be perpetually affected… You cannot get a registration of Bb Pilipinas Teen because the Bb Pilipinas group will surely be negatively affected by it…and this has been clearly defined by laws…. which is why the Miss Universe Org spends a lot of money trying to stop things like this

        No matter how you look at it-MISS PHILIPPINES EARTH and MISS EARTH has been appropriated by Carousel …. It is quite sad how people try to bank on the brand and popularity to which Carousel has heavily invested on— why can they think of another name?

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