12 comments on “Taping for the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Primer

  1. Do u guys know or have a video/ yotube links?coz I was waiing it for so long now and still hasnt been out on youtube yet I really want to watch the road to the crown primer

  2. Buti na lang, me livestream! Super excited na ako! Ang gusto ko lang ay makita silang lahat, most especially my only bet who her name rhymes with the word which precedes who and succeeds only.

  3. I bet it’s another gem to watch for. The parade is on the day before. Hmmm… we’re goin’ to be busy that whole week I suppose.

    Norman, I’ve never seen one before so let me ask. Is it gonna be impromptu or scripted or the mix of both?!?

    • More impromptu than scripted, D. The network feeds the questions or how to inject liveliness. But in the end, the ladies are left to their own devices on how to project themselves in front of the camera.

      • It’s a good watch then. I look forward to watching it on TV. But in case I’ll miss it (as usual but not intentionally), you’ll share it here, right?!? 😉

  4. WOOHOO! Super excited to watch this come Sunday, TFC-Guam. For sure I will now down my chickens!

  5. The judges and the general public will be all eyes and ears. So I hope the candidates don’t take this show lightly.
    It was on this show where I decided Ara was gonna be MUP.

  6. I’m excited to watch this Primer this coming Sunday via TFC Los Angeles, I wonder who will get the most close ups and “moment” to be cross examined? I’m expecting my “chicken joys” Yvethe, Pia, Bianca and Kris will get lotsa exposure…..

      • Thank you Mitchell …… Lol
        Meron pa nga eh Chicken Inasals at Chicken Siopao, identify mo na lang…..

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