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  1. Tita N0rman ang ibang asian country ba hindi din satisfied sa resulta ng winner ng ASTM? Nag rereact din kaya sila?

  2. Hindi parin ako maka get over…

    Did our Joey Mead marry a Malaysian?….

    Since when did Ling Tan became the 1st Asian supermodel?!… So what do u call Anna Bayle?

  3. “Jodilly has baby na po 🙂 It was revealed in the first episode/s Korean ata ung daddy ng baby nya 🙂 still she’s so stunning. #AsNTM2RealWinner” -Jomar Shaun Espada Albao

    I think you’re referring to Stephanie Retuya, our rep nung season 1. Jodi has no baby yet, i believe.

    • Thank you Riri and Closer2Fame 🙂 I stand corrected. 🙂

  4. Was waiting a long time for this post Tito Norms. I know you to be an opinionated but objective guy. While it is true, the better candidate was robbed of her place in the sun.

    But still, I wish them good luck.

  5. well malaysia really needs a big boost after that malaysian airline incident. it was a pity vote at the expense of the better philippine contingent. oh well..

  6. Now Tresseme realized they will have a nightmare marketing their brand with that kind of “face”…

  7. And Im roling my eyes again. Haaaaay.. Diba usually, nagdedeliberate sila from the first photoshoot up until the final runway, eh nag base lang yata sila sa final photoshoot. Its not even a great photo of tita sheena. Tita sheena daw!? Hahaha!
    Anyway, enjoy driving the subaru!

    • Pamangkin, hindi ako masyado nageenjoy imaneho ang subaru, matic e gusto ko manual. Charing! 😛

      • Di ko napanuod ung final ep. Pinanuod ko kahapon ayun sa final photoshoot nga lang nag base.

        Choosy paba? Hahahaha! Subaru na yan

      • Uu choosy siempre premyo ko yan e.. Pakisabi nalang kay Jodilly pamangkin na isosoli ko after 1month. LOL 😛

  8. Just two things to say and I won’t say more…

    One, if MH370 didn’t go missing… Sheena won’t be winning! Think MU2012.

    Two, it’s insulting for the Asian people that Sheena is the face of Modern Asia. Hello?!? Oh sorry… wrong number!!!

    • Dex, they taped it before the MH370 incident. Parang amazing race lang yan.

      • MH370 went missing on the 8th of last month. Are you very sure that they have taped the whole cycle more than a month ago?!? I know that those kind of series are taped two weeks in advance…

      • They started the screenings as early as August/September last year. And keep in mind that during the whole cycle they’re required to stay at the model house, our 2 reps have been flying to other SEA countries already to do some modelling gigs.

  9. Points to ponder:

    1. How come majority of the guest judges specially the Finale are from Malaysia?

    2. How come they rarely shows the private confessions of Sheena when it is evident that she also bitches and complains around?

    3. Why did they not want to show episode 11?

    4. How come most of the sponsors are Malaysian?

    5. Why did they not choose ugly-pretty girls from all countries?

    6. Why did the Malaysian editor of Harpers Bazaar praised Katarina for her least attractive pictures, criticized Jodilly for her “Cliche” modeling poses and was all praises for Sheena?! That was like the most messed up gosee I have ever seen! WTF?!

    7. How come they showed little of Jodilly’s winning attitud and modeling skills in the set and during the finale and yet she had 2 best pics and 5 1st-runner up pics?

    8. Is AsNTM2 a modelling competition or a @$!#^@/$! COOKING SHOW!

    • Wow, so many questions indeed, C! According to them, Episode 11 focused on Malaysian Airlines, although I can’t think of anything too insensitive on their part to show then, unless there was something they want to cover that no amount of editing can fix. That was also the one and only week Sheena won Best Photo, right?

      • Yeah, it was a sensitive issue…
        But all their points are not enough to justify her win…

    • Sister, I find Sheena VERY bratty sa totoo lang. In the modelling industry, hindi pwede yung ugali nya na nagdidiva divahan cya minsan. Tsugi cya agad pag ganun. I remember the part where they went to Sabah tuloy tapos ang laki ng luggage nya hahaha!

      • Yeah… ang dami nyang reklamo…

        Halatang they wanted Jodi and Kat to look bad cause I heard its the staff who gave them cat fight provoking questions which they all aired. I’m sure Sheena was bitching too but they aired little of her private confessions on the show…

      • Ang reklamo din ni Sheena nung hiking…
        Sarap sampalin.. joke…
        Hindi naman nya kasalanan na Malaysian sya..
        Wala lang talaga syang K manalo…

  10. I understand the sentiments as I really think that our very own was robbed big time in a very broad daylight. However ganito rin ang nararamdaman ng mga foreigner kapag tayo ang host country tapos kandidata natin ang nanalo. Hayaan na natin sa kanila yan tutal naman nag back to back tayo sa Ms. Tourism na sa Malaysia din ginanap. We can’t take it all talaga. Anyway that Sheena girl give me hope na I can be a model too. With that face? Gosh sana sumali din ako.

    • Sobra ka nman… please correct me if I’m wrong, once lang naman ata nangyari yan… yan ba yung kay Karla sa Ms. Earth?

  11. Lutong Macau!!! Mukhang Japayuki yung winner!!! Pagbigyan na kasi di naman mukhang marketable kaya pinapanalo. At least the other two has better chances at getting a job.

  12. Ay teka, Nadya is Indonesian-Aussie if I’m not mistaken tita Norms, not Thai.

      • 🙂

        Malakas ang kutob ko ang mga Malaysian judges ang bumoto kay ka namesung ko.. Just like the Japanese people, Malaysians are known to be VERY nationalistic.

      • Nope. Singaporean citizen. She’s currently based in Singapore with her Singaporean hubby and 3 kids.

    • Ay ito pala ang nanalo oh! Nag co-comment! Hahahaha! Teh isoli mo na ang subaru!

      • Anubeh, lalaspagin ko muna bago ibigay kay Jodilly ang premyo. Charowttttt!!!!! 😀

  13. Speaking of hair Tita Norms, I’m also not a fan of Sheena’s bleached hair (hanubeyen ka-namesung ko pa talaga ang babaitang itech!) and while she appears to be confident on the outside, IMO her bleached hair says otherwise. I’m not really a fan of Asians who tries to have a Caucasian look in a way by dyeing their hair or OD’ing themselves with glutathione just to hair fair skin. Just like you, I was also VERY disappointed with the results and can’t help but twitch my eyebrows when I heard one of the judges saying that she’s the face of modern Asia. Oh come on… Jodilly obviously is a more versatile model, she can walk, she can do commercial and avant garde modelling gigs.

    Speaking of Adam Williams, I will never forget EP10 where during deliberation, they covered Sheena’s face. LOL.

    On the brighter side, Jodilly is now the ambassador for Subaru together with Natalie, and Katja is now the face of Tresemme 🙂

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