15 comments on “The Winner of our Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Prediction Contest

  1. I got so close in this prediction game. I got the top 5 correctly. 2 placements right, the other three reshuffled. I got Bianca G and Parul Shah right, I placed Yvette at Universe, MJ at Intercontinental, and Kris for Supranational.

  2. Kyle, congratulations. Be sure may valid ID ka ha, otherwise, ilipat mo na lang ang winning right mo sa akin. 😉

  3. And Now, MJ is included into My TOP List Of the women to watch out in MISS UNIVERSE 2014.
    Here it is, MY TOP 10 Women to watch out in MU 2014 Up to now…
    *In no particular order
    1. Venezuela
    2. South Africa
    3. Indonesia
    4. Serbia
    5. Philippines
    6. Kosovo
    7. Czech Republic
    8. Colombia
    9. Albania
    10. Russia

  4. kCongrats kyle! magselfie ka naman with new samsung…
    Ma norman san po may link ng competition? sa rappler live blog ako nakasubaybay…

  5. Kyle, can you give me six numbers for Powerball and MegaLotto purposes? I promise I’ll share.

  6. kuya norms, san nyo po nakuha yang mga glam photos nila? im so eager to see them all. they’re so pretty tlga, they deserve it. thank you 🙂

  7. Congrats to the Winner ! Got 5 out of 7 but all in wrong placements 😉

  8. Congrats Kyle! @Sir Norman, is there also a fun prediction game/prize regarding who will be the Phil. Representative to Mr. World 2014 hehehe, baka dyan ako swerte at manalo.

  9. Congratulations Kyle! Basta, I am still BB-Pilipinas 2014 Out-of-this-World! 🙂 Diba Tito Norms? 😉 So sad they did not announce my title.

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