128 comments on “The Mystery of the 5th Girl or My (Almost) Unsolved Predictions for Bb. Pilipinas 2014

  1. Why no PARUL SHAH? I know there will be a surprise winner. A winner who fell short in all of your predictions. Just like Ara Arida.

    • Different blog/forum site… Different taste. Parul is one of my top bets and the ABQ blogger feels (Me thinks) that she could win the top plum. 😉

  2. Hi Norman! It has been awhile since I last made a comment on your blog, but just so you would know, I constantly read all your posts. You know life has changed 360 degrees for me since my Binibini days. It is so sad that I can’t be home come coronation night but I’m in contact with Madame Stella & Miss Paula. With that being said, here are my choices for the crowns based on what the above mentioned ladies’ choices as well :
    Yvette for Miss U
    MJ for Miss Supra
    Pia for Miss International
    Kimverlyn for Miss Tourism
    Laura for Miss Intercontinental
    Runners up will be Bianca & Kris
    There might be some mixed up but that comprises the top 7 ladies for this year. Goodluck ladies!

  3. wow! we have the same top 5 except that i have suiza instead of santiago. i’m pretty sure that it would be janson, wurtzbach and guidotti who will be fighting head to head for the MUP crown.

  4. Sir Norman has spoken 🙂 and what an excellent & well-written article this was. Thanks Norman for letting us know what’s on your mind and heart. And logical choices you have I must say. Suffice it to say that whoever wins will have our unconditional support. Sir Norman, thank you for all the hardwork you continue to put in making your blog the best ever. Really now, no amount of money, time & effort can equal or surpass everything you have done so far. Guys, let’s give Norman a big pat on the back and thank him for this blog. To all the Binibinis, the best of luck to you all. You are representatives of the real essence and true beauty of the modern day Filipina. To my “chicken joy” may you be blessed with what you truly & rightfully deserve on Sunday night. Win or lose, our love & support will always be there until your next journey. As Kris A always says …. love love love… spread the love… ♥♥♥ 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Trust me Norman you did more than what we could expect & imagine. I can hardly wait til the new queens are crowned on Sunday night (the anticipation is killing me). I’m really keeping my collective fingers crossed that #22 will be the luckiest number on March 30th ♥♥♥ wink wink wink 🙂

  5. My top 5:

    MIC- Pia
    MT- Laura
    MS- Ja
    MI- Kris
    MU- Yvethe

    Last year i was totally hoping that Yvethe would finally join Binibini, but now I understand that she made the right decision, now she’s fully equipped. Yvethe is no clapper, I know she’ll deliver. Never had I fear that she’ll be overshadowed by the other OCs, she’s been consistently great, not trying too hard, effortless, and I believe she can do more come finals night. I can see her bringing home our 3rd Miss Universe crown. You can never deny her queenly aura even without a crown.

    As for Kris, no doubt she’ll be a good representative of our country for MI, such a classic beauty.

    I’ve met Ja personally last year, she’s so lovely and a natural, no pretentions, just like our very first MS. I remember how she really want to join pageants. Can you ignore her fresh and very humble aura?

    At first, I didn’t like Laura, maybe because of the styling? But now, look at her, she’s bloomed so beautiful.

    Pia may have declined SMA’s offer to represent our country last year, and I don’t think she would settle for another title but the MUP. but i think MIC is the beat crown for her.

    MJ may also get a crown, as a friend of mine Told me that SMA wants her to join this year.

    Bianca Guidotti, I’m really not a fan, yeah she can speak several languages but i don’t think she’ll be the best bet for MU. Maybe she should join MW. However, he’s really adorable and you can’t deny that she’s one of a few in this year’s batch who have a very welcoming aura.

