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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ednormance and Aiza
    pulled a surprise here.. Those exotic Pinay
    “gorgeous ” looks they posses really give you
    that sigh of “WOW” simply blows ones mind
    Away!! Good luck to all beautiful Binibinis!!!

    • I agree. I always exclaim ‘wow’ everytime time I see them especially Eds. I just hope somebody helps them fine- tune their voices. They still sound very unrefined


    • Thats one of Pia’s advantage, being an artista, she knows her best angle and how to project at the camera..

    • same thoughts hunk..I was in awe when i saw her in motion..di pang contesera projections nya and shes learning a lot from her trainings…shes improving sa pasarela…amazing body na lang need nya iworkout ng todo..
      My non-Filipinos office colleagues here in Dubai said that Pia is hottest though marami daw magaganda.

  3. May mga napansin lang ako sa teaser na to:

    [Ang dami kong time]

    1. Group 1 ang pinakasabog sa pamemewang ending courtesy of Anabelle Tia.
    2. Damn. Ang ganda talaga ni Pia. Awesome transition of looks.
    3. Bilib na talaga ako aky Ellore. IKAW NA.
    4. Uulitin ko, wala po akong alam sa make-up pero natakot talaga ako kay MJ. Coulrophobic pa naman ako.
    5. Di ko talaga matingnan ang tiyan ni Laura. Pramis.
    6. Ang ganda nung ikatlong kuha ni Kris. Kahit three seconds lang ang exposure niya, ginawan talaga ng paraan para magstand-out.
    7.Kudos to Yvethe for showing three different looks in three seconds. All looks were very relatable.
    8. Group 4 ang pinaka sabay-sabay sa pamemewang. Good Job.
    9. Wala man lang nag-abalang iinform si Vanessa na nagmukhang malaki ang tiyan niya sa posing niyang iyon?
    10. Maling magkasunod si JA at Ainjely, MAGKAMUKHA PO SILA.
    11. Lugi naman yung mga kandidatang 2 seconds lang ang exposure habang yung favorites tig tatatlo na, may effects pa. Oh, well.
    12. Lastly, ikaw na talaga Ellore. :]

  4. Di ako sigurado kung sino ang nagconceptualize nito, pero sa bawat video, ang mga mukhang pinakita habang binabanggit ang salitang BINIBINI ay sina:

    Pia Wurtzbach
    Bianca Guidotti
    Kris Janson
    Yvethe Santiago

    Kung ABS-CBN man ang may pakana nito, dalawa lang ang ibig sabihin nito: alam na nila kung sino ang mananalo o kaya naman ay nilagay nila ang mga mukhang yun kasi sila ang mga pinakapinaguusapan.


  5. Si Lala, ConeyCoots at tresebumbilya ay nakakaaliw. Halatang halata namang iisang tao lang sila. Puwes gagawa rin ako ng kausap.

  6. IMO, the only one worth mentioning here is Bianca. This video defies what I’ve said of her in the past.

    She is really beautiful here and I think her smile has improved significantly.

    So, I don’t know now what to expect from her on coronation night.

    • She is beautiful inside and out.

      However, the biggest problem I see with her – she is FORGETTABLE.

      That is the element a Binibini should not have, if she aims to stand out in an international pageant.

  7. The pageant teaser videos are sort of a revelation IMO. While some are ruined by fake tan (they should’ve sticked to Emma’s original skin colour, bakit pina-tan pa??? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ), wrong makeup and contouring (most girls from 1-10, something’s off with the contouring, I don’t know if this is because of the lighting or wrong shading lang) but others don’t have a nice side profile. Si Mj naman mukhang sinabotage ang eye makeup :\ Anyway for me these are the girls who stood out:

    – Pia (she definitely knows her angles — advantage of being an artista. Pak ang projection)
    – Kimverlyn (love her! Mysterious effect lang na pa-diosa effect)
    – Ednorance (Very Pinay!)
    – Mariane (She’s VERY telegenic. Approve na approve!)
    – Kris (Gandang hindi na kailangan i-explain. Period, no erase)

