6 comments on “The Annual Parade of Bb. Pilipinas Beauties on March 22

  1. 💋 I have marked this event on my calendar. I hope nothing comes along and ruin my meeting my Queen Yvethe Marie!!! 💋

  2. Sir Norms, As far as I can remember, the Parade of Beauties is usually held on a Sunday. Dahil Saturday, kelangang ko pa tuloy mag-leave just to watch the parade. Napansin ko din na mas mahaba ang route ngayon, dadaan sya ng SM and Ali Mall.

  3. Wish I could be there to witness the event. Would love to see them up close and personal.

  4. 1. MUP – I strongly feel it won’t be Parul, Bianca or Kris.
    It will either be Yvethe, Pia or Mj.

    2. MIP – It will be Kris’ crown to lose. Laura or Bianca (who has some resemblance to Bea Rose) may snatch it.

    3. Supra – Kim Suiza exudes Mutya’s sweetness, and at the same time, can turn into a ferociously elegant queen. Her versatility is incomparable. Gangan or Arevalo will also be possible.

    4. Tourism – Parul or Ellore. Their appeal, plus those killer bodies suit the demands of that pageant.

    5. Intercontinental – Aiza Faeldonio or Liezel Ramos. oh well.. Classic beauties that will endure the passage of time.

  5. Dito magkakaalaman kung sino talaga ang maganda, flawless at sexy sa personal in broad daylight.

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