215 comments on “Sunday Specials: Live from the Araneta Coliseum, it’s Bb. Pilipinas 2014!

  1. Yipee! So happy for Marianne! never really give up on your dreams , always dust yourself off when you fall down, think for a while, then attack again. I am genuinely happy for her win. I never bashed her as I just focused on Marianne, but now that she got the top plum, I am all support for her campaign for the our 3rd Miss Universe crown! =D (P.S. Paturo na sya ng kuda kuda in Portuguese from Marianne hahaha Ginawa daw Berlitz si bakla?!?! hehehe)

    • ***should have been*** Yipee! So happy for Marianne! I had a gut feel she’ll eventually get International over that exclusion with Shugart’s dinner/natcos presentation. I can’t hate on MJ, it was really an inspiring win from her. On a personal level, it struck a chord in my heart — never really give up on your dreams , always dust yourself off when you fall down, think for a while, then attack again. I am genuinely happy for her win. I never bashed her as I just focused on Marianne, but now that she got the top plum, I am all support for her campaign for the our 3rd Miss Universe crown! =D (P.S. Paturo na sya ng kuda kuda in Portuguese from Marianne hahaha Ginawa daw Berlitz si bakla?!?! hehehe)

  2. Congratulations La Lastimosa, I will support your journey in owning the 3rd Miss Universe crown, aaaahhh my “chicken joys” truly proud of you Yvethe, Bianca and Kris, I’m confident that you’re journey to your respective international competition will be supported with absolute love, passion and belief to each one of you……
    To my Pia, I’m shocked and saddened, I’m praying that you will take this experience as a bigger challenge to face, I know you will not give up, I’m more shocked right now than happy, I dunno just being honest I guess.

  3. It’s about time we send someone to the MissU stage as vavavoom as MJ Lastimosa. Congratulations! I have been secretly rooting for her for the MUP crown, with Parul and Yvethe as alternates.

    MJ Lastimosa has got the body, face and intelligence to make it in Miss Universe. Add to that her experience and unwavering perseverance. She shall make all the other candidates in MU2014 wobble in their knees.

    Yvethe Santiago could have been the best alternate for MUP for me, simply because of her incomparably amazing bone structure. Something that the MissU stage digs for. But face-wise, not really. She can do well in Miss Supranational as the pageant looks for potential models, something that Yvethe can unquestionably qualify for.

    Parul Shah, oh Parul. She always loses her nerve in Q&As. I’m glad she still got crowned, albeit Tourism. Hopefully she does make the country proud there.

    After the Q&A, I got Kris Janson as another alternate for the MUP crown. She has the intelligence and wit to shine in the MissU Q&A, that if she could manage to reach Top5. But with her common mestiza beauty and awkward smile, she could get snobbed in MissU. Hopefully, she gets the first Intercontinental crown for the Philippines.

    I’m sorry to Bianca Guidotti’s fans. I was never really a fan but her genuineness and fluency in Portuguese are indeed commendable. Goodluck in MI.

    I am not surprised by Kim Suiza’s exclusion. She may be as pretty as a swan but her body needs more serious toning and transformation. The same goes for Diana Arevalo and Laura Lehmann.

    Surprised by Kenneth Santiago’s, Zahara Soriano’s, Joana Romero’s, and Leizel Ramos’ inclusion in the Top15. We really have to expect the unexpected at times.

    It would have been nice to see Hannah Sison get crowned but I noticed she got overly flirty during the pageant which I personally think blew the ‘Binibini’ away. She gave one of the best Q&As though.

    Another sorry for Pia Wurtzbach. She must have been anticipating to be called MUP2014 but … Aaaaah! I think she’s crying somewhere right now. Hugs Pia.

    It’s amazing how Venus Raj has maintained her regal beauty and bearing. Nagmukhang mga ewan sina Shamcey at Janine. Kudos to Venus! We owe her for breaking the MissU drought and for putting the Philippines back on the map of international pageants.

  4. Guys, guys common. Do we really need to start bashing again? MJ may not be what we want, but having trained for three years, is saying she is the most prepared among them. I don’t like her beauty either. Never liked it. Masyonda ang dating. But isn’t that the same thing we say about Molly? And look she is MU2014. I heard MJ is Osmel’s bet. Who knows, she might be the next MU2014. Let’s just support her and pray harder.

