10 comments on “Sunday Specials: Beautiful memories of Bb. Pilipinas 2014

  1. Suddenly, I am left with VIP and patron tickets with some of my friends backing out and/or not watching the coronation tonight. Whoever needs a better seat, please let me know.

  2. Being with thirty nine others not to mention the crews & staffs and the fans following them around would definitely leave a mark that will not fade in their hearts even if they don’t take home the bacon tonight. May the rightful winners be proclaimed!!!

  3. MUP – Ja/Ainjely/Kim – Ainjely, hopefully
    MI – Bianca/Hannah DG – Bianca over Hannah
    MTQI – Hannah/Nichole
    MS – Pia/Parul – Pia (Jaw-dropping)
    MIntercon – Kris/Laura – Laura
    Runners-up – Ainjely/kim/ja


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