    Yvethe for BBP- Universe and MU 2014. Not next year, now! This is the perfect time, we don’t wanna wait longer for us to have our 3rd Mu. But whoever wins, I’ll gladly support them! 😉

  6. Hello haha this is my Bb. Pilipinas 2014 prediction!

    UNIVERSE – Bb22 Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
    INTERNATIONAL – Bb13 Kris Tiffany Janson
    SUPRANATIONAL – Bb27 Hannah Ruth Sison
    TOURISM – Bb1 Julian Aurine Flores
    1st-Runner Up – Bb25 Mary Jean Lastimosa
    2nd-Runner Up – Bb35 Yvethe Marie Santiago

  7. Final Choices:

    1. MUP – Guidotti
    2. MI – Janson
    3. MS – Santiago
    4. MIntercon – Wurtzbach
    5. MT – Lehman
    6. Suiza [first RU]
    7. Lastimosa [2nd RU]

    Spoilers [but sure top 16]:

    Dela Guerra
    De Leon

  8. I have a feeling Bianca Guidotti will win MUP. 🙂 Yaaaaaaaay
    If not, Yvethe will 🙂

  9. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Universe – Bianca

    International – Yvethe

    Supranational – Kris

    Intercontinental – Kim

    Tourism – Pia, Aiza or Racquel
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Just curious…why wala c koreen for coronation for ms intercontinental 2013???di ba sya ang reigning queen for this? ty

    • Krissy, to be technical about it, Koreen is the reigning Mutya-Asia Pacific International and not Mutya-Intercontinental. She just happens to have represented us in Miss Intercontinental 2013 since Miss Asia Pacific Intl 2013 did not materialize. And also, she is under contract with Mutya so appearances with Binibini are not allowed. Compare mo na lang yan during the time that Bb. Pilipinas World 2010 Czarina Gatbonton did not crown Miss World Philippines 2011 Gwen Ruais. 😉

  11. Im hoping that everyone will stay true to their words to support the newly crowned queens on march 30th. We, Filipinos, seem to be one of the best if not the greatest among pageant supporters in the entire planet. On the other side, we are also very sore losers. We will be hurt (naturally) if our bets failed to take the top plum but lets just wipe our tears , pat our backs, stand up and give the rightful accolade the new queens deserve 🙂 so my early bb pilipinas wish is for everyone to refrain from bashing (which never fails to happen after the pageant year after year) the new queens. Hope this year will be different..

  12. Mas maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw kung ilang beses mong paulit-ulit na pinost ito sa magkakaibang paksa dito. Wala na siguro tayong magagawa kundi maghintay nalang… kung totoo nga ba, yang “paulit-ulit” mong hinala 😀

  13. I am not actually surprised about Norman’s top bet. I was probably the first one that knew who he was favouring from the very beginning. As usual, I have a proof to back-up my claim. Click on LINK to see my fearless claim. Well, he is Norman and I am Dexter! LOL 😆

    Unlike Norman I’ve shouted out my official winners when I have proclaimed Hannah Mariz de la Guerra as the best bet for Miss Intercontinental. When he first shared the news about the possible inclusion of the title, I have to appoint someone who is very articulate because I know for a fact that Miss Intercontinental has Q&A just like the Miss Universe. Then I looked up in the sky and there I saw Hannah Mariz’s face with Kenneth (RIP) and instantly I knew that she is the rightful one for the new title. You may call it silly but the Chinese in me believes and trusts SIGNS.

    So let me go back to my top fifteen…

    #15 – LADYLYN RIVA. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist This Aklan native has grace that others don’t have. She may be one of the shortest in the batch but she surely knows how to stand tall.

    #14 – ELLORE NOELLE PUNZALAN. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist If she were younger and taller, this down-to-earth native of Las Piñas City should be in my top tier. She may not be the most beautiful but her presence just stands out on most occasions.

    #13 – MARY JEAN LASTIMOSA. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist Who would ignore such a sweet and charming lady who is always willing to be photographed by her fans? If this pageant is based on genuine cheers from fans, this entrepreneur native of North Cotabato is guaranteed to be crowned either MUP or BPI.

    #12 – JOY ANTOINETTE DIAZ. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist This USA born representative of Dagupan City is definitely one of the smartest candidates in the batch, no doubt. And it is for this reason why she made it into this list. If she were only photogenic, she will definitely be in my top tier.

    #11 – NICHOLE MARIE MANALO. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist Will she live up to her surname? Will she have the same destiny as her two older sisters? My answer is I DO NOT KNOW and I am putting this resident of Parañaque City in the list to for me TO KNOW as I do not see signs to be firm.

