20 comments on “Who will get the Mr. World Philippines 2014 appointment if ever?

  1. same sentiments.. okay din si bruce quebral or why not dingdong if eligible pa siya..

  2. Just appoint JOHN SPANHOUR… as he will rock every hour of Mr. World 2014…..

  3. I agree with you, Sir Norman. Ferraren, Ajdani, and Spainhour are no doubt a shoo-in when it comes to good looks, height, and physique. All their underwear pics can make girls all over the planet drool with madness. But I think Spainhour’s edge over the other two is his being a former member of the US Marines. Besides, there’s more to Mister World (MW) than abs, posing, and modeling, though we know these are necessary considerations. Ms Morley knows what a desirable man is—strong, talented, and intelligent. I think she’s looking for a guy who has the brawn, the charm, the smell, the mind, that manly vibe and that commanding manly presence. That said, MW, I’d like to believe, is Spainhour’s territory, and so I’d go for him hands down as this year’s Philippines’ MW representative. But whoever is chosen for the job by Ms Quirino I’ll support in whatever way I can, after all it’s only her who can decide on this, and I don’t claim expertise in this field. Best of luck, MW Philippines!

  4. Vince Ferraren ( Vincent Shirring) is the most Filipino by face but his height of 6’4 1/2 makes his half Aussie ancestry very evident. I agree that Sam Ajdani is a bit dry for being just a model/ dentist considering that he stayed here in country the longest among the 3. Although all three are Bench underwear models and I would prefer a representative who is homegrown no matter what racial mix, John Spainhour is the best choice. Being an ex- US Marine, a trained chef, and a triple threath model gives him the best advantage. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a former winner of Century Superbods.

  5. I perfer Vince to represent us, because he has everything in the looks department, he has the height, and he looks every inch of a Filipino; however, I must agree that this is John’s game. Knowing he has background in the Marines, it could help him in the athletic divisions more than Vince.

  6. omg. sam ajdani!!! my forever crush!! sana nga siya, or can’t we send someone who is pinoy na pinoy? looks mala jericho rosales, pero kung sinong piliin ni tita cory, go! basta ba irerepresent ang pinas ng buong puso! hehe

  7. Sam Ajdani is suitable, though I think considering the athletic focus on Mr. World John Spainhur may be a better fit. As tall and handsome as Vince Ferraren is, I’m not sure of his athletic credentials and I’ve heard from some circles that he’s not really willing.

  8. hmm… we need someone young and fresh faced but tall and strong so sam adjani doesnt fit the blll for me sorry in most of his pics he looks tired and dry lol

  9. Sir Norms, bakit po lagi na lang gahol sa oras si Ms. Cory Quirino? Lack of planning and preparation or sponsorship issues?

    • Ms. Cory thrives in pressure and getting big-time sponsors. But if the applicants are not acceptable, in my opinion here, she might not be an eager beaver. That’s the reason why an appointment is the best option.

  10. Why did Cory fail to make this pageant in fruition? Come to think of it she partnered with Ayala! What a hot mess

    • Lack of time. But I reckon it could be a lack of topnotch applicants that would measure up to Andrew Wolff at least.

  11. Palaisipan talaga,kung appointment ngayon na! Vince for the perfect look and height although the other 2 guy also very deserving!

  12. Sam Ajdani for me Tito Norman. 😀

    Posts about male pageants make me kind of sad.. I envy these guys’ height. Modesty aside, I’m good-looking but I only stand 5’8 tall. I swear I’d trade my soul just to look perfect. Hayst 😦

  13. Can’t wait to see who will be our representative… for sure Ms Quirino is getting all the details she needs to appoint one of these guys! 🙂

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