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  1. They say a victory is still a victory. But it still sucks that Parul gets to be this year’s sacrificial lamb. Sending her to an international pageant with an almost 0% chance of winning is such a waste of talent and beauty.

  2. What a coincidence she was asked about the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight – which had a “Shah” as Captain.

  3. She looks like Nicki Minaj in some angles. I mean this in a good way!!! I hope she still gets to compete during her reign. I think Stella should totally scrap this self-imposed rule of forbidding girls to join again if they win one of the minor crowns. Imagine, the bevy of our girls getting wasted because of this rule.
    I agree with the posts before. I’d rather setle for a runner-up position than be crowned with a meaningless title. At least, there’s hope I could replicate Maricar, Janine, Diana Necio, Abbygale or MJ’s feat.

  4. Maraming version naman ang Ms. Tourism wag lang sa China based MTQI. Masasayang talaga si Parul dun knowing China. Basta kahit anung Tourism wag lang ung pag aari ng tsekwa.

  5. She is so gorgeous!! Fierce yet sweet! Sarap titigan.. Lalong gumaganda!

  6. sana ibang tourism pageant na lang ang salihan nia internationally. wag na ang MTQI. parang project runway, One day you’re in and the next day, you’re out ang peg. sana kinuha na lang ni MSA si Grand international franchise instead of the tourism

  7. On one hand you have a title—- and you dont need to be feel bad about loosing again in Bb Pilipinas….. But on one hand youre stuck with the title that is unpredictable, highly regarded as the lowest ranked among the winners, and an international contest which may or may not take place…. and even if it takes place- in set-up that winning is close to impossible

    Anyway, if she thinks about the good points and just focus on doing the right thing… she may end up not getting hurt and frustrated in the end…. I mean reality bites, and as early as now, might as well accept the consequences and possibilities. I think the reason why its difficult to move on from the example of Katrina is the fact that people were not prepared to see her wasted—– at least now, we all know the possibilities.

  8. I fervently wish that she could beat all odds in that pageant because the fact remains… Chinese are not so fond of dusky skin. The very best of luck, Parul!

    • Well let’s hope Mr. Dex. More importantly let’s hope there “will be” a Miss Tourism 2014.

      • Fingers-crossed and hoping to the max that she could compete! Pero kapag hindi natuloy, okay lamang para sa akin. Hindi naman kasi para MTQI ang dating niya!!! πŸ™‚

      • Lol…sorry Mr. Dex…The filipino vernacular I am fluent in is Ilocano. I’m second generation. Do you speak Ilocano?

      • I think it has a reputation of being a farmers language, right? I waa told that but it doesn’t bother me. Anyways, all my relatives use Ilocano here and in Hawaii. I had mentioned that to someone else on another thread on this forum…

      • It shouldn’t. Those are mere accusations of the envious natives. They feed the people and without them, there’ll be no beauty pageants… because no one will be fit. LOL. :loll

    • Coooooooool….your mom is ilocana! Amok ilocano. Nag rigat ti surat..lol…how cool!

      • Ni inang kun tatang ko taga zambales. Ado tao ilocano taga zambales.

      • I’m afraid I can understand and speak Ilocano better write it. Lol

      • Most of the people who speak and are fluent in different languages practicaaly no not know how write especially when they did not learn them from an institution. So your case is actually common. πŸ˜‰

      • Thank you Mr. Dexter.. You can throw in ilocano any time when corresponding with me. I’ll attempt to respond back phonetically!

      • “Ammuk ag Ilocano ngem narigat nga isurat.” i guess that’s the way it should have been written. LOL. πŸ˜‰

      • I was a military brat. My dad happened to be stationed at Cubic Bay where I was born. However, I was a year old when we moved again. πŸ˜€

  9. The more I look at her head shot, the sexier she gets. I am biased to the darker skinned girls being my Ilocano lineage. Loved Eds and Vessica too! Personally I think there should more darker skinned -Malay looking contestants. The world is shrinking and brown is the new sexy! πŸ™‚

  10. My biggest concern for her is that the pageant may not push through. Miss TQI pageant is so unstable and controversial. Last year only 43 delegates participated – 3 are from China, and no reps from the continent of Americas, and no ‘Special Tourism Regions’ – a far cry back in it’s heydays when the number was 113.

    It is such a shame if the Parul will not compete internationally – she has that X factor. I wish she could be sent to another pageant just in case Miss TQI postpones again – for the 3rd time.

    • What a crying shame! You mean Miss Tourism International is in trouble? If cancelled, what a waste. Truly!

  11. I really think that her sending her to Miss Tourism Queen International is a peculiar decision by BPCI. The pageant obviously favors fair-skinned girls akin to the Chinese. With her exotic looks and ebony skin, I am not sure if she’s the right choice for the pageant.

  12. I wish she had something better, but I’m just glad she’s in the winning circle! πŸ™‚

  13. Parul was one of my 5 picks for MU. She is one stunning brown-skinned beauty. No doubt about it!

    • Same here, she was on of my top 5 pick. Her beauty is what they call ethnically ambiguous. The type that makes you wonder and ask ‘anong lahi ng family?’

      • I like that, “ethnically ambiguous”. She can pass for Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Latina (Indigenous) but 100% filipina!

        That’s what makes Filipina women distinct from the rest of Asia. From Yvethe to MJ to Bianca to Pia to Parul to Celine to Eds to Vessica… Different skin shades BUT distinctively Filipina.

        Imagine China, Japan or Korea sending a dark skinned delegate or a half white/mixed delegate to the MUP ? They can’t ….Philippines CAN! πŸ™‚

  14. Maganda ang ayos at aura ni Parul nung coronation night. Mas maganda kesa last year. Medyo kabado lang sa sagot kaya di pinalad. Puede sana sya kahit Intercontinental. MU caliber din ang ganda nya, pasarela, and that magnetic smile. Good luck Parul!

    • Another Miss Universe caliber beauty… She should win the tourism crown…easy!

  15. Let’s all be positive, magkakaroon ng MTQI2014 at mananalo siya!! Goodluck and God Bless you Parul πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    • For SS round, contestants normally wear an underwear just incase something like that happens πŸ™‚

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