3 comments on “Sunday Specials: Getting one’s 5 minutes of fame

  1. Injustices in the society should be stopped.
    Pircelyn killed her co-candidate literally, and until now she’s at large.
    Aquino administration should do something regarding this matter.
    This issue is more important than the Panatag Shoal and West Phil. Sea territory issue.
    Let’s pray for the soul of the one who passed away.

  2. its sad

    A lot of people are quick to judge a girl like her — and this is just one small mistake.
    I know its good for the newsreporter to get a scoop like this one… but Im hoping for a more responsible and sensitive type of reporting.

    Give the girl a break— it was a simple mistake…. and all of us, even the smartest among us are capable of this type of mistake

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