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  1. MJ supporters or not, surgically enhanced or not, the fact of the matter is she is the reigning MUP. Can’t we, just unite and support her all the way ? I believe MJ is putting her heart and soul into winning our 3rd MU crown for the country. MJ is in it to win it. Good luck and God bless ♥♥♥

  2. The Filipinos cant speak their national language thats why we speak in English. Feeling natin mga puti tayo from america.

  3. Physical appearance do change when we mature, MJs improvement is one. You guys check ur photos 6 yrs back and see the difference on how u look now. My bf looked dugyot, payatot, madungis 6 yrs ago at 23, and he now looks dashingly handsome grown up man already.

  4. If MJ did enhanced her nose and teeth ….. So be it.
    If MJ did enhance her body…..So be it.
    If MJ answers her questions ala pageant betty….. So be it.
    If MJ is so rehearsed when being interviewed and not au naturelle….. So be it.
    If MJ is overly rallying telling her fans to support her by asking to pray novena for her….. So be it.
    If MJ is too old to compete for Miss Universe….. So be it.
    If MJ is a midget or hobbit and will be overshadowed by glamazonas from Latin America and European continent….. So be it.
    One sure thing I know, MJ is our Miss Universe Philippines 2014 !

  5. She’s not my bet,but I believed she will make our country so proud,she has a lot of basher locally and internationally but she has also a hug supporters willing to fight until the end!Her transformation since 2008 is amazing!

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with this article. In fact, my initial reaction was MJ has transformed into a sophisticated lady. She is as beautiful now, as she was at 20. After all, I’m sure we will scream our lungs out in unison, once she’s called to the semi-finals come MU2014 finals.


  8. I really don’t get it why old pictures of MJ would be source of ridicule and controversy when in fact people do change physically in a span of six years or so – some for better and others for worse. Her fans should applaud her for it as she really keeps herself looking more gorgeous than ever as the years go by. Bakit meron bang dapat itago? I do think Miss Universe judges will judge her not on how she looked six years ago or even yesterday but how she presents herself physically in front of them during the MU competition.

    I was not a fan and will never be a fan of MJ but I support her MU stint wholeheartedly and I have nothing but love for her drive and ambition. If people criticize her face or body, then so be it. Beauty is subjective anyway. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep a blind eye and sweep under the rug her past, including her transformation. It is what it is. Fans shouldn’t shield MJ from all criticisms, in my opinion. MJ has steeled herself from the moment she began her pageant career and as long as she has our support, she will be just fine. She knows the game very well. Kayang-kaya nya yan. And FYI, isa po syang beauty queen at hindi santa.

  9. Manong Norms can you delete this entry–I believe this will only plant negative seed for MJ.

    At this point in the game we must only show support, stay positive and give her all the confidence she needs and she deserves all of that.

    Thank you for your prompt attention–hoping for prompt because a lot of negative vibes are starting to swarm this post!

    • Tito Norman knows what he’s doing, ang mga taong puro negative vibes lang ang mag iisip ng bagay na pwedeng ikalala. This post was uploaded in good faith.

    • I respect your opinion, Pageant Fanatic. I’m sure you’re all aware that I have no bad intentions in putting up this article. In fact, I am very proud of MJ’s evolution. Six years is six years. Her progression is very commendable, in my opinion.

      I choose not to delete this entry. Instead, I uploaded a different pic which shows her look during early pageant years.

      At any rate, all her pictures during Mutya ng Dabaw 2008 has been publicly available in her admin-run FB page ever since. 😉

  10. hindi ko siya nakilala sa TBT pic sa taas, inassume ko lang na siya yung nasa gitna. well, span of 6 years, maraming pwede magbago sa facial feature. nagpa retoke man siya or hindi, she’s still beautiful.

    • Kung may enhancement man na ginawa sa kanyang nose and teeth, maganda naman. Ang masama yung nagparetoke tapos lalong pumanget!

      Mary Jean Lastimosa for Miss Universe 2014!
      You got my 100% support! Good Luck Mj.

      • Agree. I have no problems with enhancements as long as the person won’t go overboard and certainly don’t go into debt over it. Another thing, although it is none of my business what people do to their body, I can’t help but feel disgusted when people who went through procedures deny it! The non-admission swiftly changes my opinion of the person. Suddenly the person stops being beautiful and turns into a self-absorbed and superficial twit…well, that’s just me.

        On a personal level, I wouldn’t mind having my teeth fixed and some skin under my chin nipped.

        MJ for the win!

  11. Yes, MJ is really back.
    After his death, on the third day he rose again, and from then on, he shall live happily ever after.
    His music will always be alive, his moonwalk will always be remembered.
    Michael Jackson for the Win!

  12. obvious naman ang laki ng difference ng aura nya, 2008 a photo her arabian features is not visible, malaking bagay ang skills she acquired in doing her make up, pero d mawawala sa mind ng iba ang doubt if she went under the knife, but the hell i care, isa pa din sya pinakaaabangan sa MU2014

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