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  1. All amazingly smart & beautiful these Binibini magic circle of 7 is. Bianca is such a natural she cracks me up with her bubbly, witty answers especially when she confessed that A&Q really asked her to lose weight when she was in training (lol). Her vibrant, warm, friendly never a dull moment personality is such that one cannot help but appreciate her even more. I can hardly wait for her to compete in the MI and win that back to back crown for the Philippines.
    I am liking MJ even more now. She does look like a true winner with her composure and demeanor during the interview. Hannah with that sophisticated look is striking ! Congratulations girls for a great interview with Boy ! And the best of luck to you all in your respective international competition 🙂

  2. kung inihaw talaga yan ni boy abunda, dapat tinanong niya si MJ kung ano ang pakiramdam ng manalo kahit hindi ikaw ang may pinakamataas na score sa mga judges. HAHAHAHA.

  3. If Boy Abunda really grilled them well, he should’ve made MJ and Yvethe admit their use of surgical enhancements. Personally, I have no problems with plastic surgery nor should the girls themselves, but the sooner they admit it to he public, the better their pageant year will be. If they don’t admit what is blatantly obvious, they will get pestered for the rest of their lives.

    • Boy Abunda isn’t the best person to ask them that. He is Mr. Nice. I want someone like Che Che Lazaro (does she still do TV interviews btw?) or Maria Ressa or any female host/journalist with integrity to ask questions regarding female bodies/anatomy. That means neither Kris A and Korina S can ask that question. But the ultimate question is, does it really matter whether one has or hasn’t had plastic surgery to look beautiful? It’s a non-issue in this age and era in my opinion.

      • Che Che Lazaro is no Manay Lolit Solis. Cheche has the decency not to delve on on matters that are intrusive…matters that are trivial vis-a-vis the national interest! I am sure Maria Ressa is intelligent enough to know issues that are of great importance…she would not dare ask such insane question! Let Cristy Fermin handle the matter…

    • I’m pretty sure they will be asked such question at some point. Being public figures and role models, expect questions about different issues thrown at them. It will be interesting to see how they will handle it. I honestly expect them to be truthful and give intelligent answers, not just yes or no. It will break my heart if they deny it though because I see cosmetic enhancement as a non-issue and deciding to go under knife is a personal right – dapat panindigan nila!

      • Only the likes of disrespectful tabloid writers will ask such malicious question! Did someone ask you yet in public if you had dental extractions and replaced your tooth with dentures? Insane!

      • No, because I don’t wear dentures and I’m not a public personality. I didn’t say they should be asked this question, I said “I’m pretty sure they will be asked such question at some point.” This is inevitable in public life. You get questions with malicious intent or not more often than not, like the tabloid writers you are talking about. But can you stop it? No. But you can put a stop to the issue by being truthful and standing by it.

      • @ Looky Lin…I do understand that you are still living and having that third world mentality and concept of what is privacy and what is public accountability…what is respectful and what is malicious. It is a pity that your idea of being “truthful” is just consist of saying Yes or No and to defend your answer every time you are asked whatever sort of question!

        I was very glad when nobody asked Gabriela Isler if she had a chin enhancement (and other sort of “surgical alterations”). If I had to go down to the level of your standard, I would claim that she is a public figure – a universal property for that matter – and therefore she should take all questions thrown at her and she should just be truthful by answering Yes or No…and she should defend her answers all the time! PATHETIC, indeed! Had it happened, the Miss Universe Organizers will look down on us as being rude, intrusive, disrespectful, uneducated, etc.

        And by the way, have you seen the interview of Ricky Lo with Anne Hathaway? He asked how Anne had lost 15lbs and how she gained it back. Anne did the right thing: not to answer such a personal and intrusive question (not to mention, disrespectful)…had she answered it, one question would lead to other malicious ones….Good, for Mr Lo…right, Miss Lin? just answer Yes or No and defend your answer, HA-HA-HA!!!!

  4. Whahahahaha…push mo na yang answer mo teh…malay mo manalo ka nang bigas at delatas . LOL

  5. All in all the walks of the kagandahang Flores girls are better and more regal. Parul knows how to glide and flirt with the camera. mj needs a chin tuck it shows when she bows her head. Hannah’s smile is divine! She needs to work though on being fierce. her admission of her self esteem issues was endearing. although I know I will get a lot flak from this but still not convinced of the beauty of Hanson guidotti and Yvethe for some reason it’s not wowing me, sorry. but they are smart girls

    • and really boy do you really have to rub it in their faces that you didn’t like their answers and you have to show the world that you have the right ones?hashtag it’s all about me!!!!

