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  2. Ang dalawang mananalo sa internasyonal e parehong retokada. Paano na yan? Puputaktihin na naman sila ng mga bashers na abnoy na pinoy. Suportahan ko kayong lahat na wagi. Tsupeh mga abnoy.

  3. Congrats to ALL the winners and future winners (1st runner up n 2nd runner up)

  4. MJ ‘s journey sa bbp will be inspiration para sa mga binibining di sumusuko at di natitinag sa dreams nila…pwede pa si pia kayang kaya pa nya ulit manalo..training lang at magpapayat ulit…
    though im not fan ni Mj, I will still support and critize her para mapush to next level cause criticism helps and not bashing…
    I was thinking malalampasan kaya or matutumbasan ng parehong camps ang paghandle ng international pageant na hindi na nila gamay…A&Q mastered gameplan in Ms.U while on the other hand KF knows Ms International.
    Well, it all depends sa Queens and pbci official trainors.Lets all wait and see.

  5. its nice to know that that we had a nice judges at the pageant last night.
    that really counts a lot!
    Its the judges!

    for me i would pickfashion and makeup artists, designers,celebrities to judge not politicians,ambassadors.

  6. Maganda ang projection ni bianca un ang nagdala sakanya sa internarional medyo nasablayan kasi ako sa sagot nya…pero sori si arida d marunong mag adlib, baka mahasa pa sabay sila ni datul…congratz

  7. Maybe ung attitude ni pia ang naka apekto sa placement nya…in some point nung bbpU ang tatawagin, i was thinking nga what if si emma ang tatawagin which perform well din…pwede pa siyang aumali ulit may potential…and so, kf girls ang nanalo this year back stage ang a&q?..what,if masungkit nila ang mailap na ms.u crown…to kris, walang duda siya ang effortless beauty, though off ng kaunti ang gown nya may kulang maybe its lenght?…but i support all of them…

  8. It’s obvious, one of the 21-30 candidates will be the Miss Universe Philippines. Eh Paulit-ulit kaya yun sa ABS-CBN for two weeks everyday. Once ko lang nakita ang 11-20 candidates and 31- 40 candidates.

    I think it was the worst placement ever. Sayang yung mga candidates. I don’t think MJ will make the cut for Miss Universe this year although all praises with her very commendable body (Height, toned body figure, and age is debatable). I just didn’t see the spark in her this time though she is pretty. Bianca will be a clapper or Semi-finalist only in Miss International, there is something lacking in her that the Japanese will notice. Kris will shine but I don’t think she will be happy with that boring pageant Miss Intercontinental although the prizes will be all worth it ($15,000) plus ($1,500per month). Yvethe will overdo Supranational and she will be like Pia who was abrasive during the pageant. And Parul? C’mon she will be the least preferred if the pageant will happen again in China (they want fair skinned and skinny) or if it will really push through, Miss Tourism Queen International is like a sari-sari store, sometimes meron pageant sometimes wala.

    I think it will be better if the placement was like this…

    Universe – Parul (Spunky attitude, toned body figure, and the skin to die for)
    International – Kris (Elegance, Allure, Charm, Class na hindi natutunan sa school)
    Intercontinental – Yvethe (Germany will like her beauty)
    Supranational – Hannah (Height, Skin, and Elite beauty)
    Tourism – MJ (Sisterly, body figure, petite na uso sa China)

    1st Runner Up – Pia (She deserves the same placement)
    2nd Runner Up – Bianca/Kenneth (lacks luster and substance)

  9. I knew everything was gonna go downhill after they only gave Yvethe the Supra title and Kris the Intercon. Marianne was placed right, IMHO.

    Oh well. My heart bleeds for PIA, DIANA, and SUIZA.

    • Me too spy…huhuhu duguan…may next year pa naman like what mj did and pwede din sya sa miss world…i think nag iba ng game plan ang bpci since nafefeel nila ang hunger ng KF camp sa Ms.U…
      Di bale naamaze naman ako sa ganda ng styling ni Guidotti.
      lets campaign pia for Miss World..

  10. im just curious, mas mataas ba ang Intercon kesa sa supranational? i read somewhere that top 3 is Universe, International then Supranational. some says Intercontinental naman.

  11. Actually, I disagree. If you watch the coronation vid again, when all the girls were congratulating each other, there was a part when Kris mouthed “I’m so happy!”. Ganun lang talaga expression nya, medyo subdued ng konti. I agree though that sayang sya sa Intercontinental.

  12. One loophole that I see with Pia is she’s not that telegenic, and this is important somehow because judges look at the contestants and judge them based on how they see the contestants on the LED screen. And this is the reason why patok si Ara — she’s telegenic and looks really good in motion.

