21 comments on “How could Angelie and Melanie have been missed?

  1. How could Angelie and Melanie have been missed? – NO IDEA AT ALL BOSS NORMAN, ISANG MALAKING PALAISIPAN.

  2. Angelie was one of my favorites for the crown. Haven’t watched MPE 2014 but I read somewhere she kinda choked on her Q& A. Next stop – BBP ?

  3. Angelie was pretty. She could have won one of the elemental crowns if only she gave a better answer. Her Q&A was so obviously rehearsed. It cost her the crown. As for Melanie, I also do wonder why she did not win any of the crowns. She was very elegant during the evening gown competition. Miss Ross, who failed to advance to the top 10, was not a shocker for me. I think she was way too hyped. Im not a fan of her beauty at all.

  4. Angelie is beautiful but she needs to learn to communicate better – masyadong pageant betty rehearsed ang reply nya sa Q&A and she projects insincerity when she talks. She needs more training and once she masters the Q&A, she’ll be a winner. You don’t have to be a genius for people to like you in Q&A – all you have to be is real and sincere. Mutya is a real good example of someone who might not have the best skill in speaking in English but she comes across as real, sincere and a person with a good heart and that is why people (ergo, judges) could not help but like and fall in love with her. That is what Angelie needs – to learn how to come across as a like-able sincere person. just my 2 cents – but I really like Angelie and I think she’ll get an international crown one of these days once she masters communication skills.

  5. Both are performer of the night but Sta. Rita never perform well in Q&A beauty type amazing, pero kelangan bumula ng plastado ang bunganga para maging top 5… Then the other girl sorry you are overshadowed of the 5 girls in beauty department.

  6. Heads Up, Ladies! This was their first time to join a National Pageant but I think Angelie and Melanie both did great. Angelie choked on the Q&A and Melanie gave her best but she was overshadowed. I hope they learned a lot in their stint in MPE. I also hope that they both see this, not as a sign of defeat, but as a learning experience.

    I believe na training ground nila yan for BBP 😉

    Angelie looks diviiiiine! My foreign friends love her. Para siyang Miriam Quiambao na mestisahin. Melanie naman resembles Lia Ramos (BBP-Universe 2006). Gora na sa BBP!!!

    • Ang ganda ni Melanie dun sa Black Gown niya. Pak na pak! Aylaveeet ❤

    • Totally agree 100% on your positive remarks Beauty_Spy. I appreciate reading your frank and yet positive comments. Sana lahat ng mga nag re-remark ay isipin din nila na ang mga beauty contestants ay tao rin and all they want is to do their best and they are not deserving of any garbage that a lot of us like to freely throw at them. Saludo ako sayo!

  7. ……………………………………….. These two ladies lost in the Q&A round… Lalo na si Miss Ocampo… sayang ang beauty nya…..kasi mejo mahirap ang tanung na naibigay sa kanila compared sa mga top 5.

  8. yung production value MPE pang miss batangay. chaka ng make up! nu b yan, mairaosang ang show ok na yun, anu ganyan?

  9. Para sa akin lang naman, mas gusto ko si Angelie at Melanie sa top 5 sana. Si Jamie at Diane are both deserving.

  10. I also wonder when these 2 ladies did well in Q and A. Their lost can be BBP’ 15 gain. In my score sheet Diane was my MPE followed by Melanie, then Jamie and Manuel (who i got it right).

    I, too was saddened by Ross non-placement for the third time in a major pageant…bat naman kasi yun pa sinuot nya, parang watawat na hindi hinahangin. 😦
    And i was also taken aback by her hair…sana hindi na nagpakulot ng ganon…better if she sported a windblown-wavy-kind-of-hair kasi nagmukhang pelukang matigas na ayaw gumalaw;(.

    Miss Gapan even did better when I find Ross naturally more beautiful than her because the former has a distracting nose which bothers me everytime I look at her (parang anytime magcocolapse sya because the nostrils are like closed).

    Over all, I am happy with the outcome since Jamie was one of my choices for top 5. And Diane who I saw big improvements can join MPE next year.

  11. Angelie and Melanie dapat ang nasa top 5 instead of that Air and Ecotourism girls. May mata naman siguro mga judges. Di bale may next year pa naman pwede pang makasali dalawang ito.

  12. Angelie can win a crown in the Binibini— common, look at the face and body! Is she tall enough? How tall is she?

    I think MPE is a good gold mine for future Binibini winners— in fact, a lot of the girls who did not even made it to the final top 10 of MPE but won a crown in the Bibini… hm Ara and Cindy are recent examples.

    Melanie is another case though- yes she is beautiful and hot…. but MPE already seems to be the pageant fit for her looks…. I wonder why she lost

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