    #10 – KIMVERLYN SUIZA. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist When her supporters were talking so highly of her, I was asking myself why I can’t see what they see in this jolly native of Marikina City? I can’t see them in till photos but when she started moving, there I saw her regal walk during NatCos.

    #9 – EMMA MARY TIGLAO. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist I remembered the first time she was featured here when there were a lot of readers saying NO to her cat eyes not knowing that this native of Pampanga will later blow them away. She is naturally sweet and projects well in the catwalk. To me, she is the dark horse for Bb Pilipinas International title.

    #8 – PIA WURTZBACH. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist I was looking forward for this Cagayan de Oro native to represent us in Miss International first as she reminded me a lot of Mimilanie Marquez. Admittedly she has the most sophisticated face amongst all candidates but noticed later that her sophistication made her look old and when Mimilanie won she was oozing with freshess as she was barely 16. The primer just confirmed that — though she is not the oldest in the batch, she looked the oldest amongst them.

    #7 – MARY ANNE BIANCA GUIDOTTI. Binibining Pilipinas 15 Finalist After learning her background I’ve immediately wanted her to withdraw and join Miss World Philippines instead because her package is most fit for it. Yes, she is also a Miss Universe material but I know that this year the organization would not crown anyone from 23 to 26 years old. As for Miss International, she’d just be branded as Bea Rose Santiago 2.0 and I don’t think the organization would want the same look two years in a row. Unlike other forums and blogs who have given her inferior titles — I have too much respect for her to do that!

    Binibining Pilipinas 2014 First Runner-up is…
    . Binibining Pilipinas Winner This city scholar from Manila is undisputed as the Queen of Catwalk in the competition. She has the oomph factor that possibly earned her the #1. But somehow I cannot appoint her a title that she would excel in right now the reason why she is on this spot.

    Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2014 is…
    . Binibining Pilipinas Winner She is fresh. She is charming. She is articulate. She would give the Philippines its first Miss Intercontinental crown. Yes, she proudly stands 5’7″ but I guess there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2014 is…
    . Binibining Pilipinas Winner Her dusky and beautiful features make her truly exotic and yet sophisticated in the catwalk not to mention how she can work the stage to her advantage. She is the only returnee that I would truly embrace especially when I learned more about her in the primer. A daughter of a once domestic helper and the heck — she expresses herself well in the English language. Reviewing her background, she is also fit for Miss World having done voluntary work in the south. She actually fits what Julia Morley has once described as the typical Miss World.

    Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2014 is…
    . Binibining Pilipinas Winner She is tall. She is beautiful. She is sexy. And this Sultan Kudarat native reminds me a lot of Cher. (Google CHER if you haven’t heard of her.) Having worked in the mainland for quite a while, I’d say that Aiza perfectly suits the taste of its people. Plus I like her kind of Nora Aunor story. It would definitely sell.

    Binibining Pilipinas International 2014 is…
    . Binibining Pilipinas Winner Everybody says she is shy but I just don’t think so. When you join a pageant wherein you display your body to the public, you are definitely not shy. This former Miss Cebu has all of the qualities that would make world history in Miss International. I just feel that she is IT for a back-to-back win and sixth crown for the Philippines.


    Miss Universe Philippines 2014 is…
    . YVETHE MARIE AVISADO SANTIAGO - MISS UNIVERSE 2014 All the signs that the Philippines will finally have its third Miss Universe crown all point to her. From 2012, beauty experts have been pushing her to join the binibini but she didn’t because she has to get a degree first and not just an ordinary degree — it’s a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy with Latin honours. And at 20, this former Miss Bicolandia is already a CPA. From Day One she already exudes the winning spirit that wherever she goes, her number of fans just keep on increasing. Other camps try to put her down because she is the only one threat to any of the hopefuls. And no matter how hard they try, they fail that they conceded giving her a crown that she’d easily win and reserve the best crowns for their favourites who actually have no chance making it big in the international scene. I remembered a photo wherein Queen Megan Lynn had the Miss World crown in the background positioned well atop her head. Fans immediately exclaimed “very prophetic!” but when Yvethe Marie was found in the same scenario and obviously looking more candid than what what the incumbent Miss World has… Non-believers just sealed their lips tight!!!