  5. Ok.. I’ll be honest. When MUP was left, i was 95% sure that pias got it in the bag. But i had the shock of my life when mj got it instead.. Well, theres denial initially and all but it got me thinking that MJ could avtually be the latina antidote for MU. They highly criticized ara last year for having a ‘square’ body but left them eating their own words when ara topped the swimsuit competition. MJs got curves that is very feminine and sexy. So im sure theyre probabIy measuring her now and looking for words of criticisms they could hurl at her. hope bpci and its glam team will take good care and further push mj to her maximum potentials. I can point a thing or two on mjs anatomical weaknesses but id rather keep it to myself cuz like i said i will support whoever wins the titles ๐Ÿ™‚ its nothing the glam squad cannot fix …

  6. Tama yung kasabihan try & try until u succeed! Congratulations to Mj Lastismosa sa hinabahaba at hirap ng inabot ng 40 candidates siya pala napipisil ni madam! Congratulations to my betsina bianca , kris & laura! My heart broke for none placement of Pia! Unpredictable talaga ang Bb.filipinas!
    Anyway! MJ has beautiful body to win !

  7. And to you, Norman…….Congratulations!
    You deserve to be number 1 pageant blog site!!!
    Kudos! You always keep us updated!
    Job well done! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Mabuhay ka!!!

      • Manong Norman salamat–one of the best if not the best blog I discovered. You rock you deserve a crown as well. We all love you!!

        Rest your beauty madam ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kudos and a bunch of thanks to you Norman ! You rock luv ya โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  8. Alright, Bb. Pilipinas 2014 is over.:) Looking forward for Bb. Pilipinas 2015, to Charmaine Elima, start training for that pageant..:) this is your comeback..:D Train answering harder Q&A..:) kaya mo yan, now that Yvette has been crowned as Bb. Pilipinas Supranational, you are the only hope of the Philippines to capture the 3rd Miss Universe..:P chao..:)

    Miss Universe 2014 Prediction for the Philippines: Top 10 is the highest place MJ will get.. worst she’ll be a clapper.. Too Old for an international stint.. #sorrynotsorry #idontcareifyou’llhateme

    • Everyone deserves multiple chances until victory is attained. Even us living ordinary lives. With her fighting spirit, im sure she can take down any strong candidate anytime. Lets just give her our support. #forthephilippines

    • Shut the hell up!!! You bitter ass–who are you to judge MJ only top 10?!! Gaga ka

  9. Ano pang point na best batch ever sila kasi maraming bagong fresh faces kung si mj lang naman mananalo? Sana nung nakaraang taon pa pinanalo si mj para di nasayang yung ibang contestant. Tsk. Hindi deserve ni Kris yung Intercontinental. Pero okay na rin. Sure na tayo sa first crown sa Intercontinental.

  10. With the US ambassador being a member of the judging panel, I should have seen it coming – with Parul and MJ as winners and Laura and Pia as non-winners.

    Congrats to MJ. She’s got the perfect smile and the ‘perfect’body. And she looks great on TV ( her appearance on the Buzz).
    I hope she continues the 4-yr old tradition…. At the very least:)

  11. Dissappointed! Pia deserves to win one of the 5 crowns! Well good luck to MJ, Kris and Yvethe.

    • Yes really dissappointing!!! Kaya next time, pag magtatanong sa isang contestant and alam mo na may mga foreign judges, english ang itanong… para maintindihan ng lahat…. wag masyado pa humble… nakakabwisit… Nasayang lang si PIa.

  12. either mj will continue our winning stream sa Miss Universe or 3rd crown… or worse none of the above. goodluck mj!!

  13. im kinda sad that my bet – yvethe won supranational- i want her to win Universe or should have won international or intercontinental instead.. BUT happy na rin ako kesa wala dba? should i be happy dahil may crown siya or sad kasi di diya makakasali uli? pero anyway congratulations to the winner i know she’ll do good in Ms. supra 2014 and will do her best to get a back-to-back win.

    biggest surprise: No Pia? and hello MJ!!! Never say die! as ive said before, support ko all the way sino ang mga winners. congratulations 2014 queens!!!!

    • Based thing she should do is resign, and join MWP, she’s a perfect candidate for the back to back Miss World for the Philippines..

