10 comments on “A Beauty Battle Royale for Miss Philippines Earth 2014

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  2. Di ba may obligasyon pa si Bianca sa Ms. World Philippines, or nag resigned sya just to give way to MPE? Ayaw kasi ng Carousel yung may existing contract pa ang isang kandidata sa ibang pageant. Mary Ross Misa ang bet ko at incase na sya manalo, mahaba pa naman ang time para ma-toned nya yung body nya since December pa ung Ms. Earth. Sana lang yung mga mananalo e dedicated talaga at hindi yung pag nakoronahan na e biglang magreresign at sasali na naman sa ibang pageant.

  3. MPE requires a candidate to have a sound advocacy. Without it, it’s hard to really pick because I believe that advocacy should be a major-major factor. But I could be wrong!

  4. My bet is Bianca! Misa is towering but i dont know it seems like she really gained alot of weight or maybe it’s just her big bone structure..

    • She looks like she’s taking steroids? She seems bloated due to medication, but I can be wrong.

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