    Finally, let me end this by once again declaring that I am no expert. I am a mere reader who happens to believe in signs and stars. I claim no expertise that the others are so proud about but when I looked a year back on their predictions, no one practically got it right. Maybe someone makes a better prediction this year. Maybe this year’s candidates are actually more predictable than last year. Who really knows? Everybody’s guesses are as good as mine. Have a pleasant day! 😉

    • I love your top 15 but in your final 6, I have doubt for Hannah and Aiza, they maybe placed or not but I am certain with Emma, Bianca or Laura to be in top 6.

      • Well, it’s my assessment. I am not questioning the others’, it’s all subjective even if we try to be objective. May the best predictor win! 😉

    • I love how you describe each ladies of your choice. 🙂 I’m super excited for Sunday! I hope they will give the judges a hard time deciding for the titles because each one of the ladies are deserving to where they are right now and what they could become! 🙂

      • Well, all I did was translate my feelings into words. I didn’t have to imagine. It’s always easier to tell the truth than to lie, you know?!? 🙂

    • Deeeex!!! can’t wait! sana talaga, magpasabog siya on the 30th. like what ara did last year, i remember nanunuod kami sa bahay then si ara ang nasa screen (evening gown segment) then nakita ng mom ko (which is hindi nanunuod that time napatingin lang sa tv) then sabi nia

      “ayan, yan ang beauty queen, elegante, kilos pa lang.. mananalo yan..”

      haay ang tagal para sana makahinga na ako ng maluwag luwag hehe

  14. Honestly Tito Norman, this has to be the toughest, most challenging and intense batch ever! I feel as if this batch, anyone can win; however, I can not see the girls not win. They all deserve a crown. They all worked super hard to where they are at right now, and it only hurts me to see that they will feel hurt too.

  15. I wish I could change my entry. 🙂 I’ve just remembered about my dream that happened I think right after the announcement of 40 Bb. official candidates. I actually posted about it here and made a joke that maybe I had taken to much ‘Katol’. My dream was the initial of a beauty camp which was ‘JDV’ that trains a girl who has the same name initial but rambled. Per my dream that girl will win MUP2014 crown. Guess who I came up with ?! Here it goes………..

    Miss Universe Philippines 2014: Joy Antonette Diaz

    If I’m not mistaken Joy’s middle initial is ‘De Venecia’. This time I bookmark this page ! 😉

    It’s gonna be spooky if it comes true ! 🙂

    • It’s weird but I just realize that the title of this particular blog is ‘The Mystery of the 5th Girl’ 🙂 Believe me guys, but I think I’m going ‘nuts’ …lol. 🙂

  16. Let’s just respect the opinion of others… cuz afterall, “beauty is in d eye of d beholder”…
    Let’s just enjoy guessing who d winners will be, there are judges who will do the work for us anyway…
    Let’s just be happy for everybody (including you and me).

  17. This batch is really unpredictable. With so many ladies who are so ready to santch any of the coveted crown who exelled both in beauty and excellent communication skills, plus an awesome pasarella. Even the front runners cannot just contemplate and relax till the very end… I know there will be some surprises and some disppointments too…

    But nonetheless, i have my top 16 list.

    16: Gangan
    15. Tigalo
    14: Agustin
    13. Punzalan
    12. Lastimosa
    11. Diaz
    10. N. Manalo
    9. Suiza
    8. Faeldona
    7. Shah
    6. Sison
    5. Guidotti
    4. Wurtzbach
    3. Sanriago
    2. Lehman
    1. Janson

  18. Your ‘In My Heart’ placement excites me Norman! I think you really got it right.

  19. i don’t get the hype on guidotti. i mean during the parade i did not even notice her. i am not a fan of mj but sa hilera nila, si mj ang mapapansin mo. nagulat nga ako na andun pala si guidotti sa hilera na yun. i guess hindi talaga sya standout.

    • Korek! may ganda siyang hindi karamdam-ramdam. Shes pretty ordinary. Ordinary pretty. But she will be Second Runner-Up.