    Runner up:
    – Laura (Fix the eyebrow makeup please)
    – Parul (more oomph pa please!)
    – Yvethe (sorry but I’m getting bored with the same old styling/makeup that she’s been sporting so much for the past few weeks, specially the red lipstick. She looks pretty with a bronze/nude makeup look, similar to what she sported during screening, perhaps they want to experiment that look on her again by just playing with a different lip shade? Nakakaumay ang red lipstick, sorry)

    • Oops I forgot to add Emma on the list. Not digging the tanned look on her but she’s one of the most promising on this batch. She looks like the Pinay version of Miranda Kerr ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • disagree lang ako kay Parul…shes not in my top lists pero ang ganda nya sa video…as in panalo ang smize & makeup…sya lang natural parang walang foundation…just flawless unlike sa iba na umiilaw ang concealer. Watch mo no.38 when she smile ganda din killer smile din like kim, laura and Parul.
      Obviously, Pia is targeting Universe sa level ng projections nya..di ganto ang tipo ng Miss international. Sana mapush pa si Yvette, im so worry about her being so too graceful na nagiging plain girl na lang.

      • Parul sometimes kasi for me (specially in the video) lacks the spark ๐Ÿ™‚ Pia’s teaser video is VERY seductive.

  8. Nakailang balik ako sa video ni HANNAH RUTH! WOW!!!
    Julian,Pia, Bianca, Eds, Kim

  9. Ang daming magaling mag-comment! Pero Tito norms, feeling ko bilang lang sa daliri ang mananalo sa patimpalak mo. Lol. Peace to everyone.

  10. Ang gaganda nilang lahat, wala akong masabe! Too bad only 1 can represent us in brazil. Sayang ang makakakuha ng other 4 crowns. Sana may hindi makoronahan para pang universe 2015. Right now its between bianca pia yvetthe laura and kim. Isali na rin ang darkhorses na sina eds at anjie de leon. Watch out for angie, tsutsunami walk yan at aariba sa q&a.An

    • like ko din si angie … and laura , JA , Aiza and Hanna dela Guerra ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I love watching the 2nd video over and over and over…Laura Lehman is just awwwww…..

    I’m sure everyone from the International Community noticed just the same.

    Any Brazilians/Venezuelans/Thailanders comment??????

  12. Comment ako sa mga nabanggit

    1. PIA -> Her smize blew me away. She is thinking of murder when she looks at you. Firece. Sexy. Palong palo! Handang handa ng manalo!

    2. LAURA -> Mukha siyang sasali ng Miss Teen USA. Fresh-freshan lang ang peg.

    3. KIMVERLYN -> Ang babaeng chameleon. Kahit anong ipagawa sa kanya, mula sa web interview, jag, natcos, she delivers. Yung yipong, โ€œI will give you what you needโ€ ang drama niya. Her beauty transcends the demands of each situation.

    4. DIANA -> That is the face that can launch a thousand ships!. Nuff said.

    5. LIEZEL -> very Filipina! Ang lakas maka-Arida. Black hair, strong eyes, red lips, that look/styling will help her snatch one of the coveted crowns.

    6. HANNAH RUTH -> ang lakas din maka-aura sa video ni Tiyang! Morena. Seductive. Ang lakas kang din ng dating.

    7.EDZ AND VESSICA -> kung best print/ magazine model lang ang labanan, eh tiyak, malakas laban nila. Sila yung tipong gusto mong makita sa cover ng high fashion na babasahin. They are more of models to me than beauty queens. Pero, malay natin. Kakaiba rin ang itsura ng mga itetch, kaya biglang umora rin sila sa atrenta. Haha!

    8. YVETTE -> i just want to see her in lighter and simple shades, tingin ko, stand out pa rin siya kahit hindi ganoon kabongga ang make up. Just sayin. May tendency kasing magmukha siyang matanda.