    Sayang lang si Pia she should’ve translated her answer in English, it could’ve been a very witty move!

  13. Got 5 out of 7. But they’re all in wrong placement ! Whew ! πŸ™‚

  14. try and try until you succeed…#TRUE….. proven by MJ Lastimosa. Congrats!!!

  15. I can’t believe the ugly soul some of the people here have — not even letting the girls enjoy their moment! Too quick to bash, too quick to pull down. Tsk tsk tsk.

    MJ was not, at all, in ny Top 5 prediction but I am happy for and will support her; no ifs no buts.

    • Try checking the latin miss universe fb pages , theyve been bashing mj already. They call her ugly, fea and all sorts of things. They even preferred indonesia over mj. I have no qualms about that and i respect their choices since its a matter of preference. But putting a strong competition down only shows how threatened they are right at this point already. Our bet hasnt started her intense formal
      training and transformation yet and they treat like as if MJ has guaranteed herself a placement already. Im sure they will put their foot in their filthy mouths just like what happened to them with ara last year. They called her box body, no shape and other gritty crticisms. Apparently hers was the judges idea of ideal body by topping the SS competition… Their foot must have tasted really good after that hahahah Oh well, mj should keep her training under wraps and occassionally surface just to tease their palates further ! πŸ™‚ hahaha

      • It’s their style to turn the more gullible Filipino pageant followers against MJ. Reverse psychology in the works. I hope that nobody will bite. πŸ˜‰

      • Ditto. If they really don’t feel threatened (like how they claim), then why talk about MJ at all? ‘Cause if it were me — like how I am to other blah contenstants — I simply just ignore them. *browse photos of delegates from other countries “wow!” “Beautiful.” “Meh. Next pls.”*

        I won’t waste time for someone who I don’t see as a threat.

        Anyway, I am sure our 2014 Miss Universe Philippines will do her best to not let the Philippines down πŸ™‚

      • Let’s see if they would call Mj’s 22 inch waistline with butt and boobs a box body!.. LOL πŸ˜€

  16. Congratulations to all the newly crowned Binibinis!

    Xian Lim redeemed himself from last year’s hosting stint… and hands down to Anne Curtis.
    I just love Venus among the three… but I also like Shamcey and Janine.

    To the 4 previous title holders: Thank you for making our country, Philippines, a truly powerhouse of pageantry for the year 2013.

  17. “Bianca, Yvethe, Mj, Kris, Parul, Pia and Laura – one of these ladies will be crowned MUP 2014.”
    – this is my post in most threads.
    – happens to be my TOP 7.

    I feel sorry for Pia. Ang ganda nya sa evening gown.
    Congrats Mary Jean Lastimosa – my original choice for MUP, if only her height, so I chose Bianca or Yvethe instead.

    Congrats to all the winners!
    Let us support them for their respective international pageant!


    MJ can easily enter the top 5 in MU. She will ace the swimsuit competition and her gown will surely hug her body. Height doesn’t matter because she can wear 7-inch shoes just like Ariella last year. What I’m bothered about is her age, the biggest hindrance for MU crown. But I will believe in her that she bring us the 3rd MU crown.

    Feeling sorry for Pia. Not a fan, but I think she deserves a crown.

    First time kong sumubaybay ng Bb. Pilipinas. Ganto pala yung feeling. Ang sakit sakit kapag di nanalo yung bet mo ng MUP. Hanggang ngayon, depress pa rin ako. 😦

  19. Enough about Pia… She’s on my Top 5 but i think that it’s still a blessing for not having a crown this year because Stella Colombia will give her chances to get any of the Top 2 major awards next time. She had 2 consolation prizes anyway. She will win Bigtime nx yr.

  20. As I take my much-deserved hibernation from the issues of pageants and pageants, allow me to congratulate MJ Lastimosa, hers whose tale of courage and determination to conquer dreams had been rewarded. Amidst bashings in almost all phase, she remained coy and confident. But true beauty is without reservation, real gem is not being unscathed. As I’ve seen you last night, you will be Miss Universe 2014.

    I am happy for Janson as Intercontinental. She tore me up in the Q&A with classic elan. Guidotti’s side gazelle glide is a classic Verdadero. YSantiago whom I preducted for Intercontinental won as Supra, I like her charm but tone down on read; beautiful people are sheened not on red. Lehmann you will be good for 2015.

    I shall miss this blog Mr Norman. Thank you. Be the stuff you’re always be: the biddle of parity, the harbinger of fair judgment, the ally of true beauty.

    Congratulations and Peace to All!

