24 comments on “Who will win Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 tonight – Jodilly, Sheena or Katarina?

  1. Mukha namang badjao yung nanalo, no joke!!!… well as for Jodilly, Congratulations to you darling the newest ambassadress of Subaru I’m not gonna be shock if Tyra Banks will knock on your door begging to promote her dying BankableProduction lols… To Katarina goodluck bet ka daw ni Dennis Trillo kaloka…

  2. they sabotage the hairdo of the two filipinas. they make their faces look fat that will not make a good expression.. its lutong macau..anyway those products related to these shows..never use it… anything malaysian..

  3. Jodilly should have won. She’s a more dynamic model and she’s tall.
    If a modelling agency sent Jodilly to Europe or to the U.S. she would not be “swallowed” by other models bec. of her height.
    Sheena probably won through a sympathy vote.
    Jodilly had a better collection of photos, and if they changed Sheena’s hair back to black, she’d look ordinary.
    My favorite of them all was Nicole.
    Anyway, congratulations.

  4. Pati ba naman dyan runner up finish tayo?!…
    Ano to Miss Universe?… LOL… ok na yan..
    Andaming print ad ni Katarina ngayon.. ilang brands puro mukha nya naka paskel… si Jodily din laging nasa high fashion magazines… hindi nila kailangan manalo… they will make it big!

    • I think jodilyn must win the title of the asias next top model, bec she deserves it, the previous episodes i watched, among of the three finalist, jodilyn is the most powerful post body projections, photo action and body emootions she got all the connectivity of every shoots, also katarina desereves it very well too,

      • Tita Norms, you’re not the only one. I still think that Jodilly should’ve won. But anyway sige ibalato nalang yan sa kanila. Resbak nalang sa beauty contests 😛

  5. It should be a neck and neck race between the two mgnificent Filipinas with Katarina being tipped to runaway with the top plum. Her recent covers are just IT — stunningly enigmatic!!!

  6. Eh.. Sheena Liam doesnt look malay to me eh. And the name suggests shes chinese malaysian. Just like singapore, malaysia has 3 major races: chinese, malay & indian.

  7. Jodily has so much potential. Kat is fit for showbiz. Norms what’s the latest on Stephanie Retuya? I she going to try for NYC or Europe? She has so much potential.

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