2 comments on “From Brussels to San Francisco: two more of MPE2014’s international bets

  1. I don’t throw any of these girls here in Miss Philippines Earth. But i can tel that Rizza-bellen Diaz is a cut above the whole lot of them. Here is a girlthat is not wanting to pprove anything. Here is a girl that is truly passionate about our environment. And whose willing to do anything for her advocacy.

    I really do not know her, but I really feel that she was not that totally hooked in pageantry or make-up or dresses and gown. She looks like she’s interested mostly about animals and environment. But because she is willing to do anything for her advocacy, she is willing to explore the uncertain.

    She may not be a perfect beauty queen material yet, but I sure hope she can pull this off. Because regardless of all the posing, projection and pasArella, Sexy body and killer smile, she is a true Earth warrior!

  2. Looks like it is a toss up between Misa or Herrell. Jamie has been winning awards but that doesn’t mean she will take the crown.

    Misa has the experience but she is under the radar. Who knows maybe during the prelim she’s going to pull out her guns.

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