  21. I’m not a fan of MJ Lastimosa… at all. I think she was at her best back in 2011, and her beauty has slowly regressed in each of her subsequent BBP stints. But I have this nagging feeling that she will bring home the Philippines’ third MU crown if we take politics into account.

    Bianca Guidotti and Bea Santiago share basically the same facial features. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

    While I’m not a fan of Janson either, I think she’ll give us a good fight in Miss Intercontinental.

    Yvette’s wit and smarts will be wasted in Miss Supranational. I am puzzled why she got that crown while she clearly aced the Q&A portion.

    Parul Shah is an unconventional choice for Tourism. Most Tourism pageants are held in China, and they almost always crown fair-skinned girls. Parul, in my opinion, is too “exotic” for those pageants.

    So sad for Pia. Overall, I’m not happy with the results.

  22. Wow! Congratulations to our new Queens! I predicted 10 of the top 15 right and I predicted 5 of the top 7, except I had different placements for all of them haha.

    My original 2nd Runner Up was Julian Aurine Flores.
    I’m really happy for Hannah taking home 2nd Runner Up! She looked absolutely gorgeous by the look of all the pictures being posted. I still question why she didn’t make the top 15 last year, because she might of actually won a crown. Congratulations!

    My original 1st Runner Up was Yvethe Santiago.
    Laura was my Miss Universe Philippines 2014 bet. I’m just really happy she was placed as the first runner up because she’s only 20 years old and she has so much time to prepare another year! Congratulations!

    My original Miss Tourism was Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti.
    Parul has always being one of my major favourites. Even though I wanted her for the Miss Supranational crown but instead she won the least wanted crown, I’m just happy she made the winning circle. She looks amazing! Congratulations!

    My original Miss Intercontinental was Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.
    I was expecting a higher placement for Kris. I think everyone was expecting a higher placement for her. She best suits Miss International. I heard she did really good, and I’m just happy she won a title! (Which wasn’t a surprise LOL) Congratulations!

    My original Miss Supranational was Parul Shah.
    I think Yvethe suits Miss Universe and none of the other titles. So that’s why I had her as my 1st Runner Up because I was expecting some surprises on the night. But Miss Supranational is good too! A very good chance of taking home another Supranational crown! Congratulations!

    My original Miss International was Kris Tiffany Janson.
    I think everyone was expecting or at least hoping for Mary Anne to clinch the top chicken. Miss International Philippines is a major achievement and I think she is very deserving of this crown. Well done and congratulations!

    My original Miss Universe was Laura Lehmann.
    I didn’t really expect MJ to win. But I’m not complaining. I am a little concerned with the age more than the height though. I don’t think she will win being 26 years old. I’m sure this year they’re looking for a younger girl. But I’m confident that the top 5 streak will continue this year. I admire MJ a lot, because she shows that determination and hard work really does pay off! Congratulations!

    Also a massive congratulations to Kagandahang Flores for such a successful night! And well done to the Aces & Queens girl that were able to come out successful too!

  23. Enough Pia ain’t all that guys–clearly she’s not!! Move on

  24. Everyone feels good sorry for Pia, maybe they have a point.. When she answered in tagalog, she ran out of time to translate her answer in English.. It was the Organization’ responsibility to ensure that the foreign judges understood her answers! Should they have done that, even without everyone knowing, then Pia wasn’t treated unfairly. But, but, But, if there was no attempt at all to translate Pia’s answers to the foreign judges, she was probably robbed of a crown..

    At the end of the day, do these things matter? Everyone should have a time off to move on, if they need to.. Then for Fu**’s sake stop bashing our newly crowned Queens and give all our support!!

    • she can follow MJ. Rest next year and join again. Better and Stronger. Who knows, that will be her time to shine! She got 2 special awards, like MJ last 2012.

  25. *Congrulations to the winners!
    *MJ was never on my top 5 list. But now, I truly admire her determination. If she brings that same resolve in her quest for the MU crown, she might just not fail us.
    *I would have wanted Marianne for MUP…but just d same, I am so happy for her winning d MIP crown.
    *My 3 top bets made it — Marianne, Kris & Yvette.

    Again, congratulations to all d winners…and d best of luck in your next journey!