      • Shut up and ship your bitterness and negativity somewhere else you ass!! Your bets didn’t make it so obviously you have no pageant say and you lack the eye on true beauty!!! Gaga ka

      • Hi Pageant Fanatic, im no bitter. if you’ll read my comment thoroughly, yes i am sad on my bet not winning MUP however, that’s not the case anymore. i have accepted the fact that MJ will be the one to represent the PH on this year’s Miss Universe. i didn’t even bashed MJ i even said that i will support her cause i know she’ll continue our winning streak even if the pageant will be held tomorrow or the next day.

        not just because sinabi ko kung sino ang bet ko for MUP doesn’t mean i don’t like MJ for MUP Crown. Let’s all be responsible readers and commenters to avoid further misunderstandings here.

        I, Thank you.

    • Ay naku! Wala akong bagong tablet. Plastic ko naman kung hindi ko sabihing sad ako dahil si Yvethe Marie lang ang tinututukan ko.

  14. sa totoo lang parang mali yung ibang placements ng title…

    naguluhan na ako…mas gusto ko yung noon na miss u, miss international, miss world.
    di ko na alam kung gano ka relevant yung ibang pageants (cge na nga may weight na supranational)

    sino ba nag comment na hindi kay kris janson yung napanalunan nya…parang tama talaga

    nalito ako sa pageant this year

    although presentationwise ang snappy, ang gaganda ng gowns, gaganda ng presenters pero ang
    weird ng results. medyo predictable naman…hindi lang yung way na naisip ko…

  15. Congratulations MJ Lastimosa. She will conquer Miss Universe 2014 !!! Viva Philippines !! Viva Lastmosa !!

    bud remember this? (link https://normannorman.com/2014/03/23/crown-ticipating-mary-jean-mj-lastimosa/#comment-76267)

    “the difference is that there are people who easily give up in life and there are MJโ€™s who have a positive outlook in life that they see challenges as opportunities and become successful, might not be in a beauty pageant but in a wide variety of what life has to offer.
    different enuff Reader? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    mark my balls she will get a crown. if not, sue me :-)”

    “she will get a crown bud, mark my balls”

    loving this eve so much too hunk. itโ€™ll gonna be pandemonium inside araneta coliseum if sheโ€™s crowned MUP 2014, and if she wins MU 2014 itโ€™ll topple the rodney king riot. hopefully she delivers on crowning nite and the judges can get past her age. and sheโ€™s so serene in this pic link you posted. thanks man ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Miss intercontinental is not the kind of pageant for kris janson. Just sayin….

  17. I didnt see this coming. I’m quite dissapointed but his is life. I just hope that she can make a 5 peat or get a crown. I feel sad for A&Q.

  18. Congratulations to all the winners. MJ, you will have my support and your perseverance paid off!

  19. Ganito ang pakulo ng BPCI………hindi qualified ang age ni MJ Lastimosa sa MUO, kaya si Laura Lehmann ang ilalaban sa Fortaleza, Brazil! Huwag naman sana mangyari ito! Unfair kay MJ kapag nagkataon! Congratulations to all the winners and non-winners! Mabuhay ang kagandahan ng lahing kayumanggi! Bravo!

    • I think in Miss Universe the ceiling age is 26. Im not even hoping for a 5 peat this year

    • Veejay, wag pauso. Nov 23, 1988 bday ni Mj. So literally 25 palang cya.turning 26 palang. N Ms Universe ay til under 27 by february 1st.

      Anyway khit masakit man sakin di naging MuP si Yvethe or Kris or Aiza. I will still give my 1000% support to our new MUP. MJ.


  20. Although I’m not so happy about the placements, I’m happy for all winners as they all deserve to win. Next is to support them in their respective quest for international crown. For the Philippines!

    Laura Lehman should join next year…

  21. Wow…I’m stunned! CONGRATULATIONS MJ LASTIMOSA. The 3rd time is a charm indeed. Well deserved. I know she will be one of the favorites for Miss Universe.

    The heavy favorites Bianca, Yvette and Kris were crowned as expected BUT Pia not even one of the winners is shockingly devastating. Oh well, that’s part of life!