      • yes, hindi sya panget. actually for me lahat ng mga contestants magaganda. meron lang talagang angat like Yvetthe, Pia, Laura, Mj, Kris, Parul, Hannah.
        last year 8 ang pinili ko, 7 dun pumasok. at yung top 5 winners lahat yun choices ko.
        nakkatawa lang yung iba sa mga forums and blogs na kung maka hype akala mo naman nakita na nila ng malapitan yung mga babae.

    • Ako din. Si number #25 talaga ang napansin ko. Ang nasabi ko sa sarili ko noon ay “Siya pala si MJ, Ang ganda ganda niya pala sa personal” Di siya ang plano kong piktyuran pero noong nandun na ako ay siya ay kinuhaan ko ng maraming picture. Next kong napansin sa float nila ay yung pinakamatangkad. Anong pangalan nung matangkad?
      then nakita ko na si Manalo at Guidotti. Sikat silang 2 kaya hinanap ko sila.

  20. In coming up with my Top Ten list, I based my list primarily on physical attractiveness & beauty that is globally appealing. This is after all, a beauty contest. I also took into consideration Madame Stella’s penchant for ladies with impressive scholastic credentials. Pedigree & family background were also factored in, a likeable & charming personality, above par oral communication skills and telegenic & photogenic features.

    How the girls registered and performed during last Sunday’s Bb Pilipinas Primer shown at ABS CBN Channel 2 also helped seal the deal for me

    Importantly, I also considered how their types of beauty would appeal to a predominantly male judging panel. Remember, a different set of judges would mean an entirely different set of winners!

    I also relied on my gut feel. Last year, I correctly picked four of the five 2013 Bb Pilipinas Gold Edition Winners.

    Here they are:

    # 11 Laura Victoria Lehmann
    # 22 Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
    # 35 Yvethe Marie Santiago
    # 27 Hannah Ruth Singson
    # 8 Pia Wurztbach
    # 13 Kris Tiffany Janson
    # 25 MJ Lastimosa
    # 4 Parul Shah
    # 17 Diana Arevalo
    # 30 Joy Marie Gangan

    Aside from the criteria set by the organizing committee, there are certain unseen factors, conspiracy theories & behind the scenes scenarios in the pageant world that have to be considered when we make our predictions and forecasts for the 2014 Bb Pilipinas Pageant

    Finally, let’s remember that the girls who will be crowned as this year’s Bb Pilipinas queens will not necessarily be the prettiest not the smartest.

    Luck, Timing and Destiny will always play definitive roles for those whose stars will shine the brightest

  21. gusto kung manalo ung mga hnd inaasahang manalo,parang c ara last year parang mas excitng e. kakaumay na ung mga frontrunners kuno.

  22. Can i just say Tito Norms…. naiyak ako sa post mo! Ang ganda ng unravelling and ng over all progress ng entry na ito. Huhu. #TeamGuidotti

    • And because of that, in tge spirit of fun, am awsrding you, yes You as the Thirdd Runner Up winner. Si Tito Norman and Dexter co ang official chaperobes, also Miss Congeniality at Miss Talent! Para masaya. Sana ibigay na lang sa akin ni Laura Lehmann ang violet Bb shirt niya, souvenir.

  23. for the first time……….. I am not complaining about the possible choices of SMA hehehe even compared to your own choice Norman. Actually, SMA’s or Norman’s choice puedeng puede

    Im still thinking that Kim will win a crown tomorrow 🙂 she looks different from all the other girls…. who for some reason look similar on certain angles… and thats probably gonna be the key for a crown.

    Of all the possible winners, I think only Kris Tiffany is a shoo-in for the top 5 (although she may have difficulty winning MUP).

    Given that MUO is here, Molly is a judge, and Paula (rumored to be reviewing the girls)- I think someone in the mold of former MU and Ms USA winner will win—- and Im thinking BIanca G and Yvethe but they maybe too Asian for Molly’s choice (just check how Venezuelans would choose a winner)…but again, these two would be the usual suspects for MUP, and its highly probable that one of them will win.Then there’s Joy Diaz, given that MUO is an American org and Joy has the record of impressing this type of group, she is just have the typical look for a beautiful Asian woman.

