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  1. whatever happened to miriam?! i used to like her pero- whatta hypocrite! self righteous, i am holier than thou, i’m right and you’re not attitudes, typical of a burn against. she really deserves this ugly guy 😛

    • Who are you to judge? If you have nothing good to say…please keep your mouth zipped!

      • 😦

        Im sorry Bou, but like San- I also felt offended by that incident with Miriam’s interview…. so to each his/her own. I totally understand San, he/she might have went overboard his opinion…. but the community she judged was not the one who cast the first stone………..anyway, for the sake of peace, she apologized already and all is forgiven…. Im sure she learned her lesson and hope she is more careful and accepting now…. love love love 🙂

    • yikes! got engaged not even the wife 1st year death anniv? read an interview na they wont have PMS?. that says alot about that person, pray to God for deeper faith and not shallow emotions which is very common on this groups

  2. Congrats!

    Is she pregnant? that looks like a baby bump 🙂 hmmmm PMS? hehehe or did she just gained weight? Well she looks really beautiful even with extra pounds

    After all the mistakes shes done and been through——>its finally time to move on with the 2nd husband and hopefully live happily ever after!!!

    Good luck girl!

    • Seen that video a thousand times…
      It always felt like iv’e seen it only for the 1st time… She could’ve been our 3rd MU. 🙂

  3. I love this news about Miriam… Can she still mother one of her own and Ardy’s blood?

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ardy Roberto. #ForEternity!!!

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