  22. di ko gano bet si pia pero OUCH
    ano ba yun?

    si MJ dapat naka place pero josko naman Miss U?
    Malulunod yun sa mga glamazons….

    kung katwan at pang fhm why not….we needed someone tall

    pero cge na nga….support support support…

    pia nasasaktan pa rin ako para sayo

  23. My Mariane made it! Not the crown she is well suited for but Miss International has been very good to Filipina beauties. Congratulations to all the winners! While I didn’t expect MJ bagging the top plum I wish her luck in bringing the much elusive third MU crown for the Philippines. Thank you Tito Norms for the updates … Good luck ladies!

  24. Congratulations to the winners. Worry not about MJ, she will rock the SS round in MU.

    • i’m pretty sure she will. she’s a fighter. she deserves the opportunity.

  25. I’m happy with the result.
    My prediction:
    MU: Bianca Guidotti vs MJ Lastimosa
    MI: Kris Janson
    MS: Yvethe Santiago vs Parul Shah
    MIc: Pia Wurtzbach
    MTQ: Nichole Manalo

    Bianca and Yvethe are my first choices.It’s ok for me that MJ and Parul are also now a titleholders.

  26. Congratulations MJ Lastimosa! And to my love Bianca Guidotti for winning MIP2014!

      • Very proud of Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti! She will make waves in her pageant. Laura is a beauty she must join next year! MJ’s determination paid off she is a good speaker but getting the 3rd MU crown might be hard this year.

  27. Didn’t see that coming, sorry but quite disappointed with the MUP winner.. Oh well. Anyway hope tito Rodgil will help Mj to continue our winning streak in MU.

      • Andami daming gifted sa height this year tapos sa 5’6 nila binigay? I’m sorry but I can’t imagine how Mj can stand out when standing beside glamazons ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was hoping Kris or Mariane to win MUP pa naman.

      • Papa C, Kris gave the strongest answer and I was anticipating her to be announced as the winner (aside from Mariane) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sayang ang ganda and height ni Kris! OMG naman diba

    • It’s not that I dislike MJ at all. I just think her type of beauty isn’t fit Universally. It’s to… “Mataray”? If that’s the more appropriate word for it. She is short? I remember in 2011, she was only 5’4 now she is 5’6?? Without heels? Yep sure. I admire her determination but im going to put my 2c in despite everyone elses opinions. Pia would have continued our winning streak at Miss Universe, Or even Yvethe or Bianca. They were also more prosperous. Pia answered her question great. I think it was because she spoke in tagalog and not in english that let her down which is ridiculous. An altercation like that is a complete joke.

      I was really hoping Pia, Yvethe or Bianca would have been sent to the Miss Universe pageant. Sad. What a waste.

      • Same thoughts, I think she’s not really fit for MU. She was actually one of my bets when she joined during BbP2012. This year, I think there are candidates who are more deserving. I feel like this is a sabotage from Venezuela. Hello, how can someone with a height of 5’6 stand out beside the P group which is mostly Latinas and Europeans? (Poland, Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama). Letting her wear 8 inch heels I guess??? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyway. What’s done is done.

      • Nareremedyuhan ang boxy body, ang communication skills nahahasa. Pero ang height, hindi nadodoctor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Wrong placement IMO but anyway…

  28. all the pageant na pupuntahan ni Yvette sa wala pang Q&A??? Sayang naman, sana iturn down niya yung crown..tsktsktsk

    • Oo nga magaling na speaker din si Yvette. Bye bye MU crown this year! JA and Emma should join next yr too! Ihasa sila sa public speaking

    • oo truelaloo
      sarap yung pakinggan sana magaling magsalita na may sense
      oh well…

      • Mikeru and Laila, yes indeed.. Turn down na lang niya yung crown, she can be Philippines’ 2nd Miss World.. he has what it takes to follow the footsteps of Megan.. ang masama pa dyan, ndi pa sure kung my Ms. Supranational.. tsktsktsktsk..

  29. Congratulations to MJ Lastimosa (MUP 2014), Bianca Guidotti (BbP-International 2014), Kris Janson (BbP-Intercontinental 2014), Yvethe Santiago (BbP-Supranational 2014), Parul Shah (BbP-Tourism 2014), Laura Lehmann (1st RU), Hannah Sison (2nd RU)

  30. I feeL so saD for Pia…bUt saTisfied ako kaY MJ…….
    heR detErminaTion paiD oFF!!!!!!!!!!
    Pia wurtzbach, you’Re sTiLL eLigibLe to joiN nexT yeaR…..

