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  1. I love them both hehe, a beauty pageant is not complete without Philippines and Venezuela competing. Deal with it.

  2. Was it just a coincidence or what? But they were all wearing color coded outfits!!! So cute!!!
    Gabriela is So humble and charming in her interview. I hope she will have a great time in Manila.
    Anyway, I just have a feeling that we might host Ms. universe next year!! Why? Even Sir Gabby Lopez was present in the gala dinner for the two VIPs last night. And Jonas Gaffud working for ABSCBN soon? I could really suspect it has something to do with this.
    Who knows? Paula might even do some ocular visits to some sites we have diri spare time. I really think ABS, Stella and Paula Shugart are cooking up something big for us soon. My imagination is really running wild at the moment.

    • same here! though naisip ko lang maybe kaya nandun si Lopez is because its their media partner but who knows? especially Jonas’ instagram post, intriguing. either we will host MU2015 or they will have a reality show where they will transform someone into a beauty queen? parang biggest loser but beauty queen? wala lang.

      BUT, naisip ko nga baka lang din mag hohost tayo ng MU2015? why? di ba MWO wants PH to host MW2014? papatalo ba ang MUO? hehe

  3. coMMerciaL breaK:

    Mr Global 2104 winners..

    Winner- Myanmar
    1st RU- Canada
    2nd RU- Korea
    3rd RU- Vietnam
    4th RU- Philippines

    anoTher good staRt for us….. (appLause…)

  4. Molly and Paula’s presense does not assure us a win in MU. Please let’s keep this in perspective. Please don’t get so hyped up over it and start bragging to the world that we are now assured of taking home the elusive MU crown that it backfires. That said, what an honor to have Paula and Molly in The Philippines. They are both beautiful and captivating. Welcome to the Philippines where your beauty only made our beautiful country more beautiful. May the beauty of our hearts fill yours with joy, love, and laughter. Mabuhay!!!

    • Amen to that. Our MUP still needs to work her azz off and not to be complacent.

  5. I hope that their presence in the Philippines is an indication of greater things to come. And that both Molly & Paula will be one in saying that the next Miss Universe will come from the Philippines. A bevy of beauty & brains, I can just feel that on March 30 they will choose and crown the next Miss Universe from this year’s batch. To the ladies, the best of luck to you all ! To Molly & Paula, mabuhay & welcome to the Philippines and enjoy a taste of Filipino hospitality 🙂

    • and when she said na its hard to compete with filipinas.. coming from the Miss universe itself and from the country who has a factory of beauty queens. iba na ang pinas ngayon. hindi na basta basta ang mga binibinis natin! 😀

    • yes, we’re getting back on track ika nga. and one day, malalagpasan na rin natin ang crowns/achievements ng Venezuela. hehe

  6. I have loved Queen Molly from the time she won, the same time when I accepted that she was the one destined to win. My expression “ohmollyguacamole” is my dedication to her actually. 😉 Enjoy the next half of your journey… :-). Mabuhay!!!

  7. interesting. Paula Shugart and MSA, same color ang suot nila. may dress code kaya sila or nagkataon lang. hehe

    but anyway, Molly is really gorgeous, mas na appreciate ko talaga siya nung narinig ko na siya mag english, kasi mas naramdaman ko yung sinasabi niya. hehe i so love her na. ehhe

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