    Anyway—- its so hard to predict a win given that so many girls can actually win….. so again, an upset by Ellore is not hard to predict… then you have the strong girls who are pressured to win, and are actualy very capable like MJ, DIana A, Nicole Manalo

    And oh, theres Pia… we know she can easitly win but some reason, even her is in danger of another top 5 finish….

    OH WELL…. this is why things are very exciting 🙂 BRAVO BPCI, I cannot remember a batch more competitive than this one

  24. Hi Norman,

    Your predictions might be accurate. I once asked a beauty journalist that in MU, we always do well because we send morena candidates. In MI, fair skin tends to do well. In Supra, BPCI should send someone who is charming accordingly since Mutya is the basis. Pia is good for MU but I think she would suit more for either International or Intercontinental as you wrote.
    Bianca, Tiffany and Yvethe will definitely be the girls to beat this Sunday aside from Pia. Bianca and Yvethe seem to be suitable for MU as well. 🙂 Can’t wait for Sunday.

  25. I go for these ladies. Bianca, hannah ruth, ja, pia, laura, kris, joy diaz and kim We cannot ignore the beauties and credentials of these ladies.

  26. Hi Norman we got the same top 5 except I would interchanged trhe Supra and International crowns. Ms Guidotti the runaaway winner for Ms. Universe, Janson for Ms International and Yvette for Supranational. I’ve enjoyed your presentation this year. You really put a lot of effort this year. That is why you are the best blogger out there. I think the majority will agree with me on that one. Keep it coming Norman. Hello also to Dawn Coleman.

  27. I love your choices Norman, but of course, whoever will be crowned with the respective titles, they deserve our utmost support! So excited for Sunday! 🙂

  28. According to my MAHJONG tiles, this will definitely change after the question and answer portion. A dark horse will be crowned.

  29. Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti for MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES!

    Bianca, Yvethe, Pia, Mj, Parul, Kris, Laura – one these ladies will be crowned MUP! Whoever wins, you have my support. Goodluck ladies.

  30. MUP-Pia Wurtzbach, Bb.International-Bianca Guidotti, Bb.Supranational-Yvette Santiago, Bb.Tourism-Kris Janson, Bb.Intercontinental-Laura Lehmann, 1st runner-up- Mj Lastimosa, 2nd runner-up- Parul Shah.

  31. Love your prediction, Kuya Norman. I would prefer yours over Madame.
    Although, I would make minor changes:

    MBG – Universe
    KTJ – International
    LL – Supranational
    YMS – Tourism
    PW – Intercontinental

  32. I’m still rooting for Janson for MUP. But, I won’t oppose if she’ll be Supranational. If we want a back-to-back in this pageant, we need to send a delegate who can match Datul’s beauty, and I think only Kris can do that.

    • we can really have a back-to-back win in Miss Supranational and Miss International if the right lady will be sent to represent our country, the hard part is choosing the right one. ang daming deserving!

  33. Same tayo tito norms ng naisip kay Pia, if we really want to have our first Intercontinental crown, we should send someone who is capable to do so and reliable, which is i think Pia. Mas malaking chance na manalo tayo if ipapadala natin ang trained nang rep.

    Though i want Yvethe tp be the MUP,i wouldn’t mind if Bianca will be crowned MUP, she has what it takes naman to represent our country sa fortaleza. Id give our MUP my 100% support. Like last year, i was really rootig for elima, yet i supported ara all the way.

    For the runners up, i think i prefer lehmann over lastimosa, para mas makasali pa sila next year, cause i think MJ’s age will be a hindrance sa pag represent nia ng country in any intl pageant (sorry mj fans, just saying the truth)

    MUP- Yvethe vs. Bianca
    MI – Bianca vs. Kris
    MS – Kris vs Ja Flores
    MIc – PIA
    MTQI – kahit sino and i hope Bpci can find other more prestigious tourism pageant foe the winner.