  6. I cannot stand the crown of Kris. Sobrang nakaka-irita itsura. Parang pinatong lang tapos malalaglag agad-agad. Please SMA, buy better crowns next time.

  7. Queen_b, nahilo aq sa grammar mo teh. It brought me to tears!!! & d very essence of your answer is good only for barangay pageants. Geez..

    • Lemme try – The fact that they are called junk food tells you you’re not supposed to eat them. If you do, it’s like eating what you can forage from a garbage can. So if you want a long and fulfilling life, eat healthy. You can never go wrong with real food.

  8. Tito Norms, c Mr po ba ang kumuha ng picture na ito? KC napalitan xa ni Mr Boy Abunda sa Middlespot.. Joke. Hehe peace

  9. I have to say I am very impressed and proud of the girls with this interview.
    Mary Jean looked so fresh and flawless. I love the minimal makeup she’s been sporting since the coronation night. Her styling makes her look a lot more younger and she looks relaxed. What I hope BPCI won’t over work her natural beauty. If she is too styled up l, then she will come out aged. She is very close to perfection with her styling, but I would like to see her fullest potential. She is a great communicator. I am glad she can speak naturally. She has an ease in speaking and she gets straight to the point. She can speak very diplomatically, but I love how she can also be candid.
    Bianca. Wow, all I can say is wow! It’s so easy to love this girl! To start off like MJ, her styling looks great. Red lips with very subtle make-up, she looks great. Her and MJ are well polished. What I noticed about her during the interview, I did not see her frown once. She was always smiling even when the camera wasn’t centered to her. She is great at communicating, very enthusiastic and very bubbly. I love how she got very personal with Tito Boy and the camera. Our chances of a Back to Back victory seems pretty high this year.
    Not too sure why Kris didn’t seem prepared, but Kris needs help with her styling. Her hair looked messy and her make up wasn’t the best. I wished we can see the Kris from application day. She looked gorgeous and very polished. Kris is a natural beauty. I hope BPCI can really bring her towards the next level. She is good at communicating, but she needs to develop more.
    Like Kris, Yvethe will need to be polished a little more. She looked very beautiful during the prep for BBP, but she lacked luster during the interview. Her styling should focus on age appropriate. She is still very young, and her styling needs to scream young and hot. Since Supranational is based majority on looks and body, we should channel a Victoria secret angel from her. I believe she is good at communicating, but she needs to get straight to the point. A short yet very witty answer is better than a long boring answer. However, I saw that she has lot to say. She will talk.
    Parul looked so gorgeous during coronation night, but lacked a little luster during interviews. Her side part hair with loose curls or her mid part hair with slight waves she looks gorgeous. Her complexion looks flawless, but again Parul will only need slight make up to look fresh and young. I think she may be the most challenged one in communicating, she’s not horrible, but there is room for improvement. But she is a lot better now versus BBP 2013.
    Laura, Laura, Laura. She is sooo gorgeous, but she probably needs to be the most person to be polished. Her makeup looks too thick which ages the young girl. Her hair looks flat, I think they need to give her hair the natural looking volume. But really her make up irritates me. Like to the point where her eyelashes feel like spiders. Again, I want to see her fresh and aero descent. She is young and we need to channel that young appeal, somewhat like how we did it with Megan Young. What I did notice is that she has great communication skills. Wow, very vocal! She has great projections and speaks with great eloquence. Styling is only her problem.
    Hannah is on a good track. She looks styled accordingly and her communication skills are good. The only thing is she is probably the girl that I forget the most out of the seven. She needs to work on presence. I love it!
    I am happy that this batch seems pretty close. Their social media accounts and their media exposure, the girls look like they are enjoying themselves and each other.
    Okay, now the one thing I noticed about all the girls is their wardrobes. Their gowns looks so cheap, outdated, and manang status. SMA at least style them with simple cocktail dresses or simple gowns. Not some ALFREFO BARRAZO shit! That ain’t helping our queens, if anything it is working against them.

    I love Tito Boy’s tips. Hopefully he can be one of their main advisor especially in communication!

    • Your observation is spot on. MJ’s experience gave her a lot of confidence. Less and natural looking make-up gives her a young and fresh aura. Bianca can’t help being her bubbly self, that is good. Kris needs help in styling which shouldn’t be much work because she has a beautiful face. Or maybe, she just doesn’t come across well on camera. Yvethe needs to relax and enjoy the moment, she seem to have this constant need to impress. She doesn’t have to try too much, she is already impressive. This is why she tends to beat around the bush. Parul is an eye-candy. Laura has not peaked yet, I’m looking forward to her blossoming more. Hannah is lacking in inner glow despite the pretty face.

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