16 comments on “Interesting heels

  1. The MPE photos are funny, are they taking photos of the girls in the most awkward moments?

  2. Bianca stepped on Moniques’s resorts wear – she actually needs more inches of her heels!

    I thought these towering pair of heels are adviseable in long gown competitions.

  3. Not a fan of Miss Earth Pageant, I’ll take the 5th amendment .

  4. Is anyone else aware that those shoes are worn only by strippers/hookers? They are atrocious, tacky, and have no place in a pageant.

    • Indeed, stripper heels they are. You can only buy them in sex shops and online stores. Her handlers don’t really care as long as the heels add inches to her average height. 🙂

      And Bianca Paz stepping on her dress tail may not be an accident, pageant veterans know that’s one way to kill the competition. haha

      • I don’t get it. She doesn’t look tall. She looks like a short woman *trying* to look tall and failing miserably.

      • Maybe she was given a really long resort dress by the designer and had to wear really tall platform heels to make up for the difference.

      • Sana nag wedge nalang…

        Pero Bianca Paz stepping on her trail is unforgivable!

  5. bud? this is a prophetic photo ,she will win Miss Water, she walks on water. do you see what i mean? 🙂

  6. I love her shoes. However, that being said, I was so focus on the shoes I did not notice what she was wearing nor her face.

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