    Para na itong hunger games- Binibinis, may the odds be ever in your favor.. 🙂

  34. Really hard to predict… my five bets… Yvethe, Kris, Bianca, Pia and Kim…

  35. Sir Norms, I’m casting my vote to the predict the winners
    – should I add “BB Intercontinental”? or you did not change mechanics, excluding that title?

  36. Oh my. How come that I forgot Ja Flores in my prediction? Though, I’d love to put her in Intercontinental because she is as bubbly as Koreen Medina, I believe.

    MUP will arise from the Big Four, but I’m willing and wanting to see an upset. 🙂

  37. Ang mga manok ko ay sina #s 8, 35 at 40

    Noong Sabado na nakita ko ang mga kandidata ng mas malapitan ay naakit ako sa kagandahan nila #s 17 at 25.

    May the best and most qualified candidate win para naman makuha ulit ng Pilipinas ang mga korona pagdating sa International Pageant. Good luck

  38. Tito Norman i don’t know and its hard to explain but you made me cry reading this post 😦

    • Honestly, princessKimmy, I was emotional as well. Especially when I wrote “God bless the Binibinis” in the epilogue. It’s like this year’s culmination is an event that will bring out overflowing tears of joy. And I would be so teary-eyed along with the five winners this coming Sunday as well.

  39. My predictions:
    Bb P-Universe – Santiago
    Bb P-International – Faeldonia
    Bb P-Supranational – Janson
    Bb. P- Intercontinental – Wurtzbach
    Bb P- Tourism – Diaz

    Miss Universe this year is predictably a filipina.

    • yes, if we will look back sa past winners? i think they will be choosing na unang tingin pa lang, “ah, she’s a filipina..”

  40. We have exactly the same Top 5, Tito Norman. And I say a very beautiful choice of girls. However, we have different placements. Here is mine.

    Universe – Yvethe Santiago
    International – Kris Janson
    Supranational – Aurine Flores
    Intercontinental – Pia Wurtzbach
    1st Runner Up – Bianca Guidotti

    *1st Runner Up for Tourism, if there is staging this year, but I hope wala na forever. 🙂

    • BPCI really needs to find a new / more prestigious pageant than MTQI, or they could just drop the Tourism title and get another franchise, grand international, perhaps? (tama ba yung kay ali forbes?) hehe

      • Yes, correct. I love Bianca Guidotti and placed her as 1st runner up because I think she is just too good for any of the major crowns at stake. I want to see her this year in the Miss World Philippines eventually claim vicory, if Valerie Weigmann is not joining.

    • My hope as well. But the best thing about Bianca is that she is ready for anything, win or lose. She will smile with so much warmth regardless of placement or non-placement. 🙂

  41. My Triple Combo
    1 2 3
    MU – Bianca, Parul, Yvethe
    MI – Yvethe, Kris, Bianca
    MS – Kris, Yvethe, Kris
    MT – Parul, Bianca, Parul
    MIC – Pia, Pia, Pia

  42. International is Kris Janson. Lastimosa for the Universe. Gangan Lehmann for Supranational and Tourism QI respectively. YSantiago is Intercontinental. Kabigting and Guidotti as First and Second-Up. But then again you still strong bets like Flores, ManaloN, Diaz, Parul, Pia, Aiza, Kenneth, HannahS, Emma. That would mean the competition is not over yet. May the fair true worthy queens be crowned as new set of Miss Philippines!

  43. Bianca Guidotti-Universe
    Kris Janson-International
    Yvethe Santiago-Supranational
    Nichole Manalo-Tourism
    Pia Wurtzbach-Intercontinental

  44. I knew you’d choose Bianca for MU. You were actually kind of transparent with it, Tito Norms, based on your write-ups. 🙂 Excellent and logical choice! 🙂

  45. Well whichever Binibining wins Bb Pilipinas Universe let us ALL support her all the way to Miss Universe 2014 in Brazil. If Normans top 5 picks look this good now, imagine how they (or the chosen delegate) will look in six months for the MU pageant?

