10 comments on “Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014 going for a Guinness World Record?

  1. I guess the number is achievable. All applicants would automatically be IN and screening would only take place when they exceed the number. I see the necessity of having preliminary judgement that after the presentation of all two hundred in uniform attires, the number will be cut to twenty semifinalists right after. These lucky ones would have the chance to display their evening gowns and skimpy swim-wears.

  2. i’d like to see all the philippine provinces, ncr cities(or municipalities) and major cities like baguio, olongapo, naga, cdo, etc, represented! at aabangan ko lang yung natcos competition, mas interesado ako dun 😀

  3. Their icon/logo looks similar (just similar, not an exact version) of Miss Ghana’s.

  4. I received a text message from an organizer of this pageant, asking if we can be a sponsor (I work for a retail brand). At first I thought, it was just a spam text and now I read about this, exactly the same info I received (I remembered they’re gunning for a Guiness World Record and they have 200 candidates…wow huge number!). I did not reply, because at first I though it was just a spam text and our marketing campaign for the year has already been finalized.

  5. No need to stage ‘tourism’ pageants, I dont think we should took this seriously. The moment a girl is crowned as local or international winner, she is automatically became a tourism ambassadress of her place or of her country. And finally, are winners of ‘tourism’ pageants really toured or travel around the world? I guess NOT.

  6. I think one time, Ms.Aiyana Mickiewicz tweeted about motherhood.So two things,dethroned or resigned.

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