4 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2014: On the Radio

  1. I really do no not care which candidates they have sent to the station. I am simply wondering why BPCI did not consider the likes of Shauna Indra Salina, Carla Jenina and Krischelle. With these three, people listening to the radios would be excited imagining that all the cndidates are beautiful!!! 😉 On the other hand, I also understand why those candidates were the ones sent… they are very marketable in their respective provinces. 🙂

  2. My “chicken joys” ( Yvethe , Pia, Mary Anne and Kris ) how come they are not invited to grace this radio program?
    Sige na nga, give chance to others…..

  3. Preferred or ploy? Preferred to give signs of who are truly in contention for a crown? Ploy to take the focus off the favorites that were not there in order quiet the loud supporters and confuse the rest of us? Hummmmmm… great move SMA… keep the chatter going and everyone scratching their heads. 🙂

    Still think Vessica may pull a surprise. She is unique…

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