6 comments on “Vote for Miss Hana in Miss Philippines Earth 2014

  1. the new girls are very very competitive

    Im scared for Misa and Bianca becoz they might not end up winning what they signed up for in the end. I would say that given the history of MPE, they tend to favor the smart ones and Misa will have the biggest advantage when it comes to that

    MPE is also not the type who would favor girls who are faking it—— a lot of the girls joining normally would put a fake advocacy or fake interest… this can be seen in the whole process. This is also the reason why a lot of very hot and beautiful do not make it to the finals of ME…. the MEO and the judges can see through a girl

    Anyway— when it comes to being riped for the crown— Misa and Bianca are so in it to win it…. but I have to give it to the new girls, they are really beautiful and sincere 🙂 and a win from a newbie will not be surprising on coronation night 🙂

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