  26. Surprising results/placement for me. But I did say previously that a 3rd try might be MJ’s lucky charm and indeed it was. Congratulations to the winners. The placement may not be what I had expected but just the same I am happy with the results. Bianca may not have gotten the top plum but I’m happy for her winning BB International. Maybe she can set a record in MI by doing a back2back win (which I think is possible ) for the Philippines (she reminds me a lot of her predecessor Bea – face & built-wise) as she’s got it all. I still wish she’d try out for MWP next year granting she’s still within the age limit. Well the jurors have spoken and now its time to congratulate the new queens, move on and support all of them in their international quest for the crowns. To Bianca – I’m so proud of you. To all the winners – congratulations. Still a little shocked about Pia’s not inclusion in the top 5 but to me she’s still a winner. Great job Binibinis. So proud of you allβ™₯β™₯β™₯

    • Just noticed that Bianca is wearing a beautiful blue gown reminiscent of what Megan wore when she won MWP2013. She looks absolutely lovely and classy πŸ™‚

    EARLY PREDICTIONS April 2014 :
    Miss Universe 2014 – Winner, Philippines
    Miss International 2014 – 2nd runner-up, Philippines
    Miss Intercontinental – 2nd runner-up, Philippines
    Miss Supranational –Winner, Philippines (back to back)
    Miss Tourism – Winner, Philippines
    Miss World – tba
    Miss Earth – tba

    You just gotta love this ride. Yeeehaaaw!

  28. Please send PIA to Grand International …. she deserves to represent the Philippines in an international contest too you know. Walang aangal !!!!!

    • NOT POSSIBLE! JDV holds the franchise for Grand International and he will be sending the highest placed among his girls and that’s #20 Kenneth Santiago.

  29. Congratulations MJ and to the rest of the queens. You guys rock!!! Start preparing for the international competition and continue the feat of the Philippines in the international scene.
    Good luck and you all are cherished and supported to your respective competitions in the near future.

    • Since “queens” and “guys” are nouns you used in the plural form, I think you meant to write “…international COMPETITIONS…” right? …LOL. It will be another great year. I apologize for being a little annoying. Peace. πŸ™‚

  30. I was wrong of not predicting MJ to win the top plum for the 51st Binibining Pilipinas, congratulations La Lastimosa, the energy to support you and will be behind you on this exciting journey to win the 3rd Miss Universe crown.
    To my “chicken joys” Yvethe, Bianca, Kris, I’m very proud of you ladies, I have no qualms and doubt that it’s gonna be a back to back glory for international and supranational! and the sweet victory of our first intercontinental title., But my heart goes out for my Pia, I don’t know how to express myself, I’m sad for her, really sad, aaaahhh, please join 2015, if MJ did 3x I’m sure you can Pia …… You can do it again……

    • I hear you Lavinia… you spoke for me too. I woke up this morning (we are 13 hours behind Manila time in California), got on Norms blog and was surprised and not suprised. Don’t know how to explain it.

      From this moment it is onwards and upwards to Miss Universe 2014 for Mj Lastimosa.

      • I’m sooo sad for Pia……
        Okay ….. Move on time let’s support our new MUP La Lastimosa, Muito Obrigado La Lastimosa see you in Fortaleza , Brazil !

      • Lavinia, hindi na daw sa Fortaleza gagawin ang MU. I read it somewhere but it’s sort of an official statement from MU.

      • @Sheena
        Well if it’s not gonna be in Braziwww, then….. Las Vegas will be the saving city for Miss Universe Org, after all the “sin city” is trump city too, he has quite number of hotel establishments that he owns and part owners as well, if it’s gonna be in Las V then, La Lastimosa will be happy , ang daming Pinoy residents duon at madaling puntahan, kapit bahay lang ng California .

      • Mabubulabog na naman ang Vegas pag nagkataon ng mga Pinoy, I can just imagine! They’re saying sa isang US city daw e, hindi Vegas ang binanggit. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata kung ano ang announcement ng MU πŸ˜€

      • @Sheena
        Sabihin nyo nang OA ako, pero umiyak ako for Pia, up to this time it’s already 01:18 am here in Los Angeles and just saw Binibining Pilipinas via TFC in the comfort of our home , I’m still sad and weeping for her devastating lost, I am heart broken, lost in words to express my disappointment, I am praying that she will take this experience as a challenge to face challenges and as part of her journey of becoming a beauty queen someday……

      • LA, inexplain ni Angara ang reason why natalo daw si Pia. She missed one vote daw to get in top 7. OMG so if ever runner up placement lang pala cya ulit. Kung ganun lang e ok na rin pala na hindi cya nanalo kasi if she wins ng runner up eh di tali cya ulit, tapos walang korona. Eh ok na rin ang wala.

        Nalungkot ako nung nakita ko yung picture ni Pia after ng coronation, the one I posted 😦 I’m not a fan but I know it is indeed heartbreaking for her not to have any placement.

      • @Sheena
        The photo of Pia that you posted says it all…..
        Ang hirap tignan, parang my bumara sa throat ko, I’m praying na malalagpasan Nya Ito, pati aces and queens na windang sa resulta, I’m not blaming Senator Sonny, but consideration should be given to Pia, hinahabol nya na ma explain in English para maintindihan ng ibang judges, she’s fighting to save and explain her answer up to the end and she knows it might ruin her chances, aaahhhh sheens, masakit.