    • 2014 is so tough that in order to please the preferences of everyone, we should have a second Bb. Pilipinas this year with the remaining candidates. I wouldn’t mind seeing Parul get a crown. 😉

  46. We will mark your words, Queen_b. And if you’re wrong, we will never let you live this down.

  47. I will support any girl who wins a crown. While I’m sentimental about a couple, any of the girls mentioned can step up to the plate and represent PI honorably. I’m more worried about the judging and the judges themselves. Beauty is always subjective, but will the judges look at the performance of the girls on pageant night as the be-all-end-all? What if very little attention has been given to how the girls have done at events leading up to the pageant? How much homework have the judges done on these girls, and what uniquely qualifies them? Norms, besides Miss Universe Gabriella Isler, who are the judges going to be that night?

  48. I have to agree with your heart’s choices.

  49. I know from the very start betsina mo si bianca to be our
    Ms. Universe! Her beauty is very transferable+height+credentials+multilingual! I found out she even speak spanish!
    here is my fave to win accordingly:

    Runners up

  50. Good Luck my dear bel(Anabel Tia) …she will be our 1st Intercontinental beauty💞

  51. MU: Pia
    MIntl: Bianca
    MS: Kris
    MT: Aurine
    MIntercon: Parul
    1st Yvette
    2nd Aiza

  52. Sir Norms,

    You are such a genius. Your prediction is the most realistic.
    I have read Sash Factor’s and Rappler’s fearless forecasts yesterday, and before sleeping now,
    I checked your blog, then…voila.

    I really feel that Pia will be MUP. But after watching all her videos, especially their last ASAP stint,
    I think we need a more sincere candidate. (She is so “artista”. And I do not see what the past winners have in Pia.)

    So much of my qualm. May the best girls win. 😉

    Thank you for providing all of us an all-in-one blog! Mabuhay ka sir Norms!

    • Thank you, Cee. I know that any set of predictions won’t get unanimous approval. So better go with how I feel.

  53. merci beaucoup norman…sounds fair! wherever Anabel will be in coronation night we will be glad enough she made it to 40. God Bless you! luvyah💞

  54. My bets:

    Universe – Kris Janson / Pia Wurtzbach / MJ Lastimosa
    International – Bianca Guidotti or Pia Wurtzbach
    Supranational – Yvethe Santiago or Parul Shah
    Intercontinental- ???
    Tourism – ???

    aFter thE Q&A on March 30, I wiLL poSt my FinaL verDict… (verDict daw oH!) x)

    • Hi Tito Norms. this is my final placement since d na q aabot kung d mag lagay pa q ng new order… thanks and more power!

      Best Pageantry Blog in my opinion…

  55. nice choices tita norms but i prefer Kim Suiza as Miss Universe than Guidotti coz face value wise Suiza can stunned everyone plus her good command and english. I also prefer MJ Lastimosa as Bb. Pilipinas Tourism and first runner up Diana Arevalo. 🙂

  56. I am still betting on my Laura Lehman. But I will give my full support to every girl who who will win on March 30.

    • Laura… her face is scarred and wrinkly without make up.. she also needs more trainning on applying make-up… not the best bone structure specially from the waist down…

  57. PAK! I knew from the start tita Norms that you’re a Guidotti fan ;p I’m just praying that things will be in favour of her on sunday as she’s also my bet for MU 😛 Tho I don’t mind if Yvethe or Kris wins. But something’s telling me that there’s going to be a dark horse for this year’s BbP. Bottom line is, major sakit sa bangs ang batch na ito sa dami ng magaganda. Hay! Basta I will support whoever wins and may she bring home the bacon once she represent our country in Fortaleza.

    • Tito Norms seemed inspired when he wrote the crown-ticipating piece on Mariane so it was pretty obvious. 🙂 kidding aside, ang hirap ding pumili sa batch na ito. I’m just hoping that Mariane wins the top plum. She is a perfect fit to represent us in Brazil, in my opinion.

    • Ha? Who said so? I’m vocal on having Mariane OR Yvethe for MUP. I’ve said this a number of times in some posts 🙂 si Dexter and die hard fan Yvethe fan not me 🙂

    • Liezel is not tall enough, got her nose fixed and her Q&A is not her best asset…

      Anabel… not the best pasarela, needs more trainning specialy in styling at 25 years old, and her big bones wont change even if she loses a lot f weight..

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