12 comments on “Jamie Herrell: from Cebu to Earth

  1. Congrats to the newly-crowned Miss Phl Earth 2014- JAMIE HERRELL!

  2. I still prefer those ladies with a height of at least 5’9″.
    Mary Ann Ross Misa so far!

  3. She is fresher to the eye than the one mentioned above…..very TITAiiiiiish yung masss……

  4. She is the reigning “Reyna ng Aliwan 2013” following the footsteps of two other Cebuana international beauty queens, Rizzini Alexis Gomez and Angelie Dionne Gomez who also held the title three years in a row, repectively 😉

  5. She’s pretty, but the earth crown is already in the head of Ross Misa.

  6. Jamie looks like she is related to Pilita Corrales. Must be! 😉

    When is the coronation night, by the way? I need vacation!!! 😆

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