8 comments on “Sunday Specials: Venus Raj never ceases to amaze me

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Can be high fashion and can be commercial. I was wondering why she did not pursue finding a modelling gig in NY… or why she was not invited as a Trump Model after her MU stint

    She is also my FAVORITE MUP OF ALL TIME!!!! the girl we all agreed to cheer and we all believed can win MU!!! Even the MUO was so impressed by her… perfect body, perfect bearing….. not so perfect question for the finals…. if she was just given any other type of question, she would have won MU that night!!!

    BRAVO VENUS for maintaining that MU-look, that MU-body and that humble-attitude!!!

  2. U talking about the yellow one? I agree, MJ should either have it white or bright.
    No to Dull colors like the purple one she wore at the BP 14 finals night.

    • aba, very mabait si Queen_b hehe di ako sanay, super galang LOL. Ikaw na.

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