12 comments on “MPE2014 Best Ladies in Swimsuits: A preview of things to come?

  1. I may have to agree that these 3 best in swimsuit candidates will give the favorites a run for their money. They’re young and they’re refreshingly beautiful.

  2. Norms, put of topic but Swimsuit-MPE related. News is, one candidated passed out during the bilini competition of MPE. A fellow candidate who was interviewed said, rather revealed, that it’s because she and some other candidates were pit on “weight watch.”

    Isn’t this sending a wrong message? MPE does this?

    • Sorry for the typosssss. LOL. My chubby fingers are to be blamed.

    • Yes, the girl is Lesley Anne Pine. It appears that 6 candidates are on weight watch. They are not really deprived of eating, but the girl decided to skip on meals which is the bad thing. That is where the wrong message comes in. Tsk tsk tsk

      • I agree. The girl apparently put too much pressure on her. That’s sad. It just startled me that it was a pageant as cause-driven as MPE that categorized the weight-watch girls.

  3. Its time for the Philippines to win 2nd Ms.Earth crown,theirs a lot of beautiful pinay on this batch of MEP 2014!

  4. I’m fairly certain that Miss Cebu has this competition in the bag, with Miss Sta. Rita being her sole competition. Alongside MWP, MPE is the fast becoming the most predictable pageant in the Philippines, which is a good thing because that means that the most deserving girl almost always wins.

    Norman, between Jamie Herrell of Cebu and Angelie Ocampo of Sta. Rita Pampanga, would you happen to know which one is a better orator? 🙂

  5. I think these three ladies are the strongest so far. Angelie reminds me a lot of Mutya.

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