      • LA and four n more, On the brighter side, may nabasa ako na if pasok sa top7 si Pia, runner up finish na naman. In that case, it was a blessing in disguise that she didn’t made it to the cut kung runner up na naman. Tali na naman sa BPCI for another year without a crown, amboring naman nun diba? She’s better of somewhere else for now. If she’s really determined to join again, bumalik next year.

      • @Sheena

        Wow, that photo is gut wrenching! Very poignant to say the least. Thanks for sharing.

        I have to believe that there are disappointments in life that are allowed to happen for a purpose. Usually there is something better that awaits her. Only Pia will know for sure.

  31. Hello everyone. It is me, formerly known as Four N More, returning to congratulate Mary Jean Lastimosa. 100% of my support!

    My top five picks were – Yvethe, Kris-Tiffany, Pia, Parul and Eds with Yvethe MPU. Three of them placed in the top 5.

    Inasmuch as I am happy for Ms. Lastimosa, I am equally sad for Pia. She fought the good fight!

    @Mr. Dexter. Hello my friend. All is not lost. A little disappointed to where they placed our Yvethe but let’s take our punches and get back up!

    @Mr. NORM. Take a well deserved vacation because MJ will make it five in a row!

    • You really spoke like a true YMASian and I am proud of your kind. I’ve missed you dearly. Welcome back my friend! πŸ™‚

  32. I saw MJ’s look before they called her name…
    She was sad and teary eyed…
    I guess she was disapointed because she thought she did not win any crown…
    And suddenly they did call her name as the winnner of BBP-Universe!..

    I don’t mind that my sentimental favorite Julian Flores was only in the TOP 15… because she can join again next year… I feel disapointed because I was only able to predict Laura Lehman’s placement correctly while the rest are scrambled. I did not expect MJ to win but for the past few weeks I was told by the people around her that she is a good sister, a reliable friend and a model citizen which made sense on why a lot of people are rooting for her. Weeks ago, the brief time I spent with her proved that the rumors are true.. She trully has a good heart. She instantly became one of my sentimental fave. Another thing I got right is that the winner of BBP- Universe would be a total bombshell and MJ definitely fits that peg. πŸ™‚

    My New Prediction:

    “The winner of this year’s Miss Universe will be a sexy bombshell as in a total knockout!” – C2F


    • Sister, I predicted her for Supra naman. LOL. And yes she’s nice in person. Back to the pageant, Issue ko lang talaga sa kanya is height.

      Anyway, Mama J is going to help daw in preparing her for MU.

      • I do wish that she’s a few inches taller but I never saw her height as a flaw.. she is half an inch taller than Ara.. Q&A lang naman flaw nya sakin before pero recently I learned that she studies everyday for that… that’s how dedicated she is… and all her KF sisters either say that she’s a very good friend or they won’t mind her winning a crown. πŸ™‚

      • Malay natin sheena siya ang tinakda! Tama ka sa dami ng matangkad siya ang napili! Na kay madam pa rin ang decision pede niyang bali baliktarin ang korona pero si mj ang pinili niya! Siguro may blessing ng higher cort!?

      • mole, don’t think na si Madam ang may decision sa crowning ek ek. Nasa judges parin. And nakakahiya naman sa MU org kung makikialam pa si Madam sa mga ganun. IMO lang πŸ˜€

        Teka hindi pala 8inch heels, baka 9inch. Kasi si Ara ang suot 8inch nung MU πŸ˜›

      • @Sheena

        Sana naman hindi sya matulad dun sa nanalong Ms. Russia last year… si Olivia din ang judge and andun din si Paula Shugart… Kapeg sa height ni Olivia pinili nya pero ni hindi manlang naging semifinalist… Alam kong magiging finalist sa MU si MJ… but I want her to win! πŸ™‚

    • Wow! I did not get to see the coronation, living here in L.A. and all, what a beautiful feeling that must have been for Ms. Lastimosa.

      I only could imagine that Pia Wurtzbach experienced the direct opposite. My heart goes out to her, her family and friends and those who supported her throughout her journey.

      • agreed, she fought so hard. =(

        My heart goes out to the 2 binibini’s Pia and Diana
        after coronation pics show both were distraught

    • I noticed she looked a bit disappointed when they called Yvette as BBP Supranational. That was title she wanted, but she got something bigger!

      • Indeed, she looked disappointed. I think she’s expecting to get Supra or MI but. So she shed tears when her name wasn’t called after MI. She wasn’t expecting to win MU but then she did! Kakatuwa lang.

