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  1. Jaine Hidalgo,now 27 of batch 2012 is now working for a 5-Star Hotel (with Diana Arevalo) in Macau since bowing out from the pageant scene for good.The Bicolana girl then,25 was fierce and got the best bod from among the girls.Why,Anne Curtis even tweeted about it referring to her as #4. And of course,the best pageant bloggers in town didn’t let the season pass without mentioning about her in their blogs.Too bad,Jaine’s exotic Filipina good looks didn’t work too well to her advantage as other Pinay beauties Janine Tugonon (not bad,of course) and Katrina Dimaranan clinched the titles.And sadly,the Best in Swimsuit award went to Fil-Aussie Nicole Schmidt,which,had Jaine won could’ve allowed her to secure a Top 15 placement,at least.Well,win some,lose some and here’s to Jaine Hidalgo wishing her more success after Binibining Pilipinas.

  2. Pia should really join again next year, as well as Emma and Ja Flores. Now, I understand what Kenneth Santiago meant in her Q&A. She’s willing to let go of her shoe business!

  3. I just cant help but comment (am in hibernation) but thats the gorgeousness I missed from Diana Arevalo in the bbp14 pageant. I hope to see her again; possibly as a pageant mentor. Good luck Diana!

  4. There’s something about Diana… I don’t know what it is but obviously hindi siya type ni SMA otherwise, kahit papaano close na sila since she joined 3x. Anyway, this year was an exception in terms of results. I don’t think SMA had something to do in selecting the winners this year kasi mapapahiya siya sa MUO and Isler if she intervened during the deliberations. Maybe that’s why MJ finally won because for the longest time she’s been the truly deserving MUP but maybe SMA thinks she’s not smart enough or sosyal. If SMA headed the panel this year I’m sure may crown si Nichole Manalo and maybe Yvette or Laura is MUP instead of MJ.

    • Diana was actually one of the girls na bet ni SMA and other important people from BPCI this year. She didn’t follow the styling na para sa kanya for the Finals Night.

  5. I really want to see Emma and Ja come back again. They have so much potential and they work the stage pretty well.

    Hanna should really consider MWP. Her personality reminds me of Megan (The geeky Chic side of course). Maybe give her a year and refine some of her parasella and to also tone her body. She is simply exquisite.

    And for Pia, I really hope she doesn’t just throw away all the hard work she put in these past 2 years. It’s such a waste if she doesn’t give pageantry one more try. If she does not want to join BBP, then at least MWP. Though I will never see her wear any other crown other the Diamond Nexus Crown. Is she really giving up on pageantry?

    Oh BTW, Tito Norms, is there any update on Katrina Dimaranan for MWP 2014?

  6. I heard Julian Flores will be our representative for Miss Progress International at Italy…

      • Alam ko May 9 na yung pageant.. wala pang sponsor… I hope makahanap sya soon…. For the meanwhile aside from modelling, I heard that she volunteered for the charitable and livelihood projects of the city of Manila. She will be helping out with vice-mayor Isko Moreno and former president Erap Estrada…

  7. Emma, Kim, Pia, Ja, Angelique, and Diana should make a comeback!

    Shauna as well, but she should really work hard in toning her body.

  8. They are all beautiful and smart. Happy to hear the news about them especially Emma and Ja. Good luck to all of them.

  9. I really love Emma. I hope she joins again, maybe in 2 years time. She’s still young and I know that ahe will develop a lot of skills and experience to back her up should she join again.

    Happy Easter everyone.

    Sir Norms, thanks for keeping us all posted. Hope you had a meaningfull and well rested vacay.

  10. I miss seeing these girls almost everday. Especially Julian, Emma, Angelique, Diana and Pia. Hope we can see more of them in the future pageant scene. They all look beautiful as always!

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