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  1. Inspite of her height and age, I believe she can win the Miss Universe Philippines’ crown.

    MJ, Yvethe, Kris, Laura, Parul, Bianca, Pia – one of these ladies will be crowned MUP 2014!

  2. I hope that this is the year where she finally gets a crown. It’s been long overdue.

  3. I am an MJ fan. Reading all your comments about her raises my hopes and solidifies her chances to get one of the titles. naiiyak ako sa tuwa at suporta ninyo sa kanya. She really is my sentimental favorite to win it all. I don’t care if she’s already 25 and looks short but no one’s gonna deny her sheer determination and courage to win it all. And that gorgeous body, smoking hot!!!
    Her Q&A maybe average but so were the ladies who always made it to the Top 5 of Miss Universe last year. Misses Ecuador, Brazil, Spain and even Venezuela 2013 hemmed and hawed and didn’t answer their questions directly. Even Venezuela 2012 fumbled her answer big time 2 years ago.

    People criticize her nose job and other surgical enhancements she went through! So what? As if her venezuelan counterparts have not been doing these for ages, for crying out loud.

    She’s short! So what? Aren’t we all Filipinos petite and short by nature? When people bash her, i just look up to Gloria Diaz, Precious Quigaman and Megan Young for inspiration. All were vertically challenged but came out on top afterwards.

    I just hope Stella reads this board. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, she is the most polished, battle-ready candidate that we have for this year.
    I strongly believe she will do a Maricar Balagtas on March 30! Third time’s a charm indeed.

  4. WOW… All I could utter is WOW on how she looked back in 2011. She could have been sent in MI that year because it’s the kind of aura I feel.

    Good luck, MJ. Just looked back at your previous participation on YT and honestly, you deserved to be crowned on both editions. You are in my top fifteen but should you get crowned MUP, you have my sentimental support!

  5. D ba sumali na ito ng international competition tapos ligwak, hiw much more kung malaking international pageant.tama na..d talaga bagay..mrs. World na lang

    • Reader
      I suggest ayusin mo ng kaunti ang pagsasalita mo. Iwasan mo ang may nasasaktan, kahit hindi tayo magkakakilala ng personal, we have to respect each other.
      Kung ayaw natin sa isang kandidata, wag ng magsalita ng hindi maganda. Kung hindi mo mapigilan, magpasintabi ka na lang. OK ba?

  6. You’ve got to love the determination of this girl. Woman actually.

    Beauty of face and body is undeniable. One of the few who can take the very stiff competion of any international pageant and enjoy while winning.

    I hope that she gets the crown (she deserves, which i think was robbed of on her last two attempts).

    Good luck MJ.

  7. Lastimosa is my bet for one of the crowns. She didnt stammer in 2012, her reply in the Q&A was philosophical, shades of indian rues. But it was not for Filipino audience and judges. She deserves a title because as I’ve emphasized in the past, hers is a tale of determination and courage; its a story of winning and then destroying everything in a quick recap. This time, in a flurry of bashers because of age and lack of height, she’s determined to wrestle it again. But judge her: her skin and body, her aura and bravado in attitude – she’s in winning form. Its a beauty for the universe!

  8. the difference is that there are people who easily give up in life and there are MJ’s who have a positive outlook in life that they see challenges as opportunities and become successful, might not be in a beauty pageant but in a wide variety of what life has to offer.
    different enuff Reader? 😉

    mark my balls she will get a crown. if not, sue me 🙂

  9. I hope she wins. I don’t care if she loses in the international competition. I just want her to go home a winner.

  10. Hi Nornan. Do you know if the primer will be televised on TFC? I checked cthe schedule this weekend it was not there.

  11. After really comparing her face shots from 2011, 2012, and 2014. 2011 was her best look. She looks so fresh and so young. She should have walked away with a crown the first time. Her worse looks in 2012, the brown hair did not match her and her make-up looks dirty. Fast forward to 2014, MJ’s chances this year is a lot more higher. She is probably the most crown-anticipated among the crowd. She is definitely landing in the Semis, but she really needs to prove herself in the Q&A. My fear if she does win MUP, she does have the look of the aged side. That is probably her biggest setback. Especially since she is competing against fresh faces of Yvette, Ja, Emma, and Laura. We’ll see for the biggest part!

  12. MJ deserves a crown. She is confidently beautiful, relaxed and really enjoying herself. Please make her win, Lord!

  13. I hope manalo sya ng kahit isa sa mga korona. Give her a chance to prove na she has what it takes. Kalimutan na rin yung Ms. Asean chorva na sinalihan nya e pano syang mananalo dun pang Ms. U ang ganda nya noh hindi pang Asean chu chu.

  14. I really like this woman… she is my Binibini for MUP 2014….. but iam worried of her age…. but physically and mentally wise she is ready to face the Universe…. I hope she could grab the MUP Crown.

    • Physically yes. Mentally ? I’m not sure . Her diction is good but she has the tendency to blabber about. I saw her getting interviewed on tv; she was not able to give a clear and cohesive answer to the question
      But just like you, I’m rooting for MJ. I don’t care what crown. Just don’t leave her with nothing.

  15. Saludo ako sa mga MJ fans. Solid talaga. They see something in her that others don’t. My only observation is that sometimes MJ becomes too pageant patty for my taste (of course one’s taste level is sometimes questionable like mine). But one thing I’m sure, if MJ wins one of the crowns she will be a good representative of our country to any international pageant. She is a fighter and that’s what I love about her. Plus that undeniable curves.

  16. loving this eve so much too hunk. it’ll gonna be pandemonium inside araneta coliseum if she’s crowned MUP 2014, and if she wins MU 2014 it’ll topple the rodney king riot. hopefully she delivers on crowning nite and the judges can get past her age. and she’s so serene in this pic link you posted. thanks man 😉

    • Eh wala naman kwenta yung sinalihan nya. Eh kung titingnan mo mga candidates dun, mga taga PIlipinas ang magaganda. Tsaka matanda? eh 25 years old lang si MJ kaya nga nakasali pa sya dba? Kaw ba? ilang taon ka na?

    • She has always a chance to win a crown in fact its her 2nd time na laging nakapasok sa semis, Miss PAL at Miss AVON pa siya, ngkataon lang na di convincing mga sagot niya…she’s good enough, sana palarin na siya this time..

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