  33. I was really rooting for Bianca. And I should really be pissed right now that she has only gotten the MI crown instead of MUP. But I’m not disappointed at all. The reason why I haven’t included MJ on my list was because there’s only one crown she could win, and I wanted it so badly for Bianca. Now that MJ has won it, I feel so proud of her. Did you see her sort of wiping her tears minutes before the winner for MUP was announced. I could only imagine the emotion she was battling that moment, and I fell inlove on that instant.

    Congrats, Bianca, and so happy for you, MJ!

  34. Sa tingin ko kung di tinagalog yung tanong kay Pia baka nakakuha siya ng crown. Bakit kasi tagalog tanong ni Sen Angara? Di tuloy maintindihan ng ibang judge.

    • I agree! Loco-loco itong si Sen. Angara. Didn’t he know there were foreigners in the panel of judges and audience? It was okay to use Tagalog, if time was given for translation.

    • Maaring totoo. Na-shock din akong hindi siya’y nag-place. Still, we can only guess how close the scores were. I bet they were the narrowest of margins. This was such a competitive group.

      • But Q&A is only 10% of the total scores. Also surprised on Pia’s non-placement

  35. I am happy and contented with the results and I hope all of our reigning queens will do well in their respective pageants. I hope we’ll do history in Miss International for a back to back victory (really happy for MABG’s placement). And Kris Tiffany, go get our first Miss Intercontinental crown! Yvethe, aim to match Mutya’s victory in Miss Supranational! If ever MTQI will be staged this year, let’s hope that China will not ostracize Parul because she’s very deserving and truly a refreshing beauty! And finally, MJ, I know you’ve been waiting for this for the past three years and your time has come. I know you will not disappoint and you will deliver well. Surprise us with a diamond nexus lab crown on your head! #ForThePhilippines

  36. Congratulations Miss Maryjean Lastimosa. Miss Philippines Universe. When she join Bb. Pilipinas year 2011 she’s one of my favorite to win a crown. She look gorgeous, beautiful and very attractive She will be our 3rd Miss Universe because of her attitude, smart and a truly Filipina beauty. See you MJ in Brazil. We will be your crowd cheerer. We know you will do your best and Good Luck

  37. Merong nalungkot at merong natuwa sa results. But that’s destiny, so be it. All we need to do is support the winners. See the brighter side of it. Aminin natin ganda ng performance ni Mj. Body, walk, sagot and evrything. Khit masakit man sa tin. Na di nkuha ng bets natin MUP.. keri lng. Mj deserves it.

    Dapat matuwa tyo.check nyo fb page ng kapitbahay natin. Natutuwa sila and naiinggit at the same time. Naiinggit sila kse production n preparation ng pageant daw super ganda and support ng fans. And nakikita daw nila na si MJ magbibigt ng crown sa Pinas.

    Check nyo guys:

    Miss Malaysia Pageant Facebook
    Indo Pageant Facebook

    Thank you for believing. πŸ™‚ thank you for the support.

  38. Congrats to the new queens.

    This has been a Glamazon battle ground since the 40 OC were announced. And those with the strongest heart will win.

    To the 5 new queens and their court, Congtatulations. You have done a great job. Enjoy the moment and continue to make the country proud by standing tall and confident in representing our country on your respective international pageants.

    No more bashing please. Let us just give our support to the new queens.

  39. Very happy my 3 favorites came away with a crown….MJ, Yvethe & Parul :-). Wishing the Philippines another amazing run in 2014 πŸ˜‰

  40. sulit ang pagcocomment mo nang paulit-ulit sa bawat post haha


  41. Well, The Hobbit won. Let it go! I’m kidding you guys! haha… I’m happy that Mariane won a crown and that Parul at least got a consolation crown. I wasn’t too happy that Yvethe and Kris would be in pageants that are kind of beneath their caliber – both are MU/MI material, in my opinion. MJ will make us proud in MU. Her determination, that va-va-voom body, her charm, and positive aura will be her fuel to take home the third MU crown for the Philippines this year. I’m never a fan of her but I’m hopeful she will make it happen for us. πŸ™‚

    I’m not sad for Pia. She will join MWP and maybe take home the crown. Kagandahang Flores did well at this year’s BbP. Four placements out of 7 and winning 3 of the crowns, including the top plum. The picture above of the winners placed all KF girls to the left, and A&Q to the right. Rodgil Flores has done amazing in honing International titlists. It’s about time that he should be given a chance to train an MU candidate. He will whip his magic wand and transform MJ into a frontrunner MU 2014 candidate.

    Hindi ko pangungunahan ng negativity. Not good for the Philippines. Let it go!

