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    Paano kaya kung siya pinadala naten sa MU? Hmmmmm.

  2. I think the question is not whether she deserves Miss International 2014 title, it is whether the Japanese will allow a back-to-back win. I think my Mariane has a lot more to offer besides her beauty and innate elegance and that’s something that the MIO is known for. On the other hand, it has also crowned alleged less deserving winners in the past including the first ever MI winner from Japan. With her and Bea winning last year, is MI ready to crown a third Asian winner? Of all pageants MI is the least predictable one and predicting Mariane’s win is a game suited more seers and psychics. But I do hope and pray she does as of all of this year’s BbP queens she is truly the one who is a breathe of fresh air in my opinion.

  3. Her transformation in this photo look so fierce, exotic pang MU ang peg nya. Pwede rin talaga sya sa MU but she need train and shapen her body, she’s tall enough for MU, pero nag standout sya sa last coronation night sa Miss International title.she truly deserved being Miss international. Talagang may chance sya to give our country back to back. This years batch of binibini is the best, and this years chance of philippines to be crown is possible. Pero mahirap ang laban this years, marami ring talagang Deserving,

  4. Last year. when Venezuela and Philippines Rep. had a chance to snap… Venezuela Rep. nag mukhang PA ni Philippines. REMEMBER that photograph

  5. She can transform her look and Give life to whatever looks she experiment, but dont like that kind of make up for miss international, More experiment pls!!!!!!!

  6. good morning Bud ! i got mail , tells me that it’s my one year anniversary blogging here! wahoooo.
    i will never pull out bud, i’ll wear you down 🙂

  7. nah, not buying Miss Philippines in this photo. She’s looks way better before this. don’t show up in Japan like that Bianca, your handler knows better.


  8. this is not the kind of make up miss international organization favors. less is more to them.review the past beauty queen pics

  9. Patriotic aside, I will go for Ms. Philippines- beauty, brains and sense of international services. While Venezuela is ahhm ehhm uhhm well she is from Venezuela, that’s all.

  10. I think Bianca is more than qualified to become Ms. International… With her look and humanitarian background, she’s also very qualified to become Ms. World… with a few more natural body sculpting techniques, she could’ve been the next Miss Universe. 🙂

  11. This is a no-brainer. Hands down Philippines has the edge 1 million times better than Venezuela

    And I agree with most a back-to-back win for Philippines is expected and a back-to-back no-placement for Venezuela will happen again

  12. And yes Sir Norman, Bianca would sell more brownies than all the MI 2014 candidates combined. With her signature warm, charming smile & wit (the Bianca way), she’ll win hands down 🙂

  13. Without an iota of a doubt, our Bianca is all ready to conquer the Miss International crown (back to back) for the Philippines ! Modesty aside, there is simply no comparison to talk about here (based on the pics above), personality & socio-humanitarian background. Mariane definitely has the over-all edge. I’m hoping and praying that those behind the MI organization does see in her what embodies and truly represents the organization’s stand & cause in today’s world events. Her humanitarian advocacy which she’s been supporting to this day is just one major reason she is indeed worthy of being crowned Miss International 2014. So she can further bring and extend that advocacy world-wide all for a good cause.
    Good luck & God bless you, Mariane ♥♥♥
    Norman, thanks for being her discoverer cum mentor 🙂
    Love ya, guys ♥♥♥

  14. Back to back for the Philippines in Miss International!! At mukhang back to back din ang Venezuela sa Miss International!! Chaar!! Hahaha!! :))

  15. Para namang RuPaul’s Drag Race ang sasalihan ni Miss Venezeula. Sorry to say but she is the worst Miss Venelezuela delegate for Miss International this decade. Bianca is ready for her Fadil shot.

    • LOL – I was about to say that. Venezuela looks too mature in this photo.

  16. Wow Bianca totally looks like a different person in that photo. She’s like the Barbie-fied version of Kimora Lee. 🙂 Hot.

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