    • About Yvette, she has the tendency to blend into the crown. Sobrang ganda nya pero you need to meet a 2nd or 3rd or 4th look before you really notice.

      Lehman wins this series and Wurtzbach short by by just a hairline….

      • (Sorry for all the typo…I just woke up haha)

        About Yvette, she has the tendency to blend into the crowd. Sobrang ganda nya pero you need to make a 2nd or 3rd or 4th look before you really notice.

        Lehman wins this series and Wurtzbach short by by just a hairlineโ€ฆ.

    • Yeah. Perhaps, they should start experimenting Yvette’s look.
      Or perhaps… A&Q is saving that “look” for the grand coronation night. Haha. We never know.

      – – –

      Oh… Goddess Kris Janson… So near, yet so far. There is something holding her from getting there.

  13. The production is really good. The ladies are all captivating but Yvethe Marie – Julian Aurine – Emma Mary – Hannah Ruth just glowed like stars!!!

  14. If this is my first time to see the candidates, and I will be asked to choose based ONLY on teasers,
    (regardless of my favorites), the following stood out big time for me:

    1. Pia
    2. Laura
    3. Kim
    4. Diana
    5. Liezel
    6. Ednoarnance
    7. Hannah Ruth
    8. Yvette
    9. Vessica

    I willl tthe videos speak for themselves.
    Watchyhem again, and see that names above, have a different “spark”
    that will separate them from the rest of the pack ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • (Edited)

      If this is my first time to see the candidates, and I will be asked to choose base ONLY on the teasers, (regardless of my favorites), the following stood out big time for me:

      1. Pia
      2. Laura
      3. Kim
      4. Diana
      5. Liezel
      6. Ednornance
      7. Hannah Ruth
      8. Yvette
      9. Vessica

      I will let the videos speak for themselves.
      Watch them again, and see that the ladies above, have a different “spark”
      that will separate them from the rest of the pack ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I have to agree!!!

        Cee, if i may add:

        1. Dela Guerra
        2. Tiglao
        3. Santiago

        They somehow exuded that “spark” you have been saying, but not as impeccable as those you have listed. (Wow! Big word teh. Haha!)

        I am always left craving for more for:

        1. Kris – There is still that missing link.
        2. Bianca – I fear that she might be stuck somewhere else, while others started gaining ground.
        3. Ja – Her side angle is not her best. Haha.
        4. Mj – overly done, she needs to tone down a little

    • Cee, wow I was doing the same thing when I first watched the video. I actually rolled the videos twice and try to block out names to have a pure judgement on what I see.

      Here’s my list:

      Names in CAPITAL letter are the really eye-catching ones:

      1. Hannah Dela Guerra
      4. Kris Tiffany Janson
      5. Kimverlyn Suiza
      6. Nicole Manalo
      7. Hannah Ruth Sison
      8. Ellore Noelle Punzalan

      Special Mention:
      9. Krischelle Halili
      10. Yvette Santiago

      If I am going to rank it based on how commanding and astounding the videos are I’m putting it in this order:


      • @thirteenlightbulbs – Your pseudonym fits you. Your insight is enlightening. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I just woke up too (after my final exams) and decided to check my favorite blog (c/o of tito Norms).

        We are almost captivated by the same ladies.
        I would just have to say that the likes of:

        Janson, Hannah dela Guerra and Halili are the ones we want to see on an ad-campaign, advocating women’s right, promoting education, or the welfare of the children.

        They are just so sweet, that they tend to lack that fierceness that is needed in this type of arena. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. In fairness. Ang gaganda nila at ang mamahalin. Love it. Level up and production value.

    May isa lang na tumatak sa isip ko. Sorry, what happened to MJ sa teaser? Super duper uber heavy make up.