    • I like your attitude. I didn’t root for MJ but I’m happy for her and will be supporting come MU pageant. I hope we all leave the bashings behind and show the world that Filipinos are ‘confident’…sans the attitude.

      If we must bash, do it with class:-)

    • It will be interesting because KF haven’t had the MUP crown since 2009
      and same with ANQ with Bb.I

  42. ayan napo nagsimula na ang hindi magagandang salita about sa results especially kay mj :\
    anyway congratulations to the new queens! I will support the 5 of you all the way!

    PS mabait talaga si Anne tinulungan niya si zahara sa pagsagot :3

    • kahit sino ang nandun ke si pokwang pa yun tutulong talaga yun sa pagsagot! lasengga pa rin si anne at nakatatak na yun sa isipan ng tao!

  43. Im very much happy with the result except for the exclusion of Kimverlyn Suiza on Top 15. I hope she will join Miss World Philippines 2014!

    Wow, what a wonderful coronation night it was! This was one of the most challenging competition yet, but for sure I am very very proud of the girls who worked hard this year!

    To Hannah Sison, you have really justified your position last year and you did a wonderful job during Q&A.
    To Laura Lehman, you did spectacular! If you ever plan to join again, definitely you will win a crown.
    Parul, I am sooo proud of you! You really deserved a crown this year of only because of your beauty and confidence, but also the wonderful personality you own.
    Yvethe, you were amazing tonight! You will definitely get a back-to-back win this year for supranational!
    Kris, wow girl! First ever Bb. Intercontinental! There is no doubt you will get the elusive crown!
    Bianca, you deserved to get a crown! In my heart, I knew the stars were aligned for you to win.
    And to our Queen, Mary Jean Lastimosa, really hard work and patience truly pays off! I am vey proud of you! Get that third crown!

  45. Felt bad for PIA but happy for Mj too. I can’t help but to blame Anggara.

    Pia had the best answer and Hannah Ruth, everyone answered how the people want them to answer the question.

    I’m happy about all the placement but not for MU. So I guess no 5-peat this year.

    • yes. kasalanan ni angara. why would you ask a question in tagalog if you know there are a lot of foreigners around?

      • Kasi naman. Anong ginagawa ng politician sa beauty pageant? Di ko talaga mawari.

    • I am not a fan of PIA but I do agree that Angara’s Tagalog question made Pia lose a crown!


      Good thing he was not assigned to the girls I was rooting for… I’m definitely not voting for a dumbass like him next election!

  46. end na ba to ng winning streak ng pinas sa top 5? sana mag milagro, d naman masama of MJ will ask for help from Jonas. KF TEAM is ready and i guess they’ve been waiting to end Gaffud’s reign.

    • Jonas is only a placement for every years while the camp of MJ where she is belong now bring home the crown in Ms. INTERNATIONAL.

    • Not necessarily na si Jonas ang mag train para manalo. Kaya naman ng camp nya. Ano ba meron ke jonas na hindi kaya ng camp ni MJ?

  47. I think I got 1 correct placement.
    sa top 5 i got 3.

    deserving top 5. i got surprised about guidoti, i thought she’s overage.
    Anyways, I agree with the top 5.

  48. i felt bad for PIA, though d naman kasalanan ni ANGARA but it didn’t help her.

    • kasalanan ni angara yun!!!! kund hindi ba naman siya shunga bakit tatagalugin niya eh si Molly nga ni ingles hindi masyadong naiintindihan tagalog pa kaya? !!!!, lumalabas ugat ko sa leeg!

  49. i’m vocal in not liking mj for mup because of her height,but ofcourse time to move on and she will represent all of us anyway..thought my ultimate bet bianca guidotti will take the mup crown but still happy she settled for bbpi title..congratulations to all the winners enjoyed watching it live in araneta earlier..

  50. MJ was may very fisRt chOice for MUP crOwn.. nakiTa ko sa kanYa ung auRa ni Shamcey at unG eyes ni Ara…and she has the besT body..(u caN reaD my previOus PosTs)
    buT muLa nang napanSin ko si Kris Janson,I was fasciNated by her beaUty… buT im haPPy bec she gOt the Intercontinental crOwn…
    MJ wiLL be ouR 3rd Miss Universe!!!!

