7 comments on “Sunday Specials: Weight-watching a la MPE2014

  1. She looks like Katarina Rodriguez of Asntm2 on the topmost pic

  2. It is only now that I appreciate the answer of Kenneth Santiago when asked about one thing she would sacrifice for a Binibini crown. Thankfully she did not say that it is FOOD…Alam na natin ang kahihinatnan kung ang isasakripisyo natin ay ang pagkain…

  3. Can somebody tell Pircelyn Pialago the difference between passed out (nahimatay) and passed away(namatay). I was shocked a contestant didn’t used her brain before she say something. If you are not comfortable in English conversation, say it in Tagalog. Let me borrow a line from Maria Teresa Carlson, Ako si Tanga!

      • Miss Makabayan,,,alam ko ginamit mo ang utak mo pero ano?…Palpak ka pa rin!!! Now I am telling you directly and I am not urging others to do it for me!!!

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