    • MJ with heavy make- up? Pretty and sexy just the same. Maybe too sexy for a beauty pageant

      • Yes, over ang make up niya sa teaser, i mean look at her eye shadow. haha

    • MJ invibed an image of being arabic woman.Ganto level ng makeup here sumasabog kahit umaga..lol


      • This has been my dilemma with her even during the screening ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Ive been waiting for her to unleash the smile that she had during her Miss Cebu days… Kris, smize pleaseeeeeeeee!!!! Wag sayangin ang ganda!

        But nonetheless she looks so diyosa on the video teaser.

  17. ang saya nila tingnan sa mga teasers nila. so lively ang paggawa. kudos to abs-cbn!

  18. The video reminds me of MU2013 glamshot video teaser. Not very original but well protographed/directed. It’s hard for me to say ho really stood out since everyone looks more than average.

  19. girls i like on the teasers:
    ja flores, aiza faeldonia, pia wurtzbach, laura lehmann, kris janson, emma tiglao, kim suiza, diana arevalo, hannah sison, yvethe santiago

    mj naging o.a. na ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. If only Shauna Curran’s has a toned body, she’ll definitely win one of the crowns. She’s got a very queenly aura that resembles to Ms. Universe 1969. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. The ones I liked from each batch:

    1-10: Julian Flores, Parul Shah, Anabel Christine Tia, Aiza Faeldonia & Pia Wurtzbach.

    11-20: Laura Lehman, Kris Janson, Emma Tiglao, Diana Arevalo & Ellore Punzalan.

    21-30: Racquel Kabigtig, Marianne Bianca Guidotti, Eds Agustin, Hannah Sison & Joy Gangan.

    31-40: Yvethe Santiago & Vessica Sambo.


  22. My gawd! Lahat capable of winning a crown. Pero bet ko dito si LAURA YVETTE EDNORNANCE and also pia kim and bianca:)

  23. Good Lord! Thank you for these ladies: Ja Flores, Laura Lehmann, Kris, Liezel and Janine! Even if they don’t win, they will have a bright future with FHM! You will rock our world!

  24. After watching this video i must say that all of them are gorgeous and qualified for any of the crowns and that is why I am not here to pick my favs rather support any of the girls who will be appointed to rep us internationally. And also to avoid all headaches and being bashed. Haha, Look what the philippines have already accomplished internationally, thanks to our previous bb. Lets just all unite for the sake of our country and our gorgeous bb. Stop all them nonesense and raise our flag higher internationally. Lets stay humble people.

  25. I’m literally counting the days till March 30, Abs-cbn magic touch truly makes the pageant night a memorable one, teaser pa lang ulam na…..

  26. Now it can be told … Tito Norms has out-scooped everyone! With the recent confirmation by Madam Stella of the fifth Bb. Pilipinas crown – Intercontinental, it has validated what this blog reported a week ago. http://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2014/03/19/1302469/new-bb.-title-grabs

    Galing talaga ni Tito Norms, walang kuryente. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats. More exclusive reports please Tito Norms. I’m sure may alam ka kung sino ang napupusuan ni Madam sa mga kandidata this year. He he

  27. Jaja Flores, Kris Janson, Hannah Ruth and Yvethe Santiago stood out in each teaser video.

  28. I loved what ABS CBN did to these girls. Ginawa silang dyosa lahat. Ganda ng makeup, ng lighting, and even the fast intercutting. Excited na tuloy ako to watch both Sunday Specials. Wala bang live streaming Tito Norms? From this part of the world, TFC lang ang puede pero super mega delayed. Can anyone provide us a link? Thanks!

  29. Makes me so proud of this batch. Never did we get a batch as strong and stunning as this. Ang hirap! Ang hirap mamili!

    Kris, Pia and Yvethe stood out. I also liked Hannah Sison, Laura Lehman and Ednornance’ takes.

    MJ’s eye makeup was…hmm, interesting.

    • 2011 was also a strong batch if not the strongest batch of all time then 2014, for me personally.

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