14 comments on “Sunday Specials: Can someone find a guy like John Spainhour for Mr. World Philippines 2014?

  1. Norman, Ms Cory Quirino has the luxury task of handpicking the Philippine representative to the 2014 Mr WORLD contest from the creme de la creme of Filipino handsome hunks!

    This year´s wide array of promising candidates will, again, ensure that the chosen Pinoy will be a hot contender for The World´s Most Desirable MAN honors!

    From the guys you have so far featured I have narrowed them down to my TOP-3:

    1. Vince Ferraren

    2. Victor Silayan

    3. John Spainhour

    What do you think of my TOP-3 list and who do you think will make us proud, again, in England this year?

  2. NASA kanya ng lahat.
    But Norman, I don’t see any Harry Connick Jr vibe o him.

  3. Hopefully Madame Cory picks one of those that you have featured and recommended in this blog. Actually you are making it easier for her. LOL :loll

    • Dex, remember my top 6, that I have mentioned in Vince Canizares post:

      1. Vince Ferraren
      2. John Spainhour
      3. Neil Etheridge
      4. Sam Adjani
      5. Luke Jickain
      6. Arnold Van Opstal

      Si Neil na lang ang kulang at si si Arnold ang di pa na feature kasi sabi matanda na raw si Luke Jickain debah? Oh my, JOhn Spainhour is so heavenly handsome.

      • Yeah, I can remember your long list and ending it with your top six. I even commented that you got a stockful! 😆 Well, I just googled him because I do not know how he look and noticed that he looks better in his basketball uniform than his Cosmo shots. Maybe it’s just me. 😉

        Mr Philippines World hopeful

      • yes super, oh my, paano ko pa magagawa ang report ko nito sa office, tulala na lang ako nito maghapon, bad ka, bakit mo kasi pinost ang picture ni arnold, grabeh. thanks sa picture.

  4. Wow, he’s super pogi and he has that mestizo look. Norman, with all the possibilities you have been posting regarding Mr. World, you’re giving Ms. Cory a very difficult time.

  5. He’s also a Century Superbods winner and a trainned chef… sya na lahat!

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