8 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas (Official) just uploaded a video

  1. nice vid. i don’t know if you guys will agree that the fiercest PH Rep (since venus) is Janine. she almost clinched the MU title. from her projection, walk/poses, amazing.

    i’d have to admit that pinakagusto kong gown is ariella’s gown. color if perfect sa skin tone niya, figure hugging and angat siya sa stage. kahit yung fabric e hindi okay. hehe

    pero ang pinaka sexy sakanila is si Venus. grabe ang bewang!!

  2. Sir norman i cant reply to your, prev message anyway thanks for enlightening me. I might’ve been over thinking things. Lol but yeah that question has been bugging me for quite some time now. Just sad that Venus and her awesome 22″ waist werent included, though. Been a part of Team Raj since 2008.

  3. It should have been back to back to back MU wins. I know, I know, only in my dreams… 🙂

  4. Oh my Gawddd! I LUHVETTTT!!

    Am soooo Exoiteddddd! Hahaha 😀

    • I second that. The Great Venus Raj (i ripped off Miyako Miyazaki i know) should’ve been included. But on to more pressing matters, educate me oh great ones. I get the Tsunami Walk and the Ariba Walk. Supsup moves as if she doesnt have bones. Arida on the other hand walks as if she is edging you to take her on (i get that ariba might mean “come on” in spanish so, yeah). But what the hell is the Cobra walk? Not to hate on tugonon or anything but she doesnt move like a snake. As a matter of fact it was Supsup who actually looked like she was slithering. I am no expert on this so help me out. Cobra. Snakes. Tugonan doesnt move like a snake. Or am i missing something here. Heeeeeeelp great pageant experts.

      • Wonderboy, that name Cobra walk was just coined for Janine because of the criss-cross way she glided onstage. The name just spread like wildfire even if it wasn’t the original intention. During Shamcey’s time, naming walks was not the craze yet. But I agree that hers should have been the snake walk instead.

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