  51. MJ deserves the title. She has the looks. She has the universe figure. Note: best in swimsuit. she is keen smart in listening the questions and deliver it well. Height is not a big issue. outstanding catwalk. Kokonti nalang ang kanilang paplantsahin. MJ for the win

  52. KF lead the pack this year with 9 in the top 10 and three crowns, including the coveted MUP title.

    Zahara Mae Soriano – 15
    Laura Lehman – 1st runner up
    Bianca Guidotti – International
    Yvethe Marie Santiago – Supranational
    Pia Wurtzbach – 15

    Kenneth Santiago – 15

    Kris Tiffany Janson – Intercontinental
    Mae Liezel Ramos – 15
    Parul Shah – Tourism
    Hanna Ruth Sison – 2nd Runner up
    Emma Mary Tiglao – 15
    Julian Aurine Flores – 15
    Nichole Marie Manalo – 15
    Joana Angelica Romero – 15
    MJ Lastimosa – Universe

    Oh, and yeah, Norman, i guessed 3 out of the 5 crowns. too bad my entry did not meet it on time. haha.

    International – Guidotti
    Supranational – Santiago
    Tourism – Shah

  53. I think Ariella’s speaking prowess is more cringe worthy than tonight’s results!

    • Bastos! Sana wala kang kamag-anak or minamahal mo sa buhay na binabastos dahil sa nakasanayang pananalita. Ikaw na fluent at maayos ang accent sa english.

      • Belailai was just voicing out an opinion, nothing ‘bastos’ about it.

      • Is it just me or are you deaf? People all over social media had a feast last night because of her. she made my day!! “Miss Yunibers” “oph korws” “Hoe by da way han (oh by the way anne!)

        Jeeez!!!! And I’m not being bastos. #mypost #myopinion

  54. What if miss universe will be held here in the Philippines? Thoughts are running through my head.

    Looks like Kris Janson forced a smile while accepting the award. Well, it’s so hard to move on when you believe in your heart that the placements this year might not give us the results we wanted in international pageant scene.

  55. the difference is that there are people who easily give up in life and there are MJ’s who have a positive outlook in life that they see challenges as opportunities and become successful, might not be in a beauty pageant but in a wide variety of what life has to offer.

    Congratulations again MJ Lastimosa. May you continue to share the opportunities that life has been offering you, your blessings and humility through the Universe. You will be Miss Universe 2014, one of the most beautiful Misses Universe. If not, the most beautiful Miss Universe.

  56. parang mali ang placements. mas bagay ata si kris sa international. parang mali si yvethe sa supra.

    also, sayang si kris. sana sa miss world na lang sya sumali.

  57. Congratulations MJ you deserve for it…. I know from the day you submit your application for the third time I know MUP is for you..and when I heard that Ms. Paola and Ms. Molly will join the selection…. wala ng duda ikaw na nga….

    • Anyways congrats kay MJ though hindi ko siya bet I will support her and wish her all the best:) NO TO BASHING and feeling marunong:D

  58. Ok. Katatapos lang ng televised Bb. Pilipinas. Nalungkot naman ako sa result ng Universe crown.

    • HIndi ang mga manok nyo ang kinoronahan MUP?
      Ako din eh…Bianca or Yvethe ako for MUP.
      Pero it’s ok, let’s move on and support na lang tayo sa kanya sa Miss Universe.

  59. With a height of only 5’6, Wondering how Mj will stand out when standing beside Latinas and Europeans 😦 Not expecting a 5 peat for this year’s MU but I hope tito Rodgil and BPCI will still be able to transform her.

      • kyeme, I’m not so impressed with Yvethe’s Q&A pero nasasayangan ako sa placement nya, sayang ang talino 😦

      • I like mj nung 2011 and 2012 Lalo na nung 2012. Pero syempre nagiiba ang taste and opinion ng tao. I will wait for her transformation.

    • I can understand your disappointment but let the girls enjoy their moment. What matters most she was able to convey to the judges that she has the right to represent in the miss universe pageant. It’s her fate this time to shine. Whether she win or not in the upcoming miss universe is another fate or destiny in the making πŸ™‚

      • I’m so agreeing with you:-). She can win the MU crown despite what they about her height, age, communication skills etc. I hope she continuous the hardworking preparing for the competition. No room for complacency and overconfidence.

      • In here its so true…. try and try until you succeed – through that how many women’s or even men now are more inspride of her success…. how many people eyeing her as role model of hard work and patience of achieving dreams. She is now started influencing womens to dream big at isa yan sa spice of MU.. woman with beauty and beauty to influence others.

    • Bat si olivia culpo pandak din sya, nanalo naman sya. Mas matangkad pa nga si MJ kay Ilivia. Its not about the height.

    • I don’t think that’s going to be a hindrance. MJ may only be 5’6″ but the good thing about her is she has such great figure and body proportion she appears tall. She jus needs carefully styling and well-chosen wardrobe.

      I think the reason why height is always favored because it takes the focus from flaws in body shape and proportion. So meaning even if a straight-bodied woman, as long as she’s tall, can look attractive and stunning.

      • I agree with the figure, no question about that. and agree that she should be styled properly as her facial features are quite strong.

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