    • Last year Ara won the Best in Swimsuit and took home MUP. Now MJ winning both. Trend?

  31. lehman, amsterdam…maling mali…sa mga tanong na ganyan dapat manila cebu davao or any philippine city tsk tsk….

    pero deserve ni pia…feeling ko sya na (di pa inaannounce pero feeling ko sya nalang natira e)

    the rest of the titles keri lang

    parul salamat naman naka place ka sayang katawan mo day

    yvethe…ikaw na

    si bianca may bea rose vibe. yung elegance factor

    yung manalo sister…..nyork…yun lang

  32. Congratulations, MJ Lastimosa for winning MUP! You deserve all the best…though you are not my bet for the title still I can see in you some X-Factor.

  33. I did ล„ot see it coming for mj! I think her answer was quite weak to be honest. Must be the swimsuit factor..

    • The winners may not be who I “exactly” wanted, but I am totally ok with the results.

      Congratulations to the winners! Make our country proud!

      • And congrats to all binibinis. You made this yr very exciting =) Sabi nga nila “Walang Tapon” hihi

    • ha? si mj? di ko inexpect ah…perro cge keri na ren..maganda katawan…fuck ouch kay pia yun

    • …and to all the other winners congratulations too! Make our country proud in all the international pageants this 2014.

  34. i think pia will place this year
    she doesnt look so desperate this time around
    she’s so cool and collected
    not my fave but i feel the hard work mare

  35. Ok..here is mY FINAL VERDICT:

    Universe – Kris Tifanny Janson
    International – Bianca Guidotti
    Supranational – Yvethe Marie Santiago
    Intercontinental – Pia Wurtzbach
    Tourism – MJ Lastimosa (not suRe if her aGe is quaLified for thiS)

  36. anyare kay parul? sumablay na naman ba?
    bigyan nyo na yan si pia at si mj. ilang beses nang sumasali eh.
    si diuanne ba kasama? wala ata kawawa naman

    yung shauna na post ni norman before type ko sana pagka exotic igorotang scottish
    kaso parang shumuba no?

      • Critics emphasized Suiza’s large forehead and Aiza ‘s elongated facial structure.
        ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  37. nakakatawa tong face ni emin.
    bat latin flavah yung peg nito eh diba russian tong mokong na to?

  38. When Kris talked about his dad and how shwle would go back in time to tell him she loves him, I was like… “Ok. As expected.”

    But then she ended with “But tonight I do not worry because he has the best seat in the house as he is watching from above. I am one step closer to achieving my dream.”

    Speechless. I almost wanted to stand up in my bedroom and give her a standif ovation.

  39. in fairview ang gaganda ng gown nila this year. walang ubod ng chaka.
    nakakaloka boses ni mareng ara hahahahahahaha

  40. naLiLito na ko….
    Kris, Bianca, Pia, Yvethe, or MJ for Universe……
    Kris goT the FACE
    Bianca gOt the ELEGANCE
    Pia got the FIERCENESS
    Yvethe gOt the CHARM
    MJ gOt the BODY
    I bet oNe of them wiLL win thE MUP crOwn…

    • jamir….. MU is BiancA, MI is Yvette, Supra is Kris, Intercontinental Is Pia and Tourism is Laura…

  41. Kris Janson’s answer is so from the heart… She might steal the MUP crown

  42. Laura Bianca Kenneth Nichole Ramos and Hannah looking good.
    Not so happy with Yvethe and Parul .
    So so with Pia— keep the fight !!!!!

  43. Out of my 7 bets only Kim did not make it.

    Pia, Laura, Bianca, Kris, Ja, Emma, Yvette made it

  44. Wow, Bianca is extremely beautiful with her big smile.
    Still hoping for a Pia win.
    With Kim, I was sorta expecting that. Having Isler and the US ambassador at the judging panel, I knew they were not gonna forgive Kim for her not so perfect body. They would want the complete package .
    She could have been more successful with an all-Filipino panel.

  45. No Aiza? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Critics said her face was too long. Boo!

    11 Laura Lehmann
    1 Julian Aurine Flores
    22 Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
    3 Joana Angelica Romero
    25 Mary Jean Lastimosa
    8 Pia Wurtzbach
    4 Parul Shah
    23 Nichole Marie Manalo
    16 Zahara Mae Soriano
    35 Yvethe Marie Santiago
    14 Emma Mary Tiglao
    20 Kenneth Santiago
    13 Kris Tiffany Janson
    27 Hannah Ruth Sison
    19 Mae Liezel Ramos

  47. hey guys!!!! na miss ko to…tonight is the night….

    type ko si marianne

    nasan si kim? eh si hannah ruth?

    bat parang nawalang ng spark si parul?

    anong storya nito ni janson? mukang malakas ah….

    im watching now…but scrolled down to see your posts…ganda ng gown ni yvetthe

    • not surprise with aiza. she’s not part of the original 40.. but kim..:'(

  48. To Queenb: I told u MJ was gonna win best in swimsuit and Pia the She-so-Jag award.
    Happy to see Bianca win the long gown.
    Still Pia for the win!!!!

  49. Gabriela Isler is so amazed with the loud crowd. She keeps on taking pictures of the crowd. U

  50. Norman, nasa yo ng lahat… With matching LV. Mukha namang di from Quiapo. What else can we get u for special occasions? Hahaha


    Universe – Kris Tiffany Janson
    International – Bianca Guidotti
    Supra – Pia Wurtzbach
    Intercon – Yvethe Santiago
    Tourism – Nichole Manalo

    but these couLd be the Judges’:

    Universe – Pia Wurtzbach
    International – Bianca Guidotti
    Supra – Kris Tiffany Janson
    Intercon – Yvethe Santiago
    Tourism – Parul Shah

  52. Ansaveh ng legs ni Mariane! That’s what hard work and perseverance can do ๐Ÿ‘

    Sis Closer2fame if you’re reading this, check Mariane’s pic at Opmb, group ss shots. Winner ang thigh muscles!

    • Bianca is looking great with her big smile. Yvette stands out on their group photo.

  53. I’m so depressed…I’m on shift..i can’t watch it live even sa TV man lang..My leave request was denied..hayyy…plano pa naman ang inuman with my friends habang nanunood sa TV..check nalang ako later dito..May the best binibini win!!!

  54. omg this is the moment!!!!!! Papanoorin ko na lang mamaya sa TV at hndi muna ako mag-iinternet para mas may impact! hahaha, see you all later and goodluck to all the 40 binibinis!

  55. Tito Norms start na po ba? Good luck to Kris, Mary Ann Biance and Yvette Marie!

  56. THIS IS IT!

    Betting it all on:


  57. Wish I could watch the live streaming. But unfortunately for me, it’s almost 10:15pm already here in Sydney and I need to wake up very early. Hoping to wake up to some really good news tomorrow. Have a good night everyone! Good luck ladies!

  58. That’s new. About NM fans. Never heard about them in the previous events. I guess excitement is building up right now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. Tito Norm, bongga, pwedeng candidate. ๐Ÿ™‚

    7pm ba start? Di live sa Tv?

      • At home now… but I’ll grab somethin’ to eat in a while. Kinda busy doin’ something which is due at 09:00 GMT. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So are you tuning in tonight. The show should be startin’ in thirteen minutes. Excited!?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. I thought, 1 of the candidates is havinga quick bite before the pageant… Lol! Enjoy Norms!

  61. juskoday feeling ko si sir norman ang tatanghalibg miss universe philippines.. haha.. cant wait na.. may THE best candidate win.. naway siya po loard ang magiging sagot sa mtgal na naming hiling na korona.Thy will be done. Amen.

  62. I love you tita Norms!!!!!! :* You’re the best!

    Wishful thinking you have backstage pass, I want a fan sign from Molly! (ok fine inggit ako I’m not there coz I want to see her LOL)

  63. Norman, im here in Araneta. Tried to PM S’ Gerry but got no reply. You got extra ticket?

  64. Please do a live blogging. It’s only 12:22 PM in my place and by 2:00 PM here, the coronation night starts there. Before leaving my work station at 4:00 PM which is actually 9:00 PM in the Philippines, perhaps the top 16 were already announced. I’m nervous…

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