2 comments on “Bianca Paz: 3rd Runner-Up is not such a bad place to be

  1. I’d like to see Bianca Paz finally crowned as Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015.I really believe she deserves a title for all her attributes but then again,it’s 99% luck and Gloria Diaz and Ruffa Gutierrez are right no matter what others say in contradiction.

  2. I suggest— she resign before the end of the year and join MPE again—- the only pageant left for her is MPE. She cannot join MWP and she cannot go back to BInibini. Well she kinda burned bridges with the MWP and she will be overage to join again.

    If she wants a national title—– I strongly suggest, she goes to a plastic surgeon just to change her nose (common, that is the only thing hindering her from winning the top prize). And lets be honest here— she is sexy, she is tall and she is smart— but in the beauty department, her nose is a bit too big for a national crown— she would have gotten the crown a long time ago had she done something about it early on

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