10 comments on “JDV Girls: Silently competing and going for the kill when it matters most

  1. My top three favourites are Shaun Indra Salina for her unique thoughts and beautiful voice; Vessica for having a small exotic face that can really draw attention; and Joy Antoniette for being tall, intelligent and beautiful in person. I wish that at least one of them gets a crown.

    On the side note, would all be rejoining for Miss Grand Philippines?

  2. For me, It’s JDV’s Year.(I wish that 5 or more will conquer the QandA segment and win the crown.)

    1. He have two girls who are one of the tallest binibini; Kenneth and Raquel. But the problem is, Kenneth is not giving the best shot, she should give more emotion when she is conquering the stage. Second, Raquel should be train more in her catwalk because for me she can win the crown if she will wear her best catwalk, and if the two of them have a good communication skills on the QandA segment.

    2.#36 Krystal Alonday. Why Krystal? Because of her latina skin tone and she looks like Venus Raj. And when I watch her interview. She tells about the most influencial person in her life very well. And her accent is good not like others which is trying hard to be the one. And Krystal is one of the elegant binibini this year, And I guess, if she will enter the QandA segment, for sure she will get the crown.”This girl is competing silently!”

    3.#40 Last but not the least, Vessica Sambo. It is her eyes that caught my attention. And her long neck that fits her little face. That made her looks great. I hope that if she enters the QandA segment, she will answer the question in ENGLISH!:)

    4. Joy Diaz. Cause she’s perfect, only the tone of her voice. XD

  3. Norman, three of them have what it takes to do well internationally!

    So if any one of them fails to win a crown or secure a runner-up position, I am still confident that
    PHILIPPINES will win the Miss GRAND International title in Bangkok at the end of the year!

  4. I prefer tall girls but Racquel and Kenneth have to improve their communication skills. Talking of communication skills, Joy and Shauna are among the best speakers this year but Joy is not photogenic while Shauna’s figure in not pageant ready yet. I like the faces of Vessica and Shauna but Vessica is not tall enough. The others are not on anyone’s list. This is not JDV’s year.

  5. For me its Kenneth Santiago and Raquel Kabigting, I love tall girls.

  6. My number one choice would be Kenneth- her vertical advantage and her beautiful symmetrical ( I think) face especially with make up on will take her far into the competition. Her problem is her communication skills . If she is able to give a decent answer to her final question , she may end up winning a crown even MUP.
    Joy comes second to me . Her physical appearance and performance on stage have been underwhelming to say the least. But if she makes it into the semi- final round, she too may go home bearing a crown.
    Then there is Vessica . Her face may not be the most beautiful but her overall package – body poise bearing etc- is exemplary. She also has a very sweet voice . I could see her name getting called into the next round.
    Kabigting has potentials of a successful BQ. But right now , she is still very raw.
    